Friday, June 8, 2018

Gun Grabbers Are Stupid!

They have to know that not a single law they've made has stopped a single instance of "gun violence," but they insist on making them, while only the law-abiding obey them. And the law-abiding usually aren't the ones that commit "gun crimes." Whenever some fool does something stupid with a gun, they jump up and down, demanding we make even more stupid, USELESS laws for criminals and other malcontents to ignore. While the law-abiding DO obey their laws and are routinely victimized by those who do not. Every once in a while, a mass shooter DID obey the law when he bought his guns. But he was not (yet) a member of the group that could not buy a gun at the time because he was as yet not a felon or other offender who cannot buy a gun. Like the shooter in Las Vegas. He was a rich man who had not (yet) committed a crime--until he opened fire on that concert, murdering many people, for what reason, nobody knows--or at least, they aren't talking about it. Stupid gun laws work two ways. Criminals ignore them, and potential mass shooters who have no record obey them, then go out and murder people. The anti-gun fools make even more USELESS laws for them to ignore, the next mass shooter gets his guns either legally or illegally, then kills a bunch of people, and the gun grabbers demand more useless laws. And so on.... (Arkansas Online)

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