Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Clinton Loses It

He "lost it" when he was questioned about Monica Lewinsky by NBC reporter Craig Milton. He accused the networks of "only telling one side," and he's right. But it was HIS side. All except Fox, anyway. He told him that "I didn't get out of that unscathed," but he did, for the most part. He got fined $100,000, but others paid it. He lost his law license for five years, but, as an ex-president, he didn't need it because he wasn't practicing law during that time. As an ex-president, he got paid a lot of money to make speeches, and television appearances. Just as his wife, and co-conspirator did. He said, "I apologized to everybody in the world." But it wasn't a real apology. It was the usual "no apology apology" you get from most politicians who get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Why would he "lose it" over being asked about Monica? I guess he figured that, since this was NBC, a liberal media source, he would only be fed "softball" questions, and he was surprised and angry. I guess he figured Monica questions were "verboten" in the liberal media. They are. I figure Milton will suffer for asking that question. (The Blaze)

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