Sunday, October 31, 2010

Too Much Corruption Out There

When I first got into this, I wondered how I would find enough material to keep things going. But I didn’t have to worry. There is so much “good stuff” out there I couldn’t cover it all if there were fifteen of me. I can’t possibly cover even a small amount of the corruption that is out there, especially with the Democrats “in control” in Washington. Worse, as I get older, I SEE a lot more than I can possibly capture in this computer and put into the SIX blogs I own, not to mention the two books ("What's Wong IN America!" and "Pay ATTENTION to Politics!" Both available on Amazon) I’ve written about the crime and corruption in this country’s government. I don’t have to “hunt,” it’s all right there, right in the open to those who pay attention. It’s not even HIDDEN any more. Obama appointed an ADMITTED communist as one of his "czars." Glenn Beck exposed it and he had to resign under pressure, but Glenn was predictably vilified for it. they hate him even more than Rush for that.

Take the communists who are active in our government: In the fifties and sixties, they hid themselves until ferreted out by people like Senator McCarthy, who was vilified, even by people in his own party for doing it . . . but he has been proven to be right in most cases. Maybe his tactics were a little extreme, but that’s what was necessary to expose them. Today it isn’t necessary for the communists to “hide themselves.” Now they proudly proclaim that they ARE communists and Obama dutifully appoints them to powerful positions in his government. Obama is a dedicated radical SOCIALIST and that is “ first cousin” to communism. Call me nuts if you want, call me a "radical." But you’ll soon find out how true it is as they become stronger and more confident. I may not live to see it come, but if we don’t “wake up,” and SOON, we’re going to be the next “Soviet Union,” under a new name. If it is "radical" to want to make my own decisions and keep more of the money I EARN, and for the government to obey the Constitution, then so be it. (Accuracy In Media)

Our Government Creares Poverty

That’s what race whore Jesse Jackson says, and he’s right. But not the way he means it. He wants you to believe it was Bush’s government, but it is Obama’s. He says the government “subsidizes” the rich. Actually they subsidize poverty. They make it more profitable to be on welfare than to work. I suspect ANYTHING Jesse Jackson says because he’s almost as good a liar as is Obama. But in this case, he’s right, though not in the way he wants you to think. This is the guy, remember, who goes to big business and tells them to give money to his charities (to which he has full access without oversight) or be accused of institutional racism. That’s against the law if anybody will enforce it. (The Blaze)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reporters Leaving Liberal Media

“Howard Kurtz, Peter Goodman, Jim VandeHei, and Richard Johnson are just a few of the many reporters voluntarily exiting the legacy media to join online news ventures.” Why? Because they’ve apparently gotten tired of being forced to lie and twist the news for their liberal bosses. “The mass exodus from the traditional media comes at a time when the newspaper industry is struggling. Figures released this week by the Audit Bureau of Circulations show average daily circulation fell 5 percent in the April-September period, compared with the same period a year earlier.

"A March 2010 report from the Pew Research Center's annual Project for Excellence in Journalism showed that 2009 was a devastating year for the traditional news media. Among Pew’s findings were that newspapers currently spend $1.6 billion less annually on reporting and editing than they did ten years ago and over the last three years 15,000 full-time reporting and editing jobs were lost.” You’d think they’d realize why this is happening. But liberals can’t even conceive of the idea that they just might be wrong and that SOME people might actually realize it amid the crumbling nature of their business and profession . . . and that they might even realize why. (Online Journalism Review)

Typical Response: Ban It!

Yes, people talking on cell phones while driving IS a problem. I, myself, was a victim of a woman who turned left in front of me while talking on a cell phone. She hit me dead center and totaled my car, doing minor damage to hers. But the solution is not to punish EVERYBODY. The solution is to apply harsher penalties to those at fault in accidents proven to be involving people EITHER talking on cell phones, or texting. Thus punishing the people RESPONSIBLE, not everybody. There are situations where talking on a cell phone, at least for a few moments, is necessary. Naturally, a FEW people take advantage and spend HOURS driving with a cell phone screwed into their ears. But BANNING any cell phone use while driving is not the answer. Especially not doing it by bureaucratic dictat. (The Blaze)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama PURPOSELY Destroying This Economy

Now why would he be doing that? The answer is simple: he doesn’t like capitalism. He has been brought up by his communist father and mother to believe capitalism is EEEVIL! He figures now he is president, this is his best chance to “make this country over” as he wishes it. He knows we will fight him every step of the way so he’s making it impossible to continue a capitalist economy. Meanwhile he’s mounting a propaganda campaign to convince us that capitalism doesn’t work.

But it DOES work, as long as our own PRESIDENT is not “throwing monkey wrenches into the system” while telling us it is capitalism that’s at fault It is to his ADVANTAGE for the recession not only to continue, but to deepen while he’s lying to you about capitalism being at fault. Don’t let him continue. Get RID of his voting majority in Congress, and get rid of HIM in 2012. (The Desert Conservative)

Double down

Obama will ”double down” if Republicans win a respectable victory in November. He is already talking about doing things “by executive action” instead of congressional action, and blaming the Republicans if he can’t get anything done in Congress. They already have considerable power to use in the new laws he has already passed. Now all he has to do is USE those laws to take in even more territory. He KNOWS he’s governing against the will of the people, but he thinks the people don’t know what’s good for them and will “come around” when they begin to see the “good results” of his policies. That there will BE no “good results,” in our opinion, he just doesn’t believe. In his arrogance, he thinks he has done many good things for America, and many ignorant Americans still agree with him. These are the people he is counting on to help him impose his will on the rest of us. (Just common sense)

Ignorant People Shouldn't Vote

Because people ignorant of politics still have the right to vote on who sits in the White House, and everywhere else in our government, we now have a dedicated, radical socialist with communist friends that he has appointed to high, powerful office (Van Jones, ADMITTED communist), a domestic terrorist (Bill Ayers) who is his close, personal friend and says he’s “sorry we didn’t do more bombing," and many other radical socialists and communists. All because people IGNORANT of politics still get to vote. I say they should be made to PROVE they have kept up on politics BEFORE they are allowed to vote. Of course, that’s never going to happen because our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, DEPEND on their ignorance to stay in power. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GOP: Sit In The Back

That’s BO’s opinion if the Republicans win the 2010 election (which they’re going to do), but he’s wrong (and he KNOWS he’s wrong). He is NOT “all powerful” and if he wants to get ANYTHING done on his agenda in the last two years of what I hope is his ONLY term as president, he will cooperate with the REPUBLICANS (maybe I’d better keep him ignorant—forget I said that)). Not the other way around. He will “compromise HIS principles,” rather than demand that the Republicans compromise theirs. He keeps saying the Republicans “drove us into the ditch” and now that we’re out, they have to work with HIM. But we’re NOT “out.” That’s his twisted view of things. It was the DEMOCRATS who “drove us into the ditch,” ON PURPOSE. To get him and a lot of other Democrats elected so the Democrats can have a “bloodless coup” and take over the government. They did it with the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” and Fannie and Freddy.

The law was made to FORCE lenders to make those “risky loans” he is criticizing them for now.Fannie and Freddie were to buy up all those loans to keep “the lid on” until they figured it was time to “pull the plug,” which they did, just before the 2008 election. Now he’s in office, they resurrected Fannie and Freddie and gave them unlimited money with which to buy up those bad loans to keep the lid on until they’re out of office. We’re NOT “out of the ditch.” We’re digging ourselves deeper in the ditch every day with his every action. I keep saying this, and people keep ignoring me until I get tired of it. People need to start realizing that this guy means to make this into a SOCIALIST nation. And if you don’t know what that is, and why is is bad for this country, you’d better learn, and learn NOW. Before BO makes this into the next “Soviet Union,” under a different name. (Yahoo News)

Obama's "Personal Friend" Is A Terrorist!

He makes no bones about it. And NOBODY says anything. What is WRONG with the people in this country to elect as president a man whose personal friend used to be (still is?) a bomb-thrower! Who appointed an ADMITTED communist as one of his “czars?” Again, nobody but Glenn Beck said anything, and when the hooraw raised by Glenn caused him to abruptly resign under pressure and return to his powerful post he already had, they criticized, not the communist, but Glenn Beck! What the hell is this country coming to? Are we STUPID, or just ignorant? People who IGNORE politics, and thus know NOTHING about the candidates still vote, and thus we have a communist-appointing, terrorist-friendly president who is working night and day to destroy our way of life and make this country into a socialist nation like the Soviet Union used to be before it collapsed. (Town Hall)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Don't Like It? BAN It!

That’s the government’s answer to ANYTHING they have decided is not “good for us.” They think they know better than we do what IS “good for us,” so in their “infinite wisdom, they BAN it. They’ve banned several sugar substitutes and later found them NOT to be “bad for us” but never apologized for destroying an industry. They ban at least one thing every year, even though such bans are unconstitutional on their face. That fool, Mayor Bloomberg, in New York City, has banned many things, the most recent being “saturated fats.” The feds banned the making and later the USE of incandescent bulbs, replacing them with those dangerous, mercury-containing squiggly “compact fluorescent” bulbs they SAY are better. Now the feds want to ban POTATOES and are even now in the process of “demonizing” them, starting with school lunches to gain support for the unconstitutional laws they want to make banning them in all their forms. They start with school lunches because who wants to endanger “the chilrun?” (The Blaze)

"The Rich" Are NOT "Filthy Rich"

Obama (who is rich) and other liberals (most of whom are rich if they've been in Washington very long) talk about “the rich” as if everybody whose income is over $250,000 is “filthy rich.” That they can all afford to buy their flat-screen televisions, luxury cars, yachts, and other things rich people (they think) buy every day. Only problem is, people making only $250,000 a year are NOT “rich.” They’re just “well-to-do.” I’d bet my own sister and her husband together make that much. But they’re not “rich.” They are being besieged even now with credit harassment phone calls, and have had to just quit answering their phone at all to avoid them. And they PAY their bills. It’s Obama’s policies that are making life difficult for them. Every dollar they earn is worth less every day with Obama counterfeiting more and more dollars every day (something the government puts people [other than themselves] in PRISON for doing).

They tell us (rightly) that counterfeiting undermines the worth of our money, and they’re right. What they DON’T tell you is that THEIR counterfeiting does, too. They confidently say, “The rich will keep buying their luxuries, even if we DO tax them more." They have money to burn. More taxes will not hurt them. It is this kind of ignorant attitude that will conquer this nation from within if they keep “running the country” based on it. The truth is, there aren’t enough “rich people” to finance all their “flights of fancy” and “giveaway programs.” They need to learn this and stop taking money away from the very people who are the ONLY ones who actually DO ”create jobs” and profits for others by their investment. When are these ignorant politicians going to learn this very basic fact? (Just common sense)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

DOJ Wants to Flout the Law

Christopher Coates, former Voting Section Chief, is ignoring DOJ orders to IGNORE a subpoena from the Civil Rights Commission and will testify about the DOJ orders NOT to prosecute the Black Panthers who stood in front of a polling place, one of them carrying a nightstick, and both wearing military-style uniforms while trying to intimidate voters who would vote against Obama. This is an example of the lawlessness that is rampant in the Obama administration. Coates’ testimony is going to be very damaging to DOJ and Obama. (Pajamas Media)

Paul Krugnman Favors 91% Top Tax

What the hell has this guy been smoking? Does he really think people will invest their money and work for more if the government takes 91% of it? He says “the rich” don’t really do much for the rest of us. That's a LIE. The truth is, “the rich,” those who EARN their riches, do EVERYTHING for us. Their investments CREATE all the jobs there are. People who work with them BECOME rich. Without them and their investments, NOBODY would have a job and nobody would earn ANY money. And this guy PRETENDS to be an economist? He actually won a Nobel Prize for it, thus proving ANYBODY can win a Nobel Prize in ANYTHING, whether or not he/she is any good at it. Taking 91% of the money earned removes INCENTIVE, just as socialism does. If you know 91% of what you earn will be stolen from you, you won’t bother to earn anything. The big problem is that politicians LISTEN to this kind of stupid advice. (The Blaze)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Scared Americans"

Obama says they’re “not thinking clearly BECAUSE they’re “afraid. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! They’re “thinking clearly” for the first time in years, now. And THAT’S why they’re afraid. They’re AFRAID because of what Obama has DONE to them, and will continue doing to them if we allow him to stay in office after 2012. It’s not because they’re “scared” they’re “not thinking clearly.” It WAS because they’re not paying attention. They thought they could ignore what con men like Obama did and it would be okay. It was not. So they have FINALLY “woken up” and are going to vote his henchmen out of office in 2010, and him in 2012. If they don’t, they will deserve what they get after that. (The Blaze)

Open Administration?

That’s what Obama promised. But as usual, his administration is FAR from “open.” Even his science czar thinks he doesn’t have to answer questions put to him by the press, people who SHOULD be representing us in asking members of this administration to “ 'splain themselves” about their thievery and other crimes against Americans. But they have their goons just push reporters away rather than answer a simple question. They obviously think they’re all better than us “peasants” and don’t have to answer our questions. They will be disabused of this notion in November. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Muslim Lovers?

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, who Ben Stein says “must be the biggest fool in the world right now,” is bound and determined that Muslims be allowed to build their mosque almost ON TOP of the site where Muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 innocent people, many of them CHILDREN. So does President Obama, who is at least as much of a fool as is Bloomberg. Would FDR have allowed the Japanese to build a monument to the “brave Japanese soldiers” right on top of the sunken Navy ships (that they sunk) at Pearl Harbor? He’d have been “Tarred and feathered” and run out of town on a rail if he had. I think we should do that to these two fools.

They SAY it’s “about religious tolerance.” It’s not. It’s about Muslims “crowing” about their “victory,” however accidental (they were just as surprised as we were when those buildings came down) it might have been. They ALWAYS build a mosque on the sites of their greatest victories to commemorate them for Muslims everywhere. This entire war is about religion: theirs. They want their religion to prevail over all others. They aren’t bashful about telling us they want to kill ALL “Infidels.” What are “Infidels?” That’s easy. Infidels are ANYBODY who does not believe the same way THEY do, and that includes other Muslims who don’t believe EVERYTHING that they believe in. (News Busters)

Carter Thinks He's "Superior"

He thinks he's a "superior" former president. What monumental ego this jerk has! He was the WORST president in memory (before Clinton and Obama) and the entire country heaved a sigh of relief when he was booted out of office after ONE term. Does building houses for people who can’t afford them make him better than anybody else? No. That’s about all he’s good for: free carpentry. He isn’t good enough at it to be paid for his work. This kind of thing just shows you how being president for even one term gives a politician a “swelled head.” (The Baze)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ONLY Muslim Terrorists?

Many people think only Muslim terrorists get so mad about things they threaten death to the authors of things that criticize them. Not so. A man paid an artist to do a billboard criticizing Brraacckk Obama and has received death threats. Obama speaks about “friendly discourse” but his friends aren’t so friendly. I’m just a blogger, but I’VE gotten death threats. It doesn’t bother me because the people who make such threats are wimps. Anybody who thinks about KILLING people because they disagree with them is a FOOL. (The Blaze)

Calling Obama A Liar

I get really tired of calling Obama a liar, but he tells so many lies, I could probably take a vacation if I tried to enumerate the number of times I could call him a “truthteller.” I can’t remember the last time he told the truth. He’ll look you right in the eye and lie to you while KNOWING you know the truth. “While President Barack Obama and other well-known figureheads of the Democratic Party are criticizing Republicans for allegedly benefiting from “foreign donations” to conservative interest groups, a new analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics has revealed that the Democratic Party has raised more than $1 million from political action committees affiliated with foreign companies — about twice as much as the $510,000 the GOP has received from PACs on the same list” His accusations about the Chamber of Commerce “accepting foreign money” are thus made ludicrous, especially since there is NO LAW AGAINST the Chamber taking foreign money as there is about POLITICIANS such as Obama doing it. (The Blaze)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What FOOLS They Be!

What kind of a fool demands we accept a “pig in a poke and thinks we'll accept it?” That’s what Nancy Peelosi and every Democrat who demanded the Congress pass Obama’s health care SWINDLE bill into law in order to “find out what’s in it” are. DAMN fools! And Congress was stupid enough to do it. They were AFRAID to tell us what’s in that bill because they KNEW we would not like it. Now it is LAW, and we’re finding our what’s in it, and we DON’T like it. We are going to “throw the bums out” in November, and good riddance to bad rubbish! Never have we had a bunch of members of Congress who are so stupid. Hopefully we never will again. (Breitbart)

Liberals Hate Religion

And Obama, like any good liberal politician, leaves out some of the most important words in the Declaration of Independence in a recent speech by misquoting the Declaration. He left out “by their Creator,” eliminating God from the picture, and “among these,” limiting the next phrase to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom.” Which I take to mean he wants to LIMIT our rights to those three; none other (if that much). Somebody ought to slap him silly for doing this, for it is almost sacrilegious to misquote the words of the Founding Fathers when quoting the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Where the hell does he get off misquoting the Founders? (The Blaze)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

DOJ "Cracking Down" on Ballot Cheats

The Justice Department is pretending it is “cracking down” on states who consistently missing the deadlines to send absentee ballots to military people overseas, and absentee ballot users everywhere. This is just the “tip of the iceberg,” when it comes to election cheating on the part of the very people who RUN the elections, most of whom are Democrats. For many years, the Democrats have “infiltrated” the machinery of the elections so they can “twist” the system in their favor at every turn. This is just one example. Others can be seen by clicking this link. (Verum Serum)

Bill Maher Is STUPID!

Somebody ought to zip up Bill Maher’s mouth because every time he opens it he reveals his abysmal stupidity. He talks about “bed-wetting Tea Partiers” and shows he knows nothing about anything he talks about. This man is a political imbecile and should be taken off the air. But he won’t be because the people he works for are as stupid as he is and they have a right to be stupid and display their stupidity to the world.. (The Blaze)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Swindler Cometh

Betsy Markey isn’t too bright, it seems. AlGore, author of the second biggest, multi-billion dollar swindle, the “Global Warming” swindle (Obama’s health care swindle is the biggest) is coming to town in her support, which ought to just about SINK her candidacy.. This swindle has made him a multi-billionaire and, in spite of the fact that it is now common knowledge the globe has NOT been “warming” since the first of this century, and human actions have NEVER been PROVABLY responsible for it. They even had to change its name to “climate change” to keep it going when this came out. He has used every scheme and scam he could to prop this swindle up, including saying eminent scientists who disagree with him “are not in the mainstream.” Who the hell is HE to declare WHO is in the “mainstream?” (Who Said, You Said)

Don't Tax Us In A Recession!

Liberals are apparently too stupid to realize that “The rich” are the SOURCE of ALL economic advances, as it is their INVESTMENTS that create the PROFITS that create the jobs for ALL of us. Taxing “the rich” excessively eliminates the INCENTIVE for the rich to INVEST their money in profit-making, jobs-creating projects. “The rich” and their investments are what keep this economy moving. Liberals and other imbecile politicians don’t understand that their actions are “killing the golden goose that lays the golden eggs.” If they keep it up, soon there will BE no more money left for them to scam out of us, especially if Obama keeps spending it like water. We need to WAKE UP these economically stupid politicians before they destroy us. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Obama Doctrine" Destroyed At U. N.

The “Obama Doctrine” is to appease Iran in every way he can. But that is becoming more and more impossible as Ahmadinijerk goes before the UN, which is an international body made up of dictators and other killers, and accuses America of being “complicit” in the 9/11 outrage which was planned and carried out by Islamic terrorists. Soon Obama is going to have to admit that Iran is just another Islamic state, run by a crazy man who is, himself, a terrorist (he was SEEN among the men who kidnapped American diplomats in Iran). Someone who must be DEFEATED in every way. Obama THINKS he can “talk to” Islamic terrorists, but he can’t. They want ONE THING; the death of ALL “Infidels” (Infidels being ANYBODY who does not believe exactly the same way THEY do). They are NOT amenable to reason. There is NO WAY we can “talk sense” to crazy people, and it is time Obama learned that. (News Max)

Practicing Their Religion

Obama said he supports everybody’s right to practice their religion when asked about the plan to place a mosque practically on the GRAVES of 2,700 people murdered by Muslim extremists (something Muslims are known to do when they have a victory, even if it was accidental), But this is not the first time people have been forced to forgo tenets of their religion. Utah was refused statehood until they placed a constitutional prohibition on their religious practice of polygamy. Yes, I know, we don’t like polygamy. But that’s not the point. We don’t like Muslims “dancing on the graves” of their American victims, either.

Yes, they have a RIGHT to put that mosque there. But does that make it RIGHT? There have been many times in the past (and present) where religious rights have been trampled in this country in the name of “separation of church and state,” words that do NOT appear in the Constitution, but which today’s politicians treat as if it does, while MISdefining it to mean “nothing about religion can be placed wherever there is government property.” Does that preacher in Florida have a RIGHT to burn Korans? Yes. Is it right for him to do so? NO. No more than it is right for Muslims to put a mosque at "Ground Zero." (American Vision)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is "Oath-Keepers" A MIlitia?

Not at all. All they do is insist the people who are SUPPOSED to be protecting us KEEP the oath they took to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Nothing more. They SAY they have been known to buy deadly weapons, among them a rifle, handgun, and a taser. First of all, the purchase of a weapon is a right GUARANTEED by the Constitution; second, a “taser” is NOT a “deadly weapon. It is a Trade Mark of ONE company that makes and sells stun guns. This shows the sloppiness with which these people write their “legal documents.” Third, this is not the first time a child has been taken with spurious reasons that are “upheld” by the “captive courts” of the “child protectors.” It has happened many times, and will happen many times again. They will decide what organizations are “subversive” whether or not it is true. They will LABEL such organizations with spurious accusations and call them what they are NOT, such as “a militia.” (Oath Keepers)

200 More Jobs Lost

The last plant making incandescent bulbs in the United States closed recently, throwing the 200 workers charged with making these long-made staple items to lose their jobs. The liberals promised to “create” more jobs, yet everything they do seems to COST us jobs. What is WRONG with these people? This plant closed because of a bunch of frightened liberals acting to counter an IMAGINED problem that is, in reality, a CON. AlGore's billion dollar SWINDLE. Like many other things the liberals do. For my part I am buying up as many of these bulbs as I can, and will IMPORT them if I have to, to keep from ever being FORCED to use those ecologically dangerous, mercury-containing curly fluorescent bulbs they’re trying to force on me. I do have to say this wasn't a liberal president who signed the bill banning incandescent bulbs. This CAN be blamed on Bush, but the law was PASSED by a liberal (Democrat)-controlled Congress. (Washington Post)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

AlGore's Desperate

His “climate change” swindle is going to hell in a handbasket, right before his eyes and he sees the money stream slowing to a trickle because people are starting to recognize it’s a con; a scam; a swindle. When he had to change the very name of his swindle to “climate change” (when it was found his claims of global warming to be false) in order to keep on pulling in the bucks, it all started to go to hell. Now he’s having ads run showing a child with a noose around her neck, standing on a melting iceberg (a disproven "problem"). This guy will do ANYTHING to keep his swindle going. Even the PRESIDENT has “bought” his swindle and is making LAWS to force others, who don’t believe this crap, to “live green.”

He even wants to make people “take a green pledge,” which is basically a pledge to do everything they can to “save energy” that doesn’t need saving. They’re even talking about a law to force power companies to tell the government how much energy you use so they can “talk to you” about it. How long do you think it will be before you’re subject to a FINE if you use too much? Of course, I don’t think Obama believes this crap for a moment. But pretending he does is a good way to get more money and power out of us, so he does it. (The Blaze)

Why Is He Surprised?

A Muslim student finds a FBI tracking device attached to his car. Why is he surprised? Apparently they have more to be suspicious about than the simple fact that he is Muslim. There are way too many Muslims in this country for them to be tracking all of them, not to mention no real reason to do so. The ACLU says they’ve “been looking for such a case.” They want to “throw lawyers at it.” The ACLU would be better used in REAL privacy cases rather than make it harder for our authorities to keep track of Muslims who are on their “watch lists,” as this man was. Seems to me the ACLU is more interested in the privacy of Muslims than in the safety of Americans. Maybe there are some charges that can be brought against THEM for their pattern of harassment of people who are trying to keep us alive and free. Maybe he’s innocent. The FBI seems to think so. If he had not found the device, no harm, no foul. The FBI would have come and got their device and nobody would have been any the wiser. If he had had contact with Muslim terrorists, they would know about it, and probably save some lives. (The Blaze)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

He's So Cocky It's Funny

The audacity of Ahmadinijerk amazes me. He’s now saying America wants to learn Iran's nuclear secrets, but he has “cracked down” on his nuclear workers and “put a stop to the spying.” Probably killed a few scapegoats. We’re so far ahead of Iran on nuclear information there is nothing we’d want to know from him. In fact, it’s just the other way around. His people are trying hard to learn OUR “nuclear secrets, with no luck at all. He really thinks people BELIEVE his audacious lies. His “nuclear secrets” are so far behind times it’s funny that he actually thinks we would be interested in spying on him (If true, and that's doubtful). If he ever gets a nuclear device and uses it, his country will quickly become a steaming pile of excrement. He will only have one to use and when he does, he's gone. We have many and the means to deliver them. (Just common sense)

Another Gulf Oil Leak! Panic!

Look for Obama to make a “big thing” out of the latest explosion of an oil rig in the Gulf, saying, “Twice in one year, just too dangerous!” Some small differences here though: no deaths, it’s in shallow water, so there will not be much leakage; it’s not a drilling operation. But look for Obama to play it for all its worth to put the oil industry in a bad light. He has already promised to bankrupt the coal industry, so why not the oil industry, too. If the destruction of the American economy is his goal—and I think it is—this is “made-to-order.” (Hot Air)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ignorant People Shouldn't Vote

Because people ignorant of politics still have the right to vote on who sits in the White House, and everywhere else in our government, we now have a dedicated, radical socialist with communist friends that he has appointed to high, powerful office (Van Jones, ADMITTED communist), a domestic terrorist who is his close, personal friend and says he’s “sorry we didn’t do more bombing," and many other radical socialists. All because people IGNORANT of politics still get to vote. I say they should be made to PROVE they have kept up on politics BEFORE they are allowed to vote. Of course, that’s never going to happen because our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, DEPEND on their ignorance to stay in power. (Just common sense)

Obama's "Tax Cuts"

They’re always talking about them, but in reality, they don’t exist. What they are is “targeted tax rebates.” Basically they’re saying, “If you follow orders, we’ll let you keep a little more of the money you earned. Bush’s and Reagan’s tax cuts were REALLY tax cuts. They cut the basic rate at which we were taxed, and until the Democrats brought it back up over the years, cut it from 70 some percent down to 28%. Reagan’s created the biggest, longest-lasting economic boom in history while nearly DOUBLING the “tax take.” Bush’s continued the boom and ALSO increased the “tax take,” though not as much. Ever since Obama came into office, taxes have been going up apace, right along with the “give-aways.” Obama just doesn't realize that increasing taxes in a recession (even if he created it to get elected) will only make things worse. Or does he? Is making it worse part of his plan? (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monitoring Your Power Use

The liberals in Washington are trying to make a law forcing power companies to report your power use to them so they can “talk to you” if you use too much. Do you think they will just ‘”talk to you” down the road? “Global warming” (now known as “climate change” after the original swindle was exposed) is a swindle in the first place. And your power usage is none of their business. Meanwhile, if many people are intimidated into using less power, the power companies will raise your rates because of “lower power usage,” as Denver Water Company did (and other water providers nationwide did) after spending a lot of money to reduce WATER usage. The depths of stupidity among those running things amazes me. (Just common sense)

Hate Speech

Liberals are going on and on about the “hate speech” at Glenn Beck’s “8/28” meeting in Washington, which pulled more than 300,000 people and frightened the liberals mightily. So mightily they’re now scheduling their own meeting (it happened on 10/2 and got a trickle of attendees), just before the election, saying they will draw more than he did. (hee,hee!) They’re saying Glenn and others uttered much “hate speech.” Such as “We need to love God” and “We need to have a personal relationship with God.” You know, that kind of hate speech. They SAY it will not be about politics. But the very selection of a date just before the election tells me they’re lying, as usual. The video linked below is a collection of “quick cuts” of Glenn saying something else, but which were cut to make it look like he was committing “hate speech,” At least, their definition of hate speech. Notice the sound in the video doesn’t seem to match the mouth movements in the video. I wonder why that is? Hmmm? (Ledaro)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Liberals Scared to Death

The “Tea Party” has frightened liberals so much that’s all they can talk about. Ultra liberal has-been singer Harry Belafonte says “Tea Parties” are close to pulling off their nefarious scheme.” WHAT “nefarious scheme?” Demanding smaller government? Demanding we stop spending more money than there IS? Pushing to throw out all those liberal Democrats OR Republicans who voted with Obama on his efforts to make this into a socialist nation? (If you don’t know what socialism is and why it is bad for us, you’d better learn, and quick)? The “Tea Party” is not an organization. It is just a name given to the people (like me) who have had it up to here with Obama and his crowd and are going to vote all his accomplices out of office, and then HIM in 2012. If that’s a “nefarious scheme,” I’ll take it. (The Blaze)

Matthews Has Orgasm Over Obama

He said he had a “tingle up his leg” over Bill Clinton, thus showing his complete ignorance, and that he should not be trying to lie to Americans. But even after that outrageous claim, he kept his job. I guess because his bosses mostly feel the same way. Now he’s doing it again, saying Obama is a “perfect president.” He didn’t use the “tingle” word this time, maybe because he got such big laughs last time. But you can tell the very thought of Obama gives him an orgasm. Maybe he should try to get Queen Michelle to divorce Obama so he can marry him. (News Busters)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teamsters President "Orders" Members to Go to Rally

Apparently, Teamsters are “slave labor” now, who can be “ordered” to attend meetings at will. The Teamsters president probably thinks they should be paid their regular hourly wage to go to this meeting, too. Let’s be clear: I don’t KNOW that to be true, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it were. I’m getting very tired of people like this, who have a small sphere of power and push it to the limit. This guy’s just a “small banana,” but he’s acting like he’s a king. They’ll probably call me a racist because of this, since he’s a black man. But I judge people as individuals and I judge this individual to be an overbearing man who thinks he can order union members around. My opinion would be the same if he were GREEN, or purple with pink polka-dots. Liberals can call me what they want. The opinions of liberals just don’t concern me. (The Blaze)

"Overwhelmingly White"

Boy are the liberals worried about white/black relations. Conservatives have other things to worry about, and they bring blacks and Hispanics (and anybody else who wishes to come along) right along with them. The left media doesn’t notice the black faces in the crowd at conservative gatherings because they don’t want to see them. Then they write stories with titles like this: “Overwhelmingly White Conservative Rally,” which is a lie, and they know it. But they don’t care about that. They just want to paint conservatives as racists, just like the White House has ordered. They want us to forget that all the “racist upheaval” of the past was against LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. That LIBERALS were the CREATORS of the KKK, and helped them reorganize after a REPUBLICAN made a law banning them. What a bunch of HYPOCRITES! (News Busters)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taxing the Rich

Taxing the rich is so obviously counterproductive (wrong) I can’t see why those supposedly “smart” people in Washington can’t see it. But they don’t. The rich have the most money there is (outside that stolen from them by the government). They provide ALL the jobs and profits for the rest of us. Without their investment of their money, there would BE no jobs, for ANYBODY. And there would be no profits to be made by anybody. Thus no taxable income. Without taxable income the government itself would go broke. Yet they continue to tax the rich at higher rates than any other group so they have less investable income to invest in jobs-creating, PROFIT-creating projects. Are these people daft? They want to promote socialism, and this is the way to do it. Cripple the very people who are CREATING the jobs and profits in a capitalistic society. One that has made this country the envy of the world and the destination of choice for most immigrants, legal and illegal.

What the hell is WRONG with these people? Socialism has failed miserably every time it has been tried. Cuba, which has lived under socialism (communism) for the last fifty years, is now suffering SHORTAGES of the things (sugar and coffee) they once exported to the world; their cigars, once vaunted as the best there is, are now WAY down on the list of quality cigars. Nobody even wants to illegally import them any more. All because of communism. Even CASTRO says “communism is not even working for US.” Yet Obama and his accomplices still want to “share the wealth” around and emulate European communism (socialism) which is failing NOW. The entire government of Soviet Russia collapsed because of it. Many governments in Europe now are suffering from it. Why do people keep pushing it? I just don't understand these people. (John Stossel/Atlasphere)

To Shut Fox Down

That’s the wish of this web site. Liberals can’t answer a single thing Fox says. So they want to get rid of it. They're deathly AFRAID of it. They say it “spews poison and lies,” but they strangely can’t come up with any examples. They normally make such “pronouncements” without anything to back it up. That’s how they operate. Tell lies, without any examples to back up their words. Repeat it over and over, hoping people will begin to believe it. They say you should put up a sign saying your house or business is “Fox Free.” Instead, I’m going to put one up saying my house is “CNN Free.” (Politics Daily)