Friday, June 8, 2018

I Hate Conservatism!

I just don't like the term. Conservatism describes a specific set of principles and beliefs, some of which I do not accept, though I do accept, and agree with MOST of them. That is why I don't "label" myself as a conservative. I am a "rational individualist." I make my own decisions about everything. I don't allow anybody else to make decisions for me. Some of my beliefs are completely inimical to conservatism, and that's the way I like it. I conform to NO LABELS except my own. Nobody else, to my knowledge, describes themselves as a "rational individualist," and that's okay with me. The very term means that I make my own decisions about EVERYTHING, and brook no interference with that right. Liberals hate that. They insist that everybody conform to THEIR wishes and ideas. They want to have the power to DICTATE opinion and policy for everybody. I will NOT allow them to dictate my opinions and policies. I will do that, and if that sets me apart from everybody else, that's okay with me. That's what individualism is all about. I think EVERYBODY should think the same as I do, but as an individualist, unlike liberals, I will never insist upon it. That decision belongs to them, not me. (Just common sense)

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