Monday, June 11, 2018

Trump Tariff Retaliation

The "news" is full of "gloom and doom" over the threats of retaliatory tariffs by our "friends and foes." Which is typical in this "hate Trump" atmosphere. Anything Trump does, they paint the worst possible picture of the results. When he threatened Kim Jung Stupid with nuclear retaliation if Kim sent ONE missile our way, they whined and cried about Trump "starting a nuclear war," even though his threats were simply threats of RETALIATION if Kim started one. they whined and whimpered, right up to the time Kim "folded," and signaled that he wanted to talk. They never consider what will happen if Trump WINS, as he usually does. Frankly, I expect them to "fold" soon and reduce their own confiscatory tariffs, in response. When that happens, will his detractors shut up? Yes. About this issue, anyway. Will they admit their failure? Not a chance. They'll be on to the next Trump action they can paint as a "disaster." Until he wins. (Wall Street Journal)

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