Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Who's Really to Blame?

Netflix Talk Show Host Chelsea Handler throws blame for mass shootings everywhere but where it belongs, as do most other anti-gun fools. Basically, she blames the NRA and the Republicans, because they "failed" to pass the usually USELESS anti-gun laws that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence." Instead, it is those laws that are to blame, because they specifically DISARM the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who routinely IGNORE those useless laws. It is not the law-abiding that are most likely to shoot up a school and kill a bunch of children. But you can't tell them that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. Damn, I get so tired of all the CLUELESS anti-gun fools coming out and blaming people who are really trying to enact laws and regulations that WORK, rather than the anti-gun fools' laws that do not, and only CONTRIBUTE to the "gun violence" by disarming the law-abiding. And they recoil at the very mention of arming the law-abiding, so they can kill a bunch of ILLEGAL gun holders and thereby reduce "gun violence." Dead thugs don't kill many people. That's a fact. (Breitbart)

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