Thursday, June 28, 2018

Following Democrat Law

It's a "lose, lose situation" for Trump. The border cops are following the law made by Dumocrats in handling the children of illegal aliens trying to get into this country. Previously, under Obama's "catch and release" policy, they would catch them, then release them into the United States until their scheduled hearing. Unfortunately, many would not show up for that hearing, and could not be found. So now they're being arrested, and held in captivity until their hearings. And another law doesn't allow their children to be locked up with them, so they must be cared for elsewhere. The Dumocrats use that to blame Trump for "separating people from their children," ignoring the fact that it is the law. Frankly, I don't know what else they could do. The illegal aliens bring their children with them when breaking the law and, when they get arrested, they CAN'T keep their children with them while they're locked up. That gives Dumocrats something they can cry and whine about by painting it in the worst way possible. Trump just can't win for losing with Dumocrats. (Just Common sense)

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