Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The CRIME of Gun Control

Anti-gun fools react instantly whenever somebody, with or without a legal gun, shoots somebody. Especially a mass shooting, and really especially if it occurs in a school. They bring put all their "knee-jerk" actions that DISARM the law-abiding, and make them "easy targets" for the bad guys. Like the guy in the linked video who was innocently using an ATM when a man walked up and killed him. He was not armed, because of the anti-gun fools who automatically want tho DISARM people when something like this happens. Did their laws protect him, or did they protect the guy who killed him? It is IMBECILIC to answer armed violence by disarming yourself. But imbeciles seem to be making a lot of our laws. Laws that get guys like this killed, How long are we going to allow this to happen before we "wise up" and tell those anti-gun fools to "go to hell" and arm ourselves so we can kill such as the guy who murdered this man? (Clash Daily)

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