Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Experts" Surprised again

Does that mean they aren’t really experts? That’s what it would mean to me when the “experts” are continually “surprised” at what happens. I certainly wouldn’t go to those “experts” any more after they’ve been “surprised” a number of times. Maybe that’s what leads to the joke about all the economists being laid end-to-end not being able to come to a conclusion. Maybe it’s because the “experts” are lying to you to make you think things are worse than they actually are. Most of them are, after all, liberals and want to support the Democrat position as much as possible—especially if they buy into the “Keynesian economics” theory that you can “fix” a depression or recession by spending more money than you have. (Yahoo News/AP)

"Diversity of Opinion"

Father Jenkins doesn’t understand what a “political statement is, and that he has MADE one in inviting Obama to speak, and to give him an honorary sheepskin (even though he says he hasn’t).” He thinks he should “invite a diversity” of opinions, but in actuality neither he, nor other liberal universities do. Earlier in the year, this university invited liberal Al Franken and transgender activist Debra Davis to speak. Last year, the University of St. Thomas, a catholic school, refused to allow Star Parker to speak because they “didn’t like what conservative ANN COULTER said the year before. This is their brand of “diversity of opinion.”

Giving the GOP A "Winning Issue"

Obama is giving Republicans a “winning issue” to use against him in the upcoming congressional elections, AND the next PRESIDENTIAL election if he insists on closing Guantanamo and releasing terrorists into the United States, where if they are put in prison here or simply released, they gain certain RIGHTS under our Constitution that they should not be allowed to have. No other country wants them, and none will take them because they are inveterate KILLERS who kill INNOCENTS to make a political point. These people should have been killed on sight as soon as they were “caught in the act” of killing innocent people so there would be no question about their “treatment” while in captivity. There should BE no captivity for these people, who wantonly BEHEAD their own prisoners. They don’t have the RIGHT to constitutional rights, and should not have, ever, under any circumstances. But I say, ”go right ahead, Obama; do everything you can to kill your chances to be re-elected, or even to have a congressional majority after 2010. You’re playing right into the Republican’s hands. Keep it up. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Frustrating Business

This is really a frustrating business I’m in; trying to alert people to the many ways the liberals are screwing them every day, and which they don’t notice because they aren’t paying attention. There are so MANY scams and schemes operating at any given time, I could sit at this computer typing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and not begin to cover even a few of them. This is why the liberals are winning. There’s NO WAY we can even KNOW about all their scams and schemes, let alone stop them. The only way we can win is to vote these bastards out at every opportunity and hope they don’t STEAL the election, anyway. A good example is the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976;” you know, the one that destroyed our economy to get Obama and all his cronies elected in 2008? The one that FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it? (A la “Atlas Shrugged” and Midas Mulligan, the banker who financed “Galt’s Gulch” when the producers of society started refusing to let themselves be looted any longer and “went on strike.” That’s just ONE of them, and the largest (I hope). This needs to STOP! People need to start “PAYING ATTENTION” to politics. Or politics will RUIN them! (Just common sense)

Take 'Em Out!

Iran has fired a test missile they SAY is capable of reaching Israel. I don’t believe their “saber-rattling,” but I think somebody should “take out” their missile capability AND their nuclear capability before they’re in a position to use it. The people running Iran are INSANE. As soon as they get the capability to fire a nuclear missile into Israel, they’ll do it without a single thought. So we need to take these idiots out before they’re able, to save Israeli lives. N. Korea is now "rattling its sabers" at the world and should be treated likewise. (Yahoo News/AP)

"We Must Put Aside Our Differences"

That’s a direct quote from “B. O.” (Barack Obama). But what it means is YOU must put aside YOUR differences and agree with HIM. That’s what it always means when a Democrat (liberal) talks about “putting aside our differences.” Has anybody ever seen OBAMA “putting aside HIS differences” with anybody else and agreeing with THEM? Not even! His ideas are going to bankrupt this nation, just as “Ahnolod’s” Democrat principles have bankrupted California (I know “Ahnold” ran as a Republican, but his every move since has been as a Democrat/liberal). As Democrat (liberal) principles have bankrupted New York and Massachusetts, both of which have been “ruled” by Democrats for a long time. If you want to see the result of being “under” a Democrat administration, just look there, or in Washington, DC, which has the highest murder rate in the nation, right along with some of the tightest anti-gun laws in this country. It spends more money per pupil on schools, but is near the bottom of all lists of academic excellence. Democrats (liberals) want to force you to drive those little “putt-putts,” while they’re still driving around in their SUV fleets, since they’re “too important” to be riding around in those little “putt-putts.” Yes; let’s “put aside our differences” and just do as we’re TOLD. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Democrats Lie Again

One well-known Democrat (Senator Schumer) said the “right-wing cut the end of her statement about ‘the court being where policy is made’ to eliminate her saying ‘I don’t buy that,’ “ but they have not. It’s a “usual Democrat lie.” You can read the entire statement in News Max (a “conservative” news outlet) and I watched her say the whole thing on Fox News, a news outlet they hate with a passion because they DO tell the “whole story” instead of just THEIR side, as they do. This is what they always do in an effort to discredit Republicans, and ANYONE who is against them. You can always depend on the liberals (Democrats) to lie and/or twist the news to suit their policies. She also said that “Latino women” would make better decisions than white men, then retracted it later. But if she didn’t think that, why would she say it in the first place? I watched one white Democrat politician actually be stupid enough to AGREE with her! (News Max)

What The Hell For?

Obama is going to revive Bush’s “Military Tribunals” to try Gitmo detainees. Why? The murderous terrorists there are NOT “criminals” with the right to a “speedy trial.” They are “enemy combatants” we need to KEEP locked up until this “war” is over and they can’t go back to where they were found and rejoin their friends in killing innocent people. They should be either kept in “custody” until this “war” is over (or hell freezes over, (whichever comes first). To “try” them for “war crimes” is stupid. But Obama definitely fits that description. (Yahoo News/AP)

Obama: Against American Progress

That’s the only explanation I can think of for his actions. Everything he’s doing is GUARANTEED to make the recession worse, maybe to move into a complete DEPRESSION. His “energy tax” is going to cause an unnecessary rise in energy costs for energy companies, who will pass that cost right along to us in the form of higher energy fees (and there's nothing wrong with that, since they MUST make a profit). “Cap and Trade,” which is touted to be a “necessary measure to fight man-made global warming,” is NOT necessary because “man-made global warming” is a hoax. It’s AlGore’s “money machine.” It has already made him rich and gotten him a Nobel Prize, while costing Americans BILLIONS. This globe warms and cools cyclically. It’s a natural phenomenon. About 25 years ago they were panicked about “global COOLING.” They were talking about the “coming ice age.” It didn’t happen, as global WARMING will not happen—at least, not because of anything man is doing. “Taxing the rich” is INSANE. Especially since it is “the rich” (who got that way by creating jobs and useful products and services for all of us) who create the wealth Obama and his cronies want to steal. Without it, there will be nothing for him to steal. SOMEBODY has to EARN the money socialists (Democrats) want to loot. He’s “anti-profit.” Just LISTEN to what he says and INTERPRET it for yourself. He tells people to forget about “profit-making” businesses and go into “not-for-profit” businesses. How he expects those “not-for-profits” to operate without the money they can BEG from PROFIT-MAKING businesses and producers (which will soon not exist if Obama has his way), I don’t know. Where will the money come from?

Forcing bankruptcy on automakers: GM and Chrysler are in trouble because of the liberal (Democrat)-caused “economic slowdown.” So they’re forcing them to close thousands of dealerships. Some that have been in business successfully for GENERATIONS. Get that: they’re forcing them to send their CUSTOMERS away (the car dealers are their customers) and lay off hundreds of thousands of workers. Why doesn’t he allow domestic oil drilling? How about lowering the basic tax rate, as did George Bush, John Kennedy (a Democrat), and Ronald Reagan (which universally IMPROVED the “business picture” every time it was done)? Lower tax rates leave more money in the hands of the very people who CREATE jobs and business so they can INVEST it in projects that create more jobs and profits for EVERYBODY, creating more taxable income and thus more money for the government. They don’t do this because it would not allow them to CONTROL the money and how it is spent, so they can take CREDIT for every dollar of YOUR money they “give away” to con them into voting for them I’d ask, “what’s WRONG with these people?” but I know. They WANT things to get worse so they can con you into letting them FIX things (which they’ve never been able to do in the forty years in which THEY were “in charge). They’ve only made things worse while SAYING “things are better” and claiming credit. They want to take over the medical profession because “prices are too high.” But the REASON they are, is government meddling. If they’d just get out out the way, prices would come down. Obama WANTS America to fail so he can blame capitalism and make us more amenable to the socialism he wants to impose upon us.(Yahoo News/AP)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Politicians Hate Competition

"While Americans readily share power with their representatives, those representatives tend to resent sharing power with the people who choose them. Need proof? Take Colorado. Last year, legislators passed a statute to restrict the petition process, that Governor Ritter had to veto. Then legislators offered up Referendum O, to make it tougher for citizens to place initiative amendments on the ballot. Voters defeated it. Now, Colorado legislators — including legislative leaders of both parties — fast-track a new bill to again restrict the initiative process." Again and again they try to make it harder to tell them what their “employers” want them to do. They never learn. They’ll keep on trying different ways to accomplish it until they slip something through. Something that disenfranchises the citizens in Colorado business. And it’s not happening in just Colorado. Nevada and Missouri and probably every state that has a “petition process” has to regularly fight off legislator’s attempts to get rid of it. Paul Jacobs thinks we should make lawmakers follow the same rules to get THEIR idea on the ballot. That would certainly (if they ever let it happen) change things. (Common Sense)

Obama Doesn't Beleive In Terrorism

He thinks it’s like parents telling their children all about Santa Claus: just something with which to frighten people and keep them in line. Never mind the Islamic terrorists are wantonly killing people, just because they don’t believe the same way they do. They’re doing it in wholesale numbers, especially to Christians, the people they think are their greatest enemies. He thinks the “war in Iraq” is a “one-off” war, not connected to the “war on terror.” He doesn’t even want to continue USING that term, for fear people will believe there IS a “”war on terror.” The fact that this policy will strengthen and empower the terrorists doesn’t seem to matter to him. Maybe it will when the terrorists send someone to successfully kill him. It’s only a matter of time. I’m surprised they haven’t sent somebody to kill Bush, just because he “bad-mouthed” them. They hate being “bad-mouthed.” They’re very “thin-skinned.” (One News Now)

Pelosi Lies Five Times Over

And that’s just on one subject: her supposed LACK of knowledge about what the people in the field were doing to terrorists to gain information that saved many lives. Every time it’s a different story. Apparently she can’t remember the lie she told the other day and tells a completely new one the next day. We KNOW she WAS told, in detail, about our interrogation methods at least as early as September, 2002. that’s “on the record.” But apparently she doesn’t want to “own up to it.” Now she says she's "tired of it" and is not answering ANY more questions about it. A good way to "change the subject." (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


"Sens. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), Jack Reed (D-RI) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have joined Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and victims and family members of the Virginia Tech tragedy, to introduce legislation to eliminate the private transfers of firearms and close the nation's ‘gun show loophole.’ ‘There is no rational reason to oppose closing the loophole. The reason it's still not closed is simple: the continuing power of the special interest gun lobby in Washington’ Sen. Lautenberg said ignoring the Constitution.” What’s irrational about logic? Logically, what makes them think criminals, whose very life is dedicated to breaking the law (and crazy mass murderers) will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed? No; we’re not “irrational,” these congresspeople are irrational to think that ANY law will stop people with evil intentions from getting their guns out of someone’s trunk in an alley somewhere. Experience has shown that where the gun laws are the tightest, illicit guns are the most easy to obtain and the murder and other violent crime rates are at their highest. (Just common sense and logic)

Where in the Constitution Does it Say...?

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION does it say the government can control any part of the medical profession? The Constitution severely limits what government can do, simply by being there and not allowing something to be done. It does not need to MENTION it. Not mentioning it PROHIBITS it. But the government has ignored this document since before the ink was dry on its creation and signing; and they continue to ignore it to this day, without punishment. Almost everything they do today VIOLATES the Constitution. Now they’re enacting $270 BILLION dollars in new taxes at a time when such taxes can SINK this economy by taking away investment money from “the rich,” whose investments create ALL new jobs and profits, which PAY for the salaries of workers. This is typical Obama thinking: that by raising taxes, you can “save” the economy. He is wrong, as he has been wrong most of the time since he entered politics and became a “Chicago thug,” otherwise known as a “community organizer.” (Just common sense)

Obama "Didn't Know"

The airplane usually designated as “Air Force One” when Obama is aboard flew over Manhattan, scaring the hell out of New York citizens. This plane does not do ANYTHING without the knowledge of the president. So why does Obama think we will believe him when he says he “found out about it at the same time you did?” As usual, he’s lying out of both sides of his mouth, thinking we don’t notice. He’s rapidly overtaking Bill Clinton in the lying department. Actually, it’s a simple mistake. So why fire a low-level staffer instead of just owning up to it and apologizing. He has no trouble apologizing for things he (we) didn’t do, in foreign countries, so why this? (Just common sense)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Letter From A Car Dealer

This is a letter to the editor of a newspaper from a car dealer who is being ruined by Obama: “My name is George C. Joseph. I am the sole owner of Sunshine Dodge-Isuzu, a family owned and operated business in Melbourne, Florida. My family bought and paid for this automobile franchise 35 years ago in 1974. I am the second generation to manage this business. We currently employ 50+ people and before the economic slowdown we employed over 70 local people. We are active in the community and the local chamber of commerce. We deal with several dozen local vendors on a day to day basis and many more during a month. All depend on our business for part of their livelihood. We are financially strong with great respect in the market place and community. We have strong local presence and stability. I work every day the store is open, nine to ten hours a day. I know most of our customers and all our employees. Sunshine Dodge is my life. On Thursday, May 14, 2009 I was notified that my Dodge franchise, that we purchased, will be taken away from my family on June 9, 2009 without compensation and given to another dealer at no cost to them. My new vehicle inventory consists of 125 vehicles with a financed balance of 3 million dollars. This inventory becomes impossible to sell with no factory incentives beyond June 9, 2009. Without the Dodge franchise we can no longer sell a new Dodge as "new," nor will we be able to do any warranty service work. Additionally, my Dodge parts inventory, (approximately $300,000.) is virtually worthless without the ability to perform warranty service. There is no offer from Chrysler to buy back the vehicles or parts inventory. Our facility was recently totally renovated at Chrysler's insistence, incurring a multi-million dollar debt in the form of a mortgage at Sun Trust Bank. HOW IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CAN THIS HAPPEN? THIS IS A PRIVATE BUSINESS, NOT A GOVERNMENT ENTITY” This is what Obama is doing to the “producers” of America. (Just common sense)

The First Gay to the Supreme court?

Maybe we ought to quit worrying about what the next Supreme Court nominee likes to do in BED and start worrying about whether or not he believes in the Constitution of the United States and is willing to actually UPHOLD it, rather than "make (liberal) law from the bench." Frankly, I don’t care WHAT they do in bed. I care about how they RULE, and on what basis. They’re SUPPOSED to rule on the CONSTITUTIONALITY of what comes before them. NOT whether or not it agrees with their preconceived notions or foreign law. (One News Now)

Pelosi: "We Weren't Told"

That’s what Pelosi said about the “harsh interrogation techniques” used to get important information out of the bloody murders we call Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, we KNOW she was given a complete briefing in September of 2001, on our “interrogation techniques.” For her to deny knowledge of it now is an outright LIE. Since her first comment about it, she has changed her story about five times. I think this idiot should resign. She's too stupid to be helping RUN this country. (Just common sense)

Monday, May 18, 2009


"Sens. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), Jack Reed (D-RI) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have joined Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and victims and family members of the Virginia Tech tragedy, to introduce legislation to eliminate the private transfers of firearms and close the nation's ‘gun show loophole.’ ‘There is no rational reason to oppose closing the loophole. The reason it's still not closed is simple: the continuing power of the special interest gun lobby in Washington’ Sen. Lautenberg said ignoring the Constitution.” What’s irrational about logic? Logically, what makes them think criminals, whose very life is dedicated to breaking the law (and crazy mass murderers) will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed? No; we’re not “irrational,” these congresspeople are irrational to think that ANY law will stop people with evil intentions from getting their guns out of someone’s trunk in an alley somewhere. Experience has shown that where the gun laws are the tightest, illicit guns are the most easy to obtain. The answer is to allow honest people to carry guns for self defense against those who buy their guns illegally anyway. (Just common sense and logic)

Raising Taxes Kills Jobs

But Obama is “gonna do it anyway.” Just like with Red Skelton’s “mean widdle kid” who knew “If I dood it, I get a whippin! I dood it anyway!” He’s ”gonna dood it anyway. The Heritage Foundation says, ”First the good news: earlier this week President Barack Obama admitted that high taxes kill jobs. Now the bad news: he wants to raise taxes on U.S. companies anyway. Pitching his new tax reform plan Monday President Obama said that our tax code ‘says you should pay lower taxes if you create a job in Bangalore, India, than if you create one in Buffalo, New York.’ As the Wall Street Journal quipped: ‘That sounds like a great argument for lowering taxes on the guy creating jobs in Buffalo. Alas, that’s not what he has in mind.’ “ I hope he keeps it up, and while he does, the economy is only going to get worse. Hopefully, lots of “Obama-lovers” will “wise up” and get rid of him at the first opportunity (2012, barring impeachment).” (Just common sense)

"Cruel and Unusual Punishment"

The Constitution supposedly “protects” us from “cruel and unusual punishment. But does it? Think about this: you live in Denver, Colorado and one day you change your clothes and forget to put your wallet (which contains your driver’s license) in your pocket. Then you get stopped by a cop, who IMPOUNDS (steals) your car (for a very minor infraction) and it costs you $4,000.00 to get it back. Would you consider this “cruel and unusual punishment?” I certainly would. But why has nobody taken this to the Supreme Court? Or even protested it on that basis? Not even when they did it to an Iraqi vet, whose license had expired while he was over fighting for his country? The Denver mayor says he is putting in $200, which helps not at all. This law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Why does nobody realize it? I feel bad for that former soldier, who came back home to such an injustice from those whose lives and homes he protected. He finally did get his car back with the help of the Denver mayor and a radio talk show host. But what if that trivial “offense” happened to you or I? We’d lose our cars and never see them again if we didn’t come up with a “$4,000.00 fine.” It’s not a fine, you say? You have to pay it to get your car back because your license was overdue. What is that? (Denver Post)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who Does Gibbs Think He Is?

A reporter’s cell phone kept ringing during a press conference, so the president’s “press flack” “confiscated” his phone, opened a door, and threw it into the next room. I’d like to see him try that on ME. I’d slap him sillier than he is. Does he think that press room is “his kingdom” and he’s the “king?” It amazes me how people like that tend to overuse what little power they may have, and how others allow it. (Just common sense)

As Predicted, More Bailouts

Bank of America is returning to the “money pit” and their stock market value is going up as they “dip again into the bailout trough. " ‘Investors have figured out Bank of America has plenty of options and earnings capacity’ to handle any shortfall the government may say they are facing, said Gary Townsend, president and chief executive of private investment group Hill-Townsend Capital Inc., based in Chevy Chase, Md.” The “key words here are “the government may say.” What reality is, doesn’t apparently matter. It’s what “the government says” that counts. Bank of America and others will continue to return to “the money trough,” time and again as long as it is there, always trying to prove they are “the most needy.” Just like the Starnes Company employees did in “Atlas Shrugged” did after they created that socialistic employee payment scheme. (Yahoo News/AP)

I'm NOT Against Child Protection!

I saw a billboard once that consisted of many repetitions of one phrase: “Never hurt a child!” Over and over again. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. Unfortunately the people who put up that billboard do not mean a word of it. People criticize me because they THINK I’m against child protection, but I’m not. I’m against what PASSES for child protection today, preventing the “child protectors” from having time to go after REAL child abusers. They have “hot lines” set up where you can call in an ANONYMOUS “report” of child abuse. They take that as “prima-facie evidence” of child abuse and TAKE the child as a FIRST OPTION while forcing the parents to “jump through many hoops” to avoid being falsely (mostly) charged with child abuse. They do everything they can to CRIMINALIZE parents so they can ultimately put their children up for adoption, therefore earning up to $6,000 PER CHILD if they’re successful. More than 80% of ALL child abuse reports are NOT sustainable (by their own figures, which they play down), yet they treat EACH one as if just the report is evidence of abuse. This robs them of the time and resources to go after REAL child abusers. This is why so many children ARE raped, physically abused, even murdered, mostly AFTER abuse has been reported in their family.

They just don’t have the time or manpower to go after all of them, so they continue to harass people even after it has become obvious there is NO child abuse in their family. They use such murders, and those that actually happen IN their custody as “fund-raisers” when they happen, claiming not enough money in their budgets, and therefore not enough people to do all the work. When the “investigation” ends, they get a bigger budget, fire or transfer (lateral shift) a few low-ranking workers (victims), hire more top-echelon people, and it’s “business as usual.” They’re in it for the money. They get FEES from the feds at every juncture, from the first HOUR after TAKING the child from his/her parents. Every step they take profits the “child protectors” one way or another; mostly in the form of “bonuses” for “good work” (meaning how many kids they are able to take, and how many adoptions they can arrange). If these people were really interested in “protecting” children, they’d recognize it when a parent is innocent of abuse and use their time more wisely, going after REAL child abusers while NOT abusing the child themselves by their practices.

In Arizona they used to have a “medical procedure” called Plethysmography (I think that’s how they spelled it) where they put a penis-shaped probe into the vagina of a child as young as 12 and showed her government-made pornography to “judge her level of interest in certain sexual acts. With a boy it was a ring-shaped sensor placed around the base of his penis. If the boy had supposedly been sexually abused by a man, they used the penis-shaped sensor in his anus to see if he liked it. If this is NOT “child abuse,” I don’t know what is. When they were “found out,” they stopped it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they were doing it again now—or just doing it somewhere else. Sexually abusing the child while calling it “treatment.” I was the VICTIM of the “child abus—protectors” early in my life. They stole two of my children while I was out of state, arresting my second wife for child abuse. They couldn’t prove it (even in THEIR “captive courts”) and the charges were dropped.

But they kept the boys and put them up for adoption after giving me an erroneous day for the supposed “final hearing” at which our parental rights were to be revoked so I didn’t show up. Previously, every time I showed up, they postponed it. The day I did not show up, it was done in ten minutes. I have not seen my two boys in more than 35 years. I don’t know if they’re alive or dead. No charges were EVER lodged against me and the ones against my wife were dropped. But they destroyed my family anyway. It’s even worse today than it was then because they passed a federal law to MAKE it worse. The whole scam is being fed by FEDERAL “fees” paid to local agencies from the moment they take a child from his/her parents. So they have a definite INCENTIVE to take the child as a FIRST option. THIS is why I’m against “child protection” as it is today (Just common sense)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Not Easy Being President

“Once again, the president finds it's not so easy to scrap the policies of his much-maligned predecessor. As with Gitmo and military tribunals, so it goes with offshore drilling and even Arctic wildlife.” (IBD Editorials) It’s easy to criticize the policies of a man who is FACING the fact of being president and the necessity for making “tough decisions.” It’s harder when you ARE the president and have to make those decisions yourself. That’s why Obama is “reversing course” on so many issues about which he criticized President Bush; such as closing Gitmo (which he is STILL “considering closing within a year even though nobody wants those bloody murderers we’re keeping away from society), resuming Bush’s “military tribunals” and many other things Bush started or continued, but which he is ignoring, rather than losing “political capital” from Democrats by dealing with them. (IBD Editorials)

Jack Kemp is Dead

As with Ronald Reagan, there’ll never be another like him. He was the "father" of Reagan’s “across-the-board” tax cuts. You know, the ones that ALMOST DOUBLED the “tax take” while creating the biggest, longest-lasting economic boom in history? THAT Jack Kemp. The one who, along with Jack Kennedy and George Bush, KNOW that REDUCING taxes “across the board” will PROMOTE more business and INCREASE the profits made by “the rich,” therefore increasing the amount of taxable income, thereby increasing not only the “tax take, ” but the employment figures, as well. The Democrats will NOT admit this, and therefore all their plans will fail. They still say “the era of Reagan is over,” hoping if they tell this lie often enough, it will become true. They call it “trickle-down economics,” to denigrate it. But it IS “trickle-down” economics, where the profits made by the “big rich” (those who EARNED their riches rather than inherit them as do most liberals) CREATE jobs and profits, which lead to MORE profits and more jobs. (Just common sense)

Social Security for Illegal Aliens

If the government gives benefits to 'illegal' aliens who have never contributed, where does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our working lives?” Screwed, that’s where. We’ve paid in at the point of a gun all these years and just barely get enough back do survive. Illegal aliens have not. Yet Obama wants them to have all the same benefits we have PAID FOR all our lives. What’s wrong with this picture? If this infuriates you (or just mildly irritates you) send a “nasty letter” to and give them a “piece of your mind. Below is a good example of what to write, but write it in your own words: “Dear Mr. President: The undersigned protests the bill that the Senate voted on recently which would allow illegal aliens to access our Social Security. I demand that you and all Congressional representatives require citizenship as a pre-requisite for social services in the United States. I further demand that there not be any amnesty give n to illegal aliens, NO free services, no funding, no payments to and for illegal immigrants."

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Ray's Shorts" Moved

In the absence of the ability to access Blogivists, the original provider for “Ray’s Shorts,” I have moved it to “Blogger.” The new URL is I don’t know what happened to Blogivists. No one seems to know. This blog was originally started to be a part of the Blogivists system. But it has become important on its own, without that connection.

The Aristocrasy of Pull

"President Obama insisted at his press conference recently that he doesn't want to nationalize the auto industry (or the banks, or the mortgage market, or . . .). But if that's true, why has he proposed a restructuring plan for General Motors that leaves the government with a majority stake(87% with only $16.2 billion 'invested,' as opposed to the American people in the person of the 'hedge funds,' with a $27 billion 'investment' getting 10%, and the union getting 40%, with NO investment, although they claim $20 billion) in the car maker? Sounds like the American public are the biggest loser I this, with Obama’s government being the BIG winner." "Doesn’t want to run GM?" Does he really believe we’ll buy this crap? (Wall Street Journal)

This Is How They Do It

File bogus “charges” against political activists (a prosecutor can indict a sandwich), then offer one of those so “indicted” a “deal” if they’ll plead guilty and promise to "expunge" their record (which would not exist without those phony charges being filed), and offer to reduce their charges to a misdemeanor. Of course this would create “evidence” that the others were guilty, whether or not they are. But one woman told the prosecutor to “go to hell” and rightly so. All three who were "indicted" on unconstitutional charges were vindicated when the charges were dropped. Maybe this prosecutor can scam the next person he falsely “indicts” into his scam. Hopefully before the governor fires him for malfeasance in office. (Common Sense)

"Flying Pig Flu"

“Millions will die!” That’s the mantra of “big pharma” as they go about getting the government to make getting a flu shot MANDATORY with just a FEW deaths and a few verified “reports” of “swine flu.” Most people whose deaths they attribute to "Swine Flu" have underlying medical problems that made them more susceptible. One military doctor refused to be vaccinated during the first “swine flu epidemic” in 1976 and almost got court-martialed. The final result was NOT a "big epidemic" (an epidemic in fact, only in the imagination of politicians). It was the deaths of 25 people who DID get vaccinated, but from Gillian-Barre Syndrome, which were directly related to the vaccinations. Dr. Russell Blaylock (now a well-known author in the medical field, the military doctor (then) who refused to be vaccinated, says this “panic” probably is “bio-engineered (the panic, not the “pandemic”). Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, said, ”We cannot let a good panic go to waste,” so they’re not. They’re turning a couple of deaths, one of which is a person from a country with low health levels, the other a toddler who came from the same country for treatment, into a “pandemic” With all the “pork” flying around in Washington, says my sister, we shouldn’t be surprised at an outbreak there, however small, of “swine flu." (Socio-Economics History)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Do They Hate Them so?

Democrats hate former vice-president Cheney with a passion. And likewise they hate former vice-presidential candidate, current Alaska governor, Sarah Palin. Why? Because they’re both EFFECTIVE conservatives who just might some day be president, and they want to avoid that at all costs. If Sarah had been “turned loose” (not muzzled by an inept Republican presidential candidate) in the 2008 election, we would not have been saddled with an insane spender as president; and if she runs at the top of the ticket in 2012, Obama’s “reign” will come to an abrupt halt (if he doesn’t manage to steal ANOTHER election with the help of ACORN). Cheney has nothing to lose; he has all the money he needs, he has no further political aspirations (unless we can “draft” him), and he tells the unvarnished truth with no apologies. He’s BEEN there. He knows what’s happening now is not only wrong, it’s STUPID, it will BREAK us; and he isn’t afraid to say so, out loud, and in front of millions. These two people scare the bejeesus out of Democrats, more than anybody else since Reagan, and they want to shut them up—NOW. They’ll do everything they can to shut them up or discredit them, including as many phony “ethics charges” as they can trump up. (Just common sense)

"Catch and Release"

NATO caught 19 Somali pirates “in the act” of hijacking a ship, but were forced to let them “walk” because they had not “attacked” the citizens of a specific country. We need to have laws made specifically FOR these pirates, so that when they’re guilty of “piracy on the high seas,” any country that catches them can prosecute and imprison them, even execute some if their personal crimes are sufficiently severe. That, or turn them over to somebody who can. They need to make laws that can be enforced by a multi-country organization specifically formed to fight piracy, and give them the authority to prosecute them. There were laws against piracy a hundred years ago that could be updated and used today if anybody “gets off his butt” and looks them up. Failing that, “anti-piracy laws” could be made, specifically targeting piracy on the high seas, allowing pirates to be prosecuted by ANY country that catches them. These laws NEED to be made, or the pirates win. (Columbia Daily Tribune)

Kissing Obama's Ring

As workers for the Starnes Company in “Atlas Shrugged” lined up to prove they were the most needy when that company created a "socialistic" system to pay their employees, with everybody getting a SMALL paycheck (everybody the same, including top executives and even owners), while others who “needed” things could go to a company-appointed “czar” who would either approve or deny their application at his/her pleasure. So they “lined up” to prove they were “the most needy.” The daughter of the Starnes owner was the “czar,” and enjoyed unlimited popularity (and power). The same thing is happening right now, but it isn’t “the workers” who are “lining up” to prove they’re “the most needy,” it’s the company CEOs lining up to prove their COMPANY is "the most needy" while “kissing Obama’s ring.” (Just common sense)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Again, What ARE "Civilians?"

This story tells about some “civilians” (in actuality terrorists) who set off some bombs and killed a lot of people, including themselves. Nobody seems to want to criticize these “civilians” who kill other civilians. They only want to criticize US when we ACCIDENTALLY kill innocent civilians (the ones THEY put OUT IN FRONT as they attack, so we can’t HELP but kill them. ALL terrorists ARE “civilians.” None are members of ANY recognized country’s army. So why all the fuss about us “killing civilians” that they, themselves, put in danger? (Yahoo News/AP)

Why Don't We Reciprocate?

Muslim terrorists run those innocuous pictures of what they call “torture” of their people in our prisons after they are caught on the battlefield, killing innocent people, American and otherwise. They use them as propaganda, for recruiting purposes. Why don’t we run the pictures of them BEHEADING their prisoners and shooting them in the back of the head as we did when the Taliban was killing women in a soccer stadium while they were in power in Afghanistan (I still remember watching a man approach a kneeling woman and shooting her in the back of the head, then her falling dead)? There are certainly enough pictures around. They release them themselves. Are we too squeamish to see such pictures? If so, maybe we’re too squeamish to properly FIGHT these bloody murderers of innocent people. We need to quit worrying about the welfare of these killers and just KILL them when we find them. Then there'll be no "controversy" over their "treatment" while in custody. (Just common sense)

"I Thought He Was A Democrat!"

That’s what Dick Cheney said when asked why he criticizes former Gen. Colin Powell, and why he was criticizing a “fellow Republican.” Powell endorsed Obama, campaigned for him, and VOTED for him. It’s easy to see why Cheney would think he WAS a Democrat. Like Arlen Specter, he has never BEEN a Republican. He only claimed the label while doing everything a Democrat does. He is NOT “one of the most respected figures in Washington.” Any “respect” he may have had, he has lost. Any he may get today comes entirely from Democrats, and that “respect” means diddly to me. (Just common sense)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prohibited From Enforcing the Law!

Did you know that local law enforcement (LEO) is PROHIBITED by law from reporting illegal aliens to ICE (or whatever they call it these days)? This is INSANE! But it is common for liberals (who seem to be “in charge” today) to make insane laws to promote their ignorant ideas. As Rush Limbaugh has said repeatedly, “When they’re out of office, they’re just funny. But when they get IN office, they’re DANGEROUS.” Joe Arpaio, an Arizona sheriff, has gotten in a lot of trouble for ENFORCING the laws against illegal aliens. Yes, I SAID it. “Illegal aliens.” NOT “undocumented citizens,” which is a really STUPID name for them. They’re CRIMINALS and should be tracked down and imprisoned, then sent back to their home country, whether or not it wants them; not "coddled." Did you know the Mexican government publishes pamphlets telling its citizens how best to sneak over the border into the United States? Did you know that the Mexican government LOVES the money these illegal aliens send back to their families in Mexico? It impacts their economy in a positive manner while impacting ours in a NEGATIVE manner. This will go on as long as liberals are in power, and will just get worse. (Just common sense)

Anti-Smoking Propaganda

They lie routinely in their quest to destroy the business of people who make and sell cigarettes. Whenever ANY media outlet does a story about “the dangers of smoking,” they always choose ugly people and show them from an INCH away as they “suck” on their cigarettes. The same is true in the campaign against heavy people. They show them from behind, way up close, so they look as disgusting as possible, so they can tax them for doing things that make them fat. The problem is, they don’t REALLY want to stop people from smoking because people smoking is worth $BILLIONS$ to the government. Today, the people making the MOST PROFIT from smoking and smokers IS the GOVERNMENT. They make more money in TAXES on cigarettes than the company that makes the cigarettes earns in profits, even though they have to pay the cost of making them and bringing them to market while the government has NO investment in them. If smoking “went away” today, the government would go bankrupt (if it isn’t, already, from inept management). (Just common sense)

The "Black Scam"

If I started a “White Studies” program in one of our universities, I’d be “run out of town on a rail,” then “tarred and feathered” by the very same people who started the “Black Studies” program in universities all over the country. The same would happen if I started a “white only” college, anywhere in the country. It would be the same people who started the “black only” colleges who would do it. These things are WRONG because they are “exclusionary.” It doesn’t matter whether the people excluded are black or white. It’s racism in its purest form. The liberals SAY conservatives are (aside from being “dangerous right-wing extremists), racists. But EVERYTHING that” constitutes REAL racism inevitably comes from the left. (Just common sense)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

"We Aren't A Christian Nation"

That’s what B. O. (Obama) seems to think, or wish. Even though one of his closest friends is a militant preacher who says, “God DAMN America,” he still wants Americans to believe HE is a Christian, while he and his friends denigrate Christians, Christianity, and guns (which he promised not to do). That tells me more about HIM than anything else. But then I already knew he was a “scuzz-ball.” (Just common sense)

Biden "Speaks With Forked Tongue"

In one statement he says “there’s no excuse for violence against children” and in another he reminds us of his support for abortion (he calls it something else). Seems to me that abortion is the HEIGHTS of “violence toward children.” Even Bush claimed to be “against child violence” while supporting abortion. He even went so far as to ban federal funding for stem cell research, which “kills children (he says).” Unfortunately, he is wrong. Stem cells are NOT children, and aren’t even as CLOSE to being children as are the millions of fetuses this government has allowed to be killed for many years. What a bunch of hypocrites these politicians are! On BOTH sides. (One News Now)

Cities With "Funds Shortfalls"

They write more tickets. You can always tell when a city is having a “shortfall problem.” The cops are EVERYWHERE writing tickets; parking tickets, radar tickets, tickets for things they make up on the spot. States even make onerous laws because the feds promise them millions of dollars if they do. Such is the case with making Colorado’s seat belt law a “primary offense” (One the cop can stop you for by itself). That’s worth $17 million dollars (or $20 million, depending on who you ask). Does anybody really think politicians make laws for the good of the people? Riiiiight! They do it for the good of their budgets and for their own careers. If there’s money in it, they don’t care if it hurts their constituents. (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stealth JIhad

This is something I recognized happening a long time ago. But now Robert Spencer has written a book detailing it. I've seen Muslims going to court and WINNING where they should have lost, due to the "intimidation of the lawsuit." If this trend continues, they will have "taken us over" without firing a shot. The so-called "war against terrorism" notwithstanding. While we keep their murderous terrorists at bay with guns and bullets elsewhere, they're slowly, but surely insinuating themselves into our very core. And we're cooperating to avoid being sued. Let them sue me. They'll meet a stone wall if they do.(Freedom Center)

Owning Guns Now A "Crime?"

"Police in Howard County, Maryland conducted a nighttime, no-knock raid on the home of Mike Hasenei, whom they apparently suspected of stealing items from two police cars burglarized last month. They found nothing, but they did shoot and kill Hasenei’s Australian cattle dog. The police say the no-knock raid and tactical entry were necessary because Hasenei is a (legal) gun-owner." Apparently now a legal gun owner scares the hell out of the cops. It’s a good thing he realized they were cops and didn’t come downstairs with a gun in his hand (his right, in his own home) or they’d have shot and killed him as they’ve done countless times before elsewhere; one specific time I remember is when they trumped up something to allow them to raid the home of a man who owned land the sheriff coveted. He (rightly and legally) came downstairs with a gun in his hand and they "filled him full of lead." They “negotiated” with his widow and bought the property “for a song.” Personally, I don’t think his being a (legal) gun owner should have made ANY difference and the judge should not have issued a “no-knock warrant” based on that. Doing so just adds to the feeling that we’re entering a “jack-booted thug” period. By the way. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of whether or not any stolen items were found. Am I asking too much? (The Agitator)

It Just Doesn't Compute!

All our current problems—a miserable economy, the “mortgage crisis” (Resulting from the (Democrat) government FORCING lenders to loan money to people who cannot, and WILL not, repay it), high fuel prices at one time approaching $4 a gallon of gas (caused by the government not allowing oil companies to drill within the United States), with fuel prices beginning to rise again, high violent crime rates (because of “gun control” laws); high medical costs (from government interference and “Red tape”), etc. Yet people (most of whom “do not pay attention to politics) rely on DEMOCRATS to solve all these problems THEY created in the first place! It just doesn’t compute! Another thing that doesn't compute is that nobody seems to give a damn. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry Folks

I’ve been a little “under the weather lately, and if posts have been a little “spotty” lately, that’s why. I was in the hospital Monday for an arteriogram. I have to go back in soon to get some stents put in to keep me alive and I was feeling really lousy yesterday. So posts may remain a little ”spotty” for a while.

Cops Detain Citizen for Patriotic Sticker

This was sent us by the “Patriot Depot: “We just received a call from Rosemarie in Ball, Louisiana alerting us that her brother-in-law was stopped by small town Louisiana police and detained by the roadside for half an hour. A background check was conducted to determine whether he was a member of an ‘extremist’ group. Why? Her brother-in-law (name not disclosed for privacy) had purchased and displayed a conservative ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ bumper sticker on his car. The bumper sticker is based on the famous flag designed by American Revolution era general and statesman Christopher Gadsden. The yellow flag featured a coiled diamondback rattlesnake ready to strike, with the slogan “Don’t Tread on Me!” underneath it. Benjamin Franklin helped make the rattlesnake a symbol of Americans’ reluctance to quarrel but vigilance and resolve in defense of their rights. By 1775 when Gadsden presented his flag to the commander-in-chief of the Navy, the rattlesnake was a symbol of the colonies and of their need to unite in defense of threats to their God-given and inherited rights.

The flag and the bumper sticker symbolize American patriotism, the need to defend Americans’ rights, and resistance to tyranny’s threats to American liberty. Those threats included—and include—illegal taxation, profanation of Americans’ rights, and violation of the fundamental principles of American law. The notorious Department of Homeland Security memo, which was apparently based on the infamous Missouri State Police Report that described supporters of presidential candidates Bob Barr, Ron Paul, and Chuck Baldwin as ‘militia’-type potential extremists and potential terrorists, is not the first effort of leftist radicals to slander their political opponents as ‘extremists.’ Some observers have noted that similar ‘reports’ emerged during the Clinton administration. But ‘liberals’ and other leftists have been calling defenders of traditional American limited, constitutional government, free enterprise, and individual liberty “extremists” since at least the 1964 election. The political left’s attempts to establish a false equivalence between genuine left wing extremists and those who oppose the left’s assault on our culture, law, and liberty is more than propaganda to fool the ignorant and manipulate public opinion. Combined with the power of government, it is an attempt to harass, intimidate, and silence all political opposition—and probably an attempt to demonize them as a prelude to governmental oppression and persecution. Keep in mind that the First Amendment states, ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’ Small town police misled by phony left wing ‘reports’ are bad enough. Federal government agencies and their armed agents under the direction of leftist radicals are exponentially worse.’ They will tread on us. The time has come to let our voices be heard! It’s starting, folks. Soon it will not be ignorant small-town cops. It will be “federal agents” detaining us for being freedom-lovers. Are you going to let them do it? (Patriot Depot)

Climate Debate "Most Important Ever"

AlGore says the “climate debate” is the most important ever’ and he’s right. But not the way he envisions. It IS “the most important debate ever” because if this government BUYS his lies, it will BANKRUPT it. He says EVERYBODY who disagrees with him is LYING about it, while he is provably lying about it himself, and enriching himself by pushing it. If anybody LESS deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, he’s it. He is lying from beginning to end, and he hopes if he says “the debate is over” long enough, in as many places as he can, people will begin to believe him. His very SCIENCE is false, but you’ll never get him to admit it. It’s making him too much money. He doesn’t care if it bankrupts this country as long as it does not bankrupt HIM. (One News Now)

"Hateful Words"

What is a “hateful word?” Nobody knows, and that’s what liberals like about it. They get to DEFINE what IS a “hateful word” so they can prosecute somebody for things they SAY as a “hate crime.” That this violates the First Amendment of the Constitution against ANY law that prohibits freedom of speech doesn’t seem to bother them a bit. In the most recent case, it has to do with someone who is against homosexuality. I’m not against it (and I shouldn't have to SAY that), though I think someone who is, is within his constitutional rights to publicly state his beliefs without fear of being prosecuted. We’re getting closer to a dictatorship, folks. And if this trend continues, I could soon be prosecuted for THAT comment. (One News Now)

Blogger "Sinks" Contestant

Perez Hilton, a Hollywood blogger who happens to be openly gay, “sunk” the chances of one contestant at winning the “Miss USA” contest after she gave an answer to his question that he didn’t like. Being gay, it’s understandable that he didn’t like her answer to the question about gay marriage She’s against it (but it's not a big thing to her) because of how she was raised. But my question is, how does a BLOGGER get to ask questions of a contestant and “sink” her if he doesn’t like her answer? This has nothing to do with him being gay. It has EVERYTHING to do with him asking that specific question of a “Miss USA” contestant and calling her a “dumb bitch” later on his blog. That was uncalled for, gay or not. (One News Now)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The "Sanction of the Victim"

This is a concept emphasized by Ayn Rand in her Objectivist philosophy. I am an objective (“small o”) philosopher and, while I don’t agree with EVERYTHING in her philosophy, I do agree with most of it. The looters (liberals, socialists) do everything they can so CON you into AGREEING with their plans, making you think their plans will be good for you. That way they get your APPROVAL for the rights and money they take away from you. The United Nations “Climate Change Plan” is like that. They’ve “glommed onto” AlGore’s “man-made climate change swindle” as a means to get your approval for the depredations they plan on foisting upon us in the name of his IMAGINARY “man-made global warming.” Frankly, I don’t view one-quarter of a degree warming in 100 years as an “emergency,” even if the lies Gore tells were true—which they’re not. In fact, I view it as an ADVANTAGE. The fact that this planet warms and cools NATURALLY in cycles refutes entirely Gore’s swindle (which has made him a very rich man). Almost thirty years ago they were worried about “global COOLING!” They were just as adamant about being right then as they are now, with their faulty “science.” And it made them a lot of money then, as now. If this government allows this U. N. “Climate Change Plan” to become law by signing a treaty to that effect, it will have CREATED the “New World Order” many people have been afraid of for years, to our detriment. I'm glad I won't be around to see it. (Fox News)

Socialism is IMMORAL!

People ask me why I am so adamantly against socialism. They say, “What’s wrong with socialism?” My answer is simple: the whole idea of TAKING the earnings of one man (or woman) who EARNS it and GIVING it, UNEARNED, to another, is IMMORAL! If YOU do it, it’s THEFT; if the government does it, it’s socialism. If you earn it, it’s YOURS. Nobody should have the power to take any of it from you, to give to another. Schools teach our children to “share” with others, even when those others do not deserve it. This is collectivism (socialism), and it is WRONG! It really amazes me how many people think socialism is “okay,” even though it has been proven to be wrong and unworkable everywhere it has been tried. The liberals (socialists) keep saying the only reason it has failed is that it hasn’t been tried fully. What the hell do they think was done in Russia for 70 YEARS before it failed there? There is NOTHING in the Constitution allowing the government to do it, but they do it, anyway. (Walter E. Williams)

Just LISTEN To Them!

The other way, a man told me he didn’t listen to such “bull” as comes from Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I asked him if he ever LISTENED to either one and he said he didn’t NEED to listen to them to know what they preached was bull. What an asinine answer! How can you KNOW it’s “bull” if you don’t listen to them and examine what they say for yourself? Obviously this guy has formed an opinion based on what the liberal media has taught him. All he has to do is LISTEN to them for a while and do his own research to find out that what they say MAKES SENSE, which is why the liberal media hates them so uniformly. What Rush and Hannity tell us is COMMON SENSE! They have only to LISTEN with an “open mind” to see that. (Just common sense)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Overblown Pandemic

The common “seasonal flu” has killed hundreds, even thousands of people, yearly. But nothing much is made of it. So Mexico (a country where people live much dirtier lives than here and whose health level is lower) have a few hundred deaths attributed to “swine flu” and the world goes bananas. All tolled, TWO people (at this writing) have died in the United States; one that came here for treatment from Mexico and one toddler. They talk about THOUSANDS of “reported cases,” but a “reported case” does NOT mean a REAL case. It means someone came into a hospital complaining of ”flu-like” symptoms and they add this case to their numbers while they try to find out if it is a real case. The fact that 80% or more such “reports” do not turn out to be the “swine flu” they’re talking about now doesn’t seem to penetrate politician’s minds. As Obama’s Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel said, “Never let a good panic go to waste,” and they’re not. Look for many new laws and regulations to be suggested, with many made; most of them the kind that could not be made without this panic. The number of “reported” cases in Mexico has already begun to decline, but politicians (and the news media) world-wide continue to “fan the flames” of panic. (Yahoo News/AP)

"We're Not Going to Abandon You"

That’s what Hillary is telling the Iraqis. They’re planning to “run” after a recent upsurge in violence, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to “abandon” them. It makes no difference that Democrat administrations in the past have a record of abandoning countries we have pledged to defend, such as Viet Nam, causing the deaths of millions of Vietnamese. But they’re expected to BELIEVE her when she tries to reassure them, even after the current sitting president, as well as his “accomplices,” have many times in the past, PROMISED to “abandon them." The only good thing about this is that Democrats have NEVER done what they PROMISED. (Yahoo News/AP)

Another Step

Obama’s government is taking one more step in the direction of destroying the rights of America’s parents to make decisions for their children. No parent wants his/her child to be sexually active at 15 to 17 years of age. But this law, which allows those as young as 17 to buy a “morning after pill” WITHOUT their parents being notified, does so. This means they can gaily have sex at a very young age (an age at which an adult would go to prison for having sex with them) and get a “morning after pill” without their parent’s knowledge. For my part, I want to KNOW if my 17-year-old grandchild is having sex, so I can at least advise them on safe practices if nothing else. The very fact that she needs a “morning after pill” tells me she’s not having “safe sex” and could very well be infected with a dangerous sexually-transmitted disease and not know it until too late. This trend is evident, not only in this instance, but in the way parents are treated by “child services” whenever somebody makes an ANONYMOUS “report” of child abuse, sometimes at the advice of a lawyer to get their opponent’s mind off a suit in another action entirely. Since there is NO penalty, even if the “report” is a vicious attempt to hurt an innocent person, gives people an INCENTIVE to make such reports while the “child protectors” treat such “reports” as “gospel;” as “prima-facie evidence” that abuse has occurred, treating the parents as “guilty until proven innocent” while their “captive courts” accept the social worker's OPINIONS as “evidence,” rather than the hearsay it usually is. (Yahoo News/AP)