Monday, June 11, 2018

Anything He Does

When Trump recognized that a small boy beside him was clamoring for his attention as he signed a bill into law, he turned and hugged him, making his day, and probably his life. The media excoriated him for it, saying he was a child abuser in disguise. Another thing that proves again that he can do no right, in the eyes of liberals, is him being criticized for commuting the sentence of an elderly woman who has been in prison for many years for doing a lot less than robbers, murderers, and other thugs do, and they get shorter sentences. It just doesn't matter what he does, the liberal media criticizes him. It really amazes me the criticism he received for LOWERING the taxes we all (including liberals) must pay, based on the theory that ALL MONEY belongs to the government, and a tax break is a bad thing. That's a DUMOCRAT principle. One they stand on stoutly. Nancy Peelosi is proudly saying they will INCREASE your taxes if the Dumocrats win back control of the Congress. I guess she's either senile, or just doesn't WANT the Dumocrats to win back control of the Congress. (Conservative Tribune)

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