Tuesday, June 5, 2018

They're At It Again

After the Kentucky school shooting, done by a 15 year old boy who cannot legally buy a gun, anyway, the anti-gun fools are hooting and hollering to make even more of the useless. redundant, and futile anti-gun laws that didn't prevent this shooting. It's what they always do: after every shooting, they insist on getting more and more of those laws made. That they do NOTHING to stop further such shootings is obvious to INTELLIGENT people, but not to them. They decry the only thing that will stop, or at least reduce the likelihood of further such shootings, allowing people who legally can carry their guns to bring them to school with them. They're afraid those law-abiding people will "go wild" and shoot up the landscape, as did the killers who sparked the making of their stupid laws. I don't know what drives these fools. It may be something in the air they breathe--something that doesn't affect intelligent people, only the stupid. But, like the poor, they seem to always be with us. (AmmoLand)

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