Friday, January 26, 2018

Liberal Gobernment Gone Stupid

I thought it was stupid for a federal judge to send Sheriff Arpaio to PRISON for doing his job, but some liberal COP has just done something even more stupid. A man wrestles a gun away from a criminal who tried to rob him in his HOME, then gets charged with attempted MURDER! How stupid is THAT? This happened in Porter's Lake, CANADA, where they have no Second Amendment. But it's still stupid! Kyle Edward Munroe and a friend were in his house and, when three criminals came in to rob them, wrestled their guns away. Shots were fired, and the criminals set out for the tall timber. Cops were called, and they arrested Munroe on a litany of charges, INCLUDING attempted murder of the CRIMINALS. Damn, there are some incredibly STUPID people enforcing the law in some places! Halifax “authorities” say the charges are just “pending” and may not actually be brought, but just the thought they COULD be brought is INSANE. (Keep and Bear)

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