Friday, June 29, 2018

Maybe Our Last Chance

The retirement of Justice Kennedy represents what may be America's last chance to remain a free nation. When Justice Antonin Scalia died (I think he was murdered to give Obama another liberal on the court), they tried valiantly to rush an appointment before Obama had to "step down" according to law, so the liberals could strengthen their hold on the Court for years to come. That effort was scotched by courageous Republicans who refused to even consider an appointment until the election was over, no matter who won. If Hillary had won, we'd have soon become a socialist nation. But she didn't, and that gave us what could be our "last chance" to remain a free nation. The result of Trump appointing ONE "not liberal" Justice has already been positive for America, and liberals everywhere wailed. Now Trump gets a chance to appoint yet another Constitution believing Justice, and liberals are tearing their hair out and going bananas. They're treating it as "the end of the world," and it is--for them. With a CLEAR majority on the Court, they can no longer use the Court to "backstop" them for their election losses and get their ill conceived and STUPID policies backed by law. (New York Times)

Can't Put Kids In Jail

The liberals are making a big propaganda thing out of children being separated from their parents when they're arrested for the CRIME of entering this country illegally. What they don't tell you is that children are NEVER sent to prison with their criminal parents. If you rob a store or kill somebody, we don't punish your children with you. So EVERY criminal is "separated from his or her children when they're sent to prison for the crimes they commit. and illegal aliens bring that on themselves when they bring their innocent children with them when they set out to commit that crime. Actually, the places where the children are cared for are often better than they had when they were at home in Mexico or other South American countries. Their temporary home looks pretty cushy, to me. (Breitbart)

Whoa! An Intellignt Politician!

Steve Scalise, the politician who was shot, and almost killed while practicing for a baseball game with other politicians, is still a pro-gun advocate. Instead of having the same "knee-jerk reaction" other politicians have when somebody gets shot, he reminds us that guns aren't JUST for killing good people. they are for DEFENSE. He notes that his life was saved that fateful day, by people with guns who were "on the scene." Never mind they were cops, ASSIGNED there as security. what if they had not been there, and nobody there had been armed and able to "take down" the shooter? Scalise would be dead, along with many others. He was asked if his stance on guns would cost him some votes, he replied, "Not at all." He knows there are more people who realize the anti-gun laws now in effect not only DO NOT stop, or even slow down "gun violence," they INCREASE it, by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for people who VIOLATE them, and use them for ill. What we need to do is elect many more such politicians, and get rid of the ignorant ones who think they can magically erase "gun violence" by taking away our constitutionally-guaranteed right to own and use the means to self-defense, a gun. Note that this story is run in the Guardian. That's because it isn't likely to be reported in the liberal American media. (Guardian)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Another Mass Shooting

Another excuse for the anti-gun fools to demand more and more of their useless, ineffective gun laws that do NOTHING to stop such things. This one happened in a newspaper office in the Annapolis, MD area. Of course it hasn't been said whether or not the shooter got his guns legally or illegally, or if he had done anything to prohibit him from owning a gun, but that doesn't make any difference. Legal guns or illegal guns, the laws didn't do a thing to stop this occurrence. If there had been one or more guns already in the building, in the hands of someone trained in their use, they could have limited the number of innocent deaths--but no, the anti-gun fools are "tone deaf" to such things while their laws and regulations get more and more people killed by making them DEFENSELESS against such people. The ONE THING that could have made a difference, these short-sighted people reject, out of hand. Such action can only mean that they aren't interested in safety or protection, but in making all citizens DEFENSELESS and eliminating self defense as an issue. (6 ABC)

Following Democrat Law

It's a "lose, lose situation" for Trump. The border cops are following the law made by Dumocrats in handling the children of illegal aliens trying to get into this country. Previously, under Obama's "catch and release" policy, they would catch them, then release them into the United States until their scheduled hearing. Unfortunately, many would not show up for that hearing, and could not be found. So now they're being arrested, and held in captivity until their hearings. And another law doesn't allow their children to be locked up with them, so they must be cared for elsewhere. The Dumocrats use that to blame Trump for "separating people from their children," ignoring the fact that it is the law. Frankly, I don't know what else they could do. The illegal aliens bring their children with them when breaking the law and, when they get arrested, they CAN'T keep their children with them while they're locked up. That gives Dumocrats something they can cry and whine about by painting it in the worst way possible. Trump just can't win for losing with Dumocrats. (Just Common sense)

Why Cops Carry Guns

And why everybody should be able to do so also. They carry guns because they realize that criminals carry guns, and use them on the cops every day. So they want to be able to defend themselves. Okay, I'll buy that. But why aren't we allowed the same right to self defense that they enjoy? It galls me to hear about yet another anti-gun politician like Senator Feinstein tell me I can't have a gun to use in defending myself, because I might "go nuts" and use it on someone for a trivial reason while going around, surrounded by ARMED "security" and carrying her own gun, just in case they aren't enough to keep her safe. And she isn't the only anti-gun politician to go around with armed security. they all realize that they can be in danger by people who hate their policies, but they reject the idea that the average American might need the same protection, but can't afford to hire a bunch of armed thugs for defense. The answer is allowing them to carry their own gun so they can defend themselves. Why do they reject that idea? Because they can. They have to POWER to deny us the same level of self defense they have. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Socialist Wins Democrat Primary

Unseating an established member of Congress, who now cannot run for re-election as a member of his party--which is the Dumocrat Party, of course. Socialism is now the face of the Dumocrat Party. Openly. This is how the communists took over in Russia, and served up 75 years of misery for the Russians. Convince people who want to live at the expense of others that communism (which is a close relative of socialism, both of which are collectivism, a system of THEFT from those who produce new wealth, to benefit those who don't) is the "way to go." Collectivism, and all of its forms creates NO new wealth, and depends upon the industry of the producers of new wealth for goods and money they can STEAL for the benefit of the "drones" of society. It is a system that requires total control of the populace, and inevitably leads to a totalitarian government. This socialist who won that primary is only 28 years old, still a young and impressionable age, who hasn't LIVED long enough to know these things. The good thing about this is, it's an open declaration that the Dumocrat Party is a SOCIALIST party, whose candidates should not be voted for--ever. Lest we become the same as Soviet Russia. (Just common sense)

They Can't Figure It Out

Why the hell the "authorities" in DC can't figure out that the top people in Obama's FBI hate Trump with a passion and were working HARD to make sure he didn't get elected president, is a mystery to most people. It's not a mystery to INTELLIGENT people. It's a case of the criminals "investigating" each other and trying hard to cover for each other. Comey listed Hillary's "crimes," then said he wouldn't prosecute her because "she didn't mean it." The fact that intent made no difference in prosecuting others for their crimes didn't seem to register with him. Now the Inspector General released a report that followed the same "guidelines" as Comey laid out. He listed Comey's "crimes," and then said there was nothing to punish him for, and that he "found no evidence" of bias, even though that "evidence" was as clear as day. That's how they do it. Ignore the evidence and say they didn't find any--and we're supposed to be stupid enough to buy that crap. (Just common sense)

What Does Hogg Want?

Dumb butt anti-gun activist David Hogg made a speech before a bunch of mayors in Philadelphia the other day. Among other things, he said, "“We can’t keep hosing the blood down our streets, repairing the shattered windows and bullet-riddled doors and burying our young because when we bury our young we bury our future,” Hogg said. “This has to change. This change can only happen with you.” He also marched in Boston's Gay Pride Parade, hitting all bases. But what did he accomplish? He promoted all the tired, old, INEFFECTIVE anti-gun laws that have NEVER done anything to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." Everything he is promoting is in effect in Chicago, yet they keep having to clean the blood off the streets and burying their young. He rejects the idea that self defense is NOT disarming yourself. He promotes what his "handlers" in the anti-gun movement tell him to promote. They've put a lot of money into keeping him before the media, and thus the whole country. But he has no real answers. He's all rhetoric and foul-mouthed threats. I'm convinced Hogg is having the time of his life, being treated like a "rock star" who is feted everywhere he goes, with somebody else paying the bills. With time, people will tire of him and he can go back to being a teenage fool trying to get out of doing his homework and "getting girls." Something I don't think he's having much trouble with, right now. (CBS Boston)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Are We Nearing the End?

Every day I see a new disaster, of human (I think) making. From gay "marriage" to judges in the UK saying we need to do away with the "nuclear family." And on to "normalizing" the rape of CHILDREN. Men entering women's restrooms and dressing rooms unchallenged if they SAY they "feel like a woman that day," so they can ogle the naked young women there." Big box stores like Target having a POLICY to ALLOW such outrages. Already salacious fools have been found there with cameras to record it for "posterity" or just good masturbation fodder. Unhinged politicians working hard to destroy our borders to allow all and sundry to enter without any sort of "vetting." Which is serving to increase our "gang warfare problem" by allowing members of murderous gangs to enter unchallenged, to kill Americans, while being PROTECTED by the federal government and more than half the politicians in that cesspool in DC. Now they want to lower the voting age to 16 so that CHILDREN who haven't been ALIVE long enough to have learned anything can cast their vote in elections for ADULTS. Talk about creating your own problems! All these things, and more, have convinced me that if God exists, we need to construct a new Ark to hold the very few intelligent human beings before they perish at the hands of fools, so He can destroy the rest. (Just common sense)

"There Is No Bias"

What a LOAD of BS that is! The Inspector General of the FBI, after detailing every "crime" committed by James Comey and other top FBI people to help Hillary win the presidency, he said, in the last paragraph of his report, that he had "found no evidence of bias on the part of the FBI." Who does he think he is kidding? The bias is so evident a five-year-old recognizes it. But not the IG of the FBI. He "didn't find bias" because he wasn't LOOKING for any. This is a typical DC "swamp" cover-up. Tell us all about what people did wrong, then tell us they didn't do anything wrong, and hope we'll believe it. I can't believe they think we're STUPID enough to believe this crap! I think the stupidity is on the IG's side, if he thinks that. We have been that stupid in the past, but we're "waking up" now, to their tricks. It is a usual governmental scam to have a government agency "investigate" itself. And when they come out with their whitewash, to BELIEVE it. That's over. We're "onto them." At least, SOME of us are. I can't speak for some of those who "pay no attention to politics." (Just common sense)

Nobody Showed Up

Anti-gun fools had a "mass gathering" of other anti-gun fools and only about a dozen fools showed up. Others most likely realized (finally) that their usual anti-gun fool actions are USELESS and no longer wanted to waste their time and money. I've heard of a number of such failed gatherings recently, as more and more people realize that their ideas don't work. "No-gun zones," for instance: take a look at how many instances of gun violence they have stopped: NONE. Potential shooters SEEK OUT "no-gun zones" in which to do their dirty work because they know that law-abiding people will leave their guns at home, making them "easy targets." Then there are the simple criminals who want to rob people who go there for the same reason, They're less likely to be shot and killed by their intended victims there, and they know it. Then there are their highly advertised "gun registries" that do nothing but register the law-abiding, leaving the field open to ILLEGAL gun owners to victimize them. The problem is, as I've pointed out many times, that ALL their laws and regulations DEPEND on lawbreakers to OBEY their laws, when they obey no others. They think that lawbreakers will somehow decide to obey their laws while violating all others. Stupid. (WCJB 20)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Waters Is Insane!

Somebody needs to "rein in" that fool member of Congress, Maxine Waters. She gets worse and worse, every day she is in Congress with her hateful cracks and braying, and he needs to be "sent packing," never to be heard from again. She'll call what I'm saying racism, because he's black, and can CLAIM things like that, just as Obama did, after promising us that, if we elected him, we would END racism forever. But being black has nothing to do with it. It is her insane rambling, coming from what is supposed to be an ADULT has everything to do with it. Now she's "jumping on the bandwagon of fools," not only approving of the fools who do such things as running government employees out of restaurants because they have the temerity to actually WORK for somebody with whom they disagree, she tells the fools to do it even more. They think disagreeing with Trump gives them the right to do such things. It does NOT. Somebody needs to straighten her out before she hurts herself or somebody else. It's time for her to be "retired." Willingly, or not. (Just common sense)

The Deck's Truly stacked

Dumocrats tried to paint Robert Mueller as an impeccably "honest" prosecutor when disgraced former FBI head James Comey schemed to get him appointed to "investigate" that imaginary "Russian collusion" connection. But Mueller has since shown himself to be one of the worst "anti-Trumpers" out there, while evidence of prosecutorial misconduct has arisen. Then he hired "13 angry Dumocrats" to be his "investigative staff." Dumocrats who donated more than $60,000.00 to Dumocrats, and some who actively worked for the Hillary campaign. When the "Russian collusion" could not be proved, he moved on to other things, looking under every rock he could find, in search of ANYTHING he could find to be used to unseat President Trump. People like dimwitted congresswoman Maxine Waters take every opportunity to bad-mouth Trump without any kind of evidence of ANY wrongdoing, culminating with her recent exhortation to the fools running Trump associates out of restaurants to "keep it up," and do it even more. She'll call this item racist. she labels anybody who disagrees with her racist. But it has nothing to do with race. It has only to do with her shrill stupidity. (Just common sense)

It's Not the Laws

It's the judges. Chicago's Police Commissioner scoffs at the anti-gun laws that are on the books, supposed to be the tightest in the nation. But laws are no good if you don't enforce them, He says that, for the first six months after a new law is passed, you will have a hard time finding a gun on the streets (which doesn't mean they aren't there, only that they're harder to find). Then, after a few months of the cops treating them like bargaining chips to get convictions in other crimes, and judges routinely reducing them to misdemeanors, the word goes out. Those laws don't mean anything, so you can bring your guns out again and kill more people. Maybe that's the secret of why Chicago, with some of the toughest gun laws in the country, are also the city with some of the highest "gun crime" numbers. Criminals will IGNORE laws if they aren't firmly enforced. Cops using them as bargaining chips is simply lax law enforcement. There are other ways to get convictions in other crimes. Judges routinely reducing them to misdemeanors is a crime, in itself. If this is happening in Chicago, it's happening in other cities. It's time to find out, and make some changes. (Washington Post)

Friday, June 22, 2018

"Time:" Face of Fake News

That recent cover of Time Magazine purportedly showing a picture of a small child crying at being "separated" from her mother while Trump looks dispassionately down at her is the epitome of fake news. Coming from one of the "premier news sources" as it did, it makes me sick to realize they will go this far to misrepresent the news. First, that is a "photoshopped" photo made to LOOK like Trump is uncaring about a crying child being separated from her mother. It was NOT. The child was merely asked to stand aside while her mother, a two-time illegal alien who had committed a felony when she came into this country a second time, was being "patted down." As soon as that was finished, she went right back into her mother's arms. Yes, she WILL be separated from her mom when she goes to prison for committing that felony, as are ALL children separated from their parents when they commit crimes and go to prison. It is not a thing that is reserved for illegal aliens, as liberals wish us to believe. the mother did not come here to escape violence as she claims, but came looking for a better job. Her claim was her "gaming the system," as she was taught to do by the scam artists in her country who support illegal border crossings. But that single photoshopped picture is the best example of why today, you can't TRUST the liberal media to tell you the truth. (Daily Caller)

"There Is No Bias"

What a LOAD of BS that is! The Inspector General of the FBI, after detailing every "crime" committed by James Comey and other top FBI people to help Hillary win the presidency, he said, in the last paragraph of his report, that he had "found no evidence of bias on the part of the FBI." Who does he think he is kidding? The bias is so evident a five-year-old recognizes it. But not the IG of the FBI. He "didn't find bias" because he wasn't LOOKING for any. This is a typical DC "swamp" cover-up. Tell us all about what people did wrong, then tell us they didn't do anything wrong, and hope we'll believe it. I can't believe they think we're STUPID enough to believe this crap! I think the stupidity is on the IG's side, if he thinks that. We have been that stupid in the past, but we're "waking up" now, to their tricks. It is a usual governmental scam to have a government agency "investigate" itself. And when they come out with their whitewash, to BELIEVE it. That's over. We're "onto them." At least, SOME of us are. I can't speak for some of those who "pay no attention to politics." (Just common sense)

"U. S. A Dangerous Place"

Because of gun violence, the anti-gun fools say. what they DON'T say is that most of the "gun violence" is perpetrated by those who get their guns ILLEGALLY so they can victimize the law-abiding, who OBEY their laws. That all their anti-gun laws do NOTHING to "rein in" gun violence. Gangs, shooting each other over "turf" are the largest source of "gun violence" in the big cities, and NONE of the gang members are usually even OLD ENOUGH to get a license to carry a gun. Even those old enough don't stand for a "carry" license, nor do they register the guns they usually STOLE, or bought ILLEGALLY. I get really tired of pointing this out to the anti-gun fools, and being ignored, as they go about pushing their IGNORANT Laws. But I will continue to point it out, as they display their concrete-like heads, that I can't seem to penetrate. Meanwhile, the unnecessary "gun violence controversy" will continue as these "stone-headed fools" continue their drive to undermine the Second Amendment, any way they can. (True Jersey)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

No Posts Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day I go in for cardiac surgery. They tell me they usually only keep you for four hours, but every once in a while you have to stay overnight. So I'm going to be ready for anything. It's minor surgery, but you never know.

It Just Doesn't Matter

Whatever Trump does, the swamp will criticize him for it. He just signed an executive order that gave them everything they SAID they wanted, and now they're saying it "doesn't solve the problem because children shouldn't be incarcerated under any circumstances." He just can't win with them for losing. They also said his executive order was "the first time he responded to political pressure." Which is a crock, of course. He didn't respond because of political pressure, but because of humanitarian pressure to do the right thing. But that's something those fools will never understand. Of course, intelligent people understand that whatever he does will be criticized, because they still don't think he DESERVES to be president, and making all the decisions. They thought they had it all "set up" for Hillary to take over where Obama left off, and continue our run into destruction by finishing making us into a socialist country. They hate it that all their scheming and scamming didn't steal the presidency again, as it did when they brought Obama out from under his rock in 2008 and screwed Hillary out of it then. (Just common sense)

Really Applying the Pressure

Mueller's scam is finding peripheral FORMER associates of President Trump, and putting them through the wringer. Questioning them for days on end, until they don't even know what day it is. Then ask them a "trick question" at a time when their memory is, at best, spotty from exhaustion, and calling them a liar when they get a date wrong. Then he puts on more and more pressure to get a "guilty plea" for something small, to get it on the record that he "won one." Meanwhile, the subject of his scam is broke, having spent more money than he ever had on his attorneys. He has lost his house, his wife is divorcing him, and his kids are "drawing away." He's at the end of his rope, and willing to agree to ANYTHING, just to "make it stop." That's when he really "bores in." That's where he is with Paul Manafort, a one-time employee (49 days) of Trump's, early in his campaign.

He had him waiting for a trial, on a $10 MILLION dollar bail. So he got a judge to revoke that bail and send this innocent man to JAIL. For an answer that came from exhaustion and despair, not the will to lie. Now he will work to "flip" him and get him to say SOMETHING (true or not) that can let him pin something on President Trump. Trump--or SOMEBODY, better fire Mueller before he destroys everything. Mueller is biased against Trump, and so are every one of his "associates." They will do ANYTHING to "get Trump," any way they can--legal or illegal. That has become obvious to the intelligent observer, as well as some of the LESS intelligent people looking on. at the very least, Trump should direct this government to stop paying Mueller's bills. De-fund him so he will have to STOP. He has long since FAILED in his original orders to find evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians. (The Blaze)

Cuz Anti-Gun Fools Lie

It's hard to win the "good guy with a gun" theory because the anti-gun fools lie, and make excuses, "cherry-picking" stories to "prove" the good guy with a gun theory is a myth. They pick stories like the guy in the waffle house shooting who attacked the shooter, but without a gun, and the story about those Oklahoma heroes being "part of government" to dismiss that story. Never mind that they were NOT "law-enforcement," and were simply bystanders at the time. There are MILLIONS of stories of a "good guy with a gun" stopping illegal shootings, but they IGNORE those, as if they didn't exist. Which they don't, in the minds of the anti-gun fools. They work as hard as they can to keep such stories from ever becoming national news, so the average citizen won't realize there are so many. And, in too many cases, they are successful. They just can't answer the "good guy with a gun" story truthfully, so they try to cover it up, and deny it. (Gun Free Zone)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It's NOT "A Policy!"

The left calls separating illegal aliens who bring their kids along with them, a POLICY. Which is a LIE! It is NOT a "Trump policy." It is THE LAW! The only thing Trump is doing is ENFORCING THE LAW as it was made by a previous Dumocrat Congress. Previous presidents, both Dumocrat and Republican, ignored that law, and it became accepted that families who force their kids to break the law along with them, would not be separated--so they came. By the thousands. And the HUNDREDS of thousands. And the law was made moot. Never mind we "separate families" every day when we imprison a citizen for committing a crime. But not on Trump's watch. He promised to enforce the laws of the land, and he is doing just that. All Dumocrats have to do to stop him is to change the law--which they can, because he and the GOP want them to. The left CLAIMS to be "appalled" by his actions in enforcing the law, when all they have to do is change it. He will sign it, and THAT will be the law. But they don't want that. They want to have that to gripe about i the next election, hoping that's enough to stop Trump from being re-elected. They're wrong. Intelligent people can see right through them. And intelligent people are the ones who put Trump in office. (Just common sense)

"Inspector General Blew It"

President Trump generally agrees with the findings of the Inspector General that investigated how the FBI and James Comey handled the Hillary Clinton "investigation." There were many instances of ignoring "protocol" and regulations, maybe even LAWS that the IG detailed. But then he appended that last sentence that said, "No political bias was found." How he figured that is a mystery to intelligent people. The bias is glaringly apparent in all they did. their whole effort was to protect Hillary and get her elected president. And Trump noted that when he said, "The IG blew it with that last sentence." And he did. That last sentence blows his credibility. If he "found no evidence of bias," it was because he didn't look for it, and ignored it when he saw it. When he says he "didn't find evidence" is typical DC-Speak to cover the fact the evidence is there, but he didn't "find it." This is "the swamp protecting the swamp." They can't help themselves. Just as Comey himself ignored the sure evidence of malfeasance in the Hillary "investigation," the IG ignored the sure evidence of malfeasance in Comey's and other high FBI officials' handling of that investigation. (Liberty Bugle)

But Will They Tell You?

There's a new Texas student group that is AGAINST gun control, but will you hear about it in the liberal media? Not likely, because that doesn't fit the narrative they are pushing. The liberal media WANTS gun control for some stupid reason, and the anti-gun fools push HARD to get their silly, INEFFECTIVE gun laws enacted. And there are way too many stupid lawmakers in office, who are willing to pass them, even though their passage INCREASES "gun violence by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for the lawbreakers, who routinely violate them and carry their illegally-owned guns anyway, so they can victimize the law-abiding, who are unarmed. The anti-gun fools have been using the Parkland School students ever since the shooting in their school, to promote their stupid ideas. Bloomberg actually took out a full page ad in the newspaper in Texas, that published their "letter to the governor" telling him "not to pander to the gun lobby." The Texas kids also wrote him a letter, telling him not to pander to the anti-gun lobby. while they didn't have the money to buy a full page ad, they wanted him to "do the right thing." Will you hear about this in the liberal media? Probably not. Or not much. (Bearing Arms)

Monday, June 18, 2018

Don't Bring Your Kids!

Message to illegal aliens: When you contemplate committing a crime that requires you t be incarcerated, don't bring your kids with you. They will be separated from you because they are not the criminals in this plot. If a man is contemplating a burglary or a holdup, or even a bank robbery, he doesn't bring his kids with him. Why? Because he knows there's a chance he might be incarcerated if anything goes wrong. Illegal aliens, on the other hand, KNOW "something is going to go wrong," and they will be incarcerated. Why then, is there such a big hooraw over them being "separated from their kids?" That ALWAYS happens when a lawbreaker is incarcerated. Alien or citizen. What's the big deal? Politics. The Dumocrats want to make hay politically with that, so they whine and gripe about "parents being separated from their children." It's a MANUFACTURED "problem," done specifically so they can blame Trump for enforcing the law. If they really cared, they'd change the law. But they won't. (Just common sense)

Mueller the Wrong Choice

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is clearly the wrong choice for a "special counsel" that is supposed to search for evidence of "Russian collusion" with the Trump campaign. It seems like EVERY "associate counsel" he hires is a KNOWN "Trump hater," and works assiduously on one thing: to get rid of Trump" by any means, legal or illegal. After more than a year of searching, they have found NO EVIDENCE of a "Russian connection" in the last election. That should have been it, since that was the ostensible REASON for the investigation. But, NO! Now they're looking into Trump's business practices from YEARS before he ever thought of becoming president. Stormy Daniels is a good example of the quality of their "investigations." She CLAIMS to have had a "one-night-stand" with Trump more than a decade ago, about which she was supposed to have been paid $130,000.00 to "keep her mouth shut" about it. Even if it were true, she has violated that "agreement," which Trump mysteriously didn't sign, in every way possible. Now the new New York AG is suing Trump, and all his family, for an imaginary violation of New York's charitable foundation laws after holding the "evidence" for that suit for many years while the disgraced FORMER AG waffled, lest his own digressions be revealed. It was filed, only after he was "found out," and had to resign. Thus, is the quality of the effort to unseat a legally elected president. (Just common sense)

It's Easy to Say

In hindsight, it's easy for that coward deputy in Ft. Lauderdale to say now that, "If I knew what was happening, I'd go in, in a heartbeat." But even if he just SUSPECTED that someone was killing children, a courageous man would have gone in and at least checked, and then killed the shooter before he could kill any more children--but he didn't. And that speaks volumes. Is he USING his lack of knowledge of what was actually happening to excuse his cowering behind a car while that shooter killed students and staff? The fact that he did Not go in speaks volumes for his courage, or lack thereof. He can claim that he'd go in in a heartbeat, all he wants, but actions speak far louder than words. The sheriff was right to fire him, but wrong to allow him to collect a very nice retirement. Normally, I wouldn't want to cause a man to lose his retirement. But this man NEEDS to lose his, because of his actions. He cowered behind a car while a shooter killed children. That's a fact. And I don't for a minute believe his excuse. (Breitbart)

Friday, June 15, 2018

Brought It On Themselves

Liberals are giving Trump a lot of crap because children are being separated from their parents if they cross the border illegally. That's not what's happening at all, and it's NOT Trump to be blamed. It is being done under laws that existed long before Trump was president, and only happens when the parents were "caught and released" in the past until their hearing, they didn't show up. That has been a major problem in the past, and that is what has caused children to be separated from their parents when they are sent to a place where they cannot NOT show up. We can't keep the kids prisoner with them, so they are put in foster care until then. And ONLY until then. Should we send the kids to the lockup with their parents? No. they did nothing but what their parents told them to do. They knew nothing else to do.

Child Protective Services does worse--to American citizens. They did it to me. Back in the late sixties, I was separated from my wife. They took them from her while charging her with a crime they couldn't prove. They refused to let me have them because they thought my children's bedroom was too small (weak excuse). I haven't seen my two boys since. They will be approaching 60 now, and they may even be dead, for all I know. The CPS defeated all my attempts to locate them, and have probably bad-mouthed me to them enough to make then not want to find me. That's how they separate children from their parents, and that's not Trump's fault. He's probably not even aware of the problem. (Just common sense)