Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Highest Level Corruption

Trump is fast "draining the swamp," but they're still fighting back as best they can. The top "investigators" in the plot are PART of the corruption. Comey, for instance, was the FBI Director and "cleared" Hillary before she was even asked a question. This after he listed her crimes and determined that :"she didn't mean it," so no charges would be filed, and the then AG agreed. Then he was replaced. But just below him were others who are KNOWN to have "presided" over much "lost evidence" in the past. Evidence that, if seen, would have incriminated some top-level politicians. The man in charge of the "investigations" of the e-mail practices of several top politicians is KNOWN to have disposed of evidence in other cases, and now six months' worth of key texts have "disappeared," due to a "procedural error." There are so many cases of "lost evidence" in important investigations, it is doubtful they'll EVER find out anything real. Now the FBI itself is being investigated by the Inspector General. Whether or not that will ever result in any damning revelations is doubtful, since the politicians have their people in key places and can "lose" evidence, almost at will. The criminals are in charge, folks. And I don't mean Trump. He is "the new sheriff in town" and is fast "draining the swamp," but the "swamp" is fighting back, as hard as it can. (Town Hall)

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