Friday, September 29, 2017

A Pig for Islam

There's a company in Iowa that is producing a line of ammunition that is covered in pig. I don't know if it is just DIPPED in pig blood or dropped in a vat of pig meat. But any Islamic terrorists shot with one of these bullets will NOT get his 72 virgins, but will be sent to hell. So he will be killed TWICE. This will probably make this company a target for Islamic terrorists--but maybe not, if they keep guns loaded with their own product. Islamic terrorists will be terrified to get killed attacking them. I've been suggesting this for a long time. Soldiers fighting Islamic terrorists should dip their bullets in pig's blood or pig parts before going to war. Thus will disrupt the terrorists a lot, since coming into contact with pork scares the hell out of them. But that's okay--if they get shot with one of those bullets, it'll put the hell back in them. It's really funny how easily you can defeat such ignorant people as these Islamic terrorists, just by feeding one of their terrors. Such things are ignorance personified, but they are very real to ignorant people who have been taught, from birth, to fear pork. (Keep and Bear)

Liberals Celebrate A Fool

Colin Kaepernick is a fool. He demonstrates it every time he refuses to stand when the Narional Anthem is played. He's too stupid to realize that he is protesting the anthem to the only thing that ALLOWS him to be stupid, the Constitution of the United States of America. He, and all those fools who celebrate his action in refusing to stand for the Anthem should get on an airplane and go to a country like Russia, or Venezuela, N. Korea, or Cuba, where they would feel more comfortable. But they'd better be ready for it if they refuse to respect THEIR flag, and anthem. If they do, they'll quickly end up in a jail cell, or maybe even before a firing squad after months of torture, Kaepernick, apparently, has been listening to the bulldung put out by the liberals, who think this country was wrongly created, and that the Constitution has no meaning. The NFL should FIRE each and every one of their players who make a spectacle of themselves by refusing to stand for the National Anthem, thereby disrespecting the anthem representing our flag, and the Constitution. The GOVERNMENT is bound by the Constitution, and cannot act against them for it, but the NFL is NOT, and can. Anybody who disrespects the National Anthem, and thereby this country, should be SHUNNED everywhere they go. (USA Today Sports)

Befuddled Thinking

The mayor of Milwaukee thinks passing "constitutional carry" would "flood the streets with more guns, and we don't need more guns on the streets." Wow! Just where does he think all those guns will be coming from? Passing it would simply allow the law-abiding to have guns to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals and other bad guys. It would NOT increase the number of guns out there, only the hands in which they reside. Bad guys do not register their guns, nor do they buy them legally, as a rule. Yes, there are a few fools who haven't YET committed a crime who can still buy a gun legally--until they use it in a crime--but, as a rule, those with crime in mind get their guns illegally, or just steal them. So concealed carry would not significantly INCREASE the number of guns out there. It would just give the law-abiding an equal chance against the illegal guns. (Keep and Bear)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

"Don't Attend the Game"

One arrogant NFL player sneers, "If you don't like us not standing for the National Anthem, just don't come to the game." Apparently, he doesn't know on which side his bread is buttered, and if I was his team owner I would have him benched for life. If he gets paid by the number of games he plays in, so be it. When his renewal came up, I'd offer him $100.00 a week, and if he refused, he could go wherever he pleased, otherwise. Or I would have made a rule saying if he didn't stand for the National Anthem it would be A termination offense because he is causing me to lose more than he is worth. I would not be violating his freedom of speech, because he is hurting my business by not standing, and he is, in the final analysis, an EMPLOYEE, who is subject to the employment rules I make. Only the government is bound by the Constitution not to penalize him. I am not. And I would penalize him everywhere I could. And for future players there would be a "catch-all clause" in their contracts saying if they did ANYTHING to damage the team, they could be summarily fired. (American Thinker)

Special Kind Of Stupid

The Dumocrats not only don't know how to win elections honestly, almost everything they do, or propose doing is AGAINST what the American people wish. One of those recent campaigns was the campaign to allow MEN to enter women's rest rooms and changing rooms if they thought they were a woman today. frankly, who the hell CARES if he has to hide the fact he has a penis when he sneaks into their restrooms? They treat it as if it were a thing of interest to MASSIVE numbers of people. But in fact, transgenders only represent .06% of the population. Nobody else CARES. And frankly, the whole issue has infuriated men whose DAUGHTERS, wives, and other female relatives thought they were safe from prying male eyes there. And those people will vote AGAINST Dumocrats. And that's just ONE of their silly proposals. another is their tendency to "coddle" Muslims and do everything they demand, if they have to go to courts run by liberals to accomplish it. Then there's the fact that only the lazy will vote for their socialistic policies. (Business Insider)

Gun Grabber Has Gun

Camiella Williams hates guns. She had been an anti-gun fool for a long time, since she has lost several family members to gun violence. And the rhetoric put out by other fools is what she hears, all the time, so she "bought" it, and became an anti-gun fool herself. But that isn't completely true. she got her first gun at age 12 (which was illegal because she was underage), and has been a gun owner ever since. Meanwhile, she worked hard to keep everybody ELSE from having a gun for self defense. This is getting to be a pattern for anti-gun fools. Work to disarm everybody, while owning their own guns. Sen. Feinstein, one of the loudest anti-gun fools, goes about surrounded by armed security. And even that is not enough. She has her own gun, and a "carry permit." This is typical liberal hypocritical behavior. There was once a liberal columnist who was an avid anti-gun fool, who revealed his hypocrisy by taking a shot at a teenager he found using his pool without permission. This is becoming so common, it's not even unusual, any more, for an anti-gun fool to quietly own his own guns while opposing that right for others. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Biggest Swindle Ever!

I used to think it was global warming. I was wrong. It's Obamacare. They told us it would REDUCE the cost of health care insurance; it DOUBLED it, and in some places, it TRIPLED it. And the thousand dollar deductibles made it USELESS as insurance. The "rules" made it impossible. Like the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions that took it out of the realm of insurance and made it into WELFARE. Obamacare has so screwed up the medical profession, it may never recover. The numbers of students wanting to become doctors has dropped dramatically, and we will soon be faced with a SHORTAGE of doctors, which will no doubt lead to the government telling you what doctor you can have, if any--their decision, not yours. Nameless, faceless bureaucrats have been given the right to decide what medical procedures you may have, not you--or who may live or die. and that's just the start. Wait until the politicians and bureaucrats get the time to screw it up further. Their meddling WILL further screw it up, count on it. Schumer says, "We want to work with the Republicans to make health care better." Maybe they should have thought of that while they were screwing it up. the best thing they can do to make it better is to get out of the way and let the professionals in medicine do it. (Just common sense)

Was Manafort Set Up?

There was no reason for a pre-dawn raid with guns drawn on the former Trump campaign manager. There was noting in his belongings that showed ANY proof of the "Russian connection" Mueller was appointed to "investigate." If there had been, they would have been "shouting it from the rooftop" by now. There was no reason for the goons who picked the locks on Manafort's door, OR to stand his wife up in her nightie and run their hands over her body. They could have just knocked, and he'd have let them in. Were they hoping he would come out with a gun in his hand so they could kill him? And searching his wife: did they think she kept an Uzi in her nightgown? This is the kind of thing done by a tyrant, which is what Mueller is becoming. He was appointed to investigate one thing. But now he has "widened" his "investigation" to ten years ago, and Trump's business practices, which is way beyond what he was appointed to do. He's "out to get" Trump, and he will not be satisfied until he finds something, ANYTHING, with which to beat Trump over the head. (MSN News)

They Don't Reduce Crime

As is noted in the linked article, gun buybacks get many headlines, but do NOTHING to reduce crime. In fact, they give the "bad guys" an opportunity to get money to buy NEW guns, by turning over old, unreliable guns to get money to buy new ones that are reliable to use in their crimes. They steal cheap guns, then sell them to the cops (or whatever gullible people are running the buyback). The cops get nice pictures of piles of guns, most of them inoperable, for the local papers, and crime continues, unabated. The cops pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves on "getting x number of guns off the street." Meanwhile, the crooks use the money THEY provided to get new guns. They have to know this, but it doesn't even slow them down in their quest to disarm the law-abiding. The "authorities" admit it makes no difference, but it's an "easy thing to do" and the public demands it. Not a good reason to waste time, money, and effort, but they do it, anyway. (The Buffalo News)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Lie of Police Racism

Players in the NFL are refusing to stand for the National Anthem because they think America is intrinsically racist, and the cops moreso. People are being pressured to support, and admit to, a LIE. The lie that cops are intrinsically racist CANNOT be supported by facts. It's a "flight of fancy" on their part. It amounts to people who are multi-millionaires under this system protesting the "unfairness" of the system. These people who have all BENEFITTED by this system telling us this system is racist, and wrong. And if you disagree, you're a racist. That's always their play. If you disagree with ANYTHING they push, you're a racist. They can't prove it, but they confidently SAY it. That's how liberals operate. Push a LIE, and accuse those who disagree of racism. They're now blaming Trump for "causing a division," while it is THEY who caused division by their actions, and those who disagree are NOT "causing division," they are. (Patriot Post)

Clarlottesville A Put-Up Job?

Was the whole thing in in Charlottesville a put-up job, designed to convince us that the Dumocrats were, in fact, against slavery? The whole thing was supposed to be the nasty ol' Nazis and the racist KKK against those "nice boys" of the Antifa gang. The only problem is that the whole thing was organized by the white supremacist organizer, Jason Kessler, who is an "Obama guy" and an "Occupy Wall Street" guy. Liberal all the way. Intelligent people know that Nazis and the KKK are NOT "right-wingers," but were both created, in this country, by the liberals (Dumocrats). So why are they fighting the "Antifa gang," who are ALSO left-wingers? It's supposed to be the liberals against the "white supremacists," since Antifa is supposed to be against Facism, while they PRACTICE Fascism themselves. Liberals are pushing the white supremacy on the right for all they're worth. Only problem is, the white supremacy and racism is, and has been, on the left, from the beginning. Hitler designed his Nazis after the KKK, and admitted it to some of our "American scholars," proudly. And this riot is absolutely the kind of thing the liberals are famous for. Then there's the added bonus of painting Trump as a racist--again. (American Thinker)

Gun Control Is Stupid!

It's amazing to me that an entire group of people can remain as STUPID as are the anti-gun fools! They have to know that not a single one of their laws work, and that they even INCREASE gun crime by disarming the law-abiding and making them "sitting ducks" for those who do not obey their laws. But they use every instance of a mass shooting (or any kind of a shooting, even a NON-shooting) to advance their silly goals. If somebody takes a KNIFE, or a BAT, or any other weapon and hurts people with it, they clamor for more of the same stupid laws they KNOW don't work. I'm beginning to believe their purpose is NOT to "stem gun violence," but to make the law-abiding helpless when THEY come to take what's theirs. They don't want any of their agents falling victim to an armed citizen when they come after their property. And they HAVE done so in the past. I remember fully the story of a rancher whose property a sheriff coveted for a new sheriff's station. He wouldn't sell, so they phonied up some "drug charges" and raided him in the early morning. He didn't know what was happening, and came out with a gun in his hand. so they killed him, and bought the ranch for a song from his grieving widow. It seems to me that's what they're after. (Just common sense)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Statement: "I'm Stupid!"

Colin Kaepernick refused to stand up while they played the National anthem at football games to make a statement. But the only statement he was able to make is, "I'm STUPID!" I've BOUGHT all the bullcrap the liberals and racists on the left has fed me. Therefore, I think America is intrinsically racist and otherwise bigoted. It is NOT. I've put my multi-million dollar career as a football player in jeopardy with my stupidity. I've inspired other stupid players to make the same statement. My actions, and the lack of action on the part of my employers have cost my employers to LOSE $200 million dollars in revenue, and they are not long going to put up with that. They're going to banish me to the ranks of the has-beens and sometime soon I'll be working a minimum wage job, wishing I'd have kept my "kneeling" to myself. The GOVERNMENT can't touch me, although the president himself, has "chimed in." But football CAN. And has, where I am concerned. There is not a team that will touch me with a 10-foot pole. And I did it to myself. Yes, I have a RIGHT to do what I did without government action against me. I have the inalienable right to be STUPID, and I have exercised that right. I just hope I survive my stupidity. (Just common sense)

Obsessed With Racism

The Dumocrats look at everything as it affects racism. They call anybody who disagrees with ANYTHING they propose a racist, or bigot, or something else just as damned fool. They are so obsessed with race they find racism in the most innocent words or actions, where it is NOT. If what they are looking at is not racist, they twist things to MAKE it racism. That's really funny when you consider that the Dumocrats were the AUTHORS of racism in this country. Dumocrats made all the laws that CREATED racism in the South, and elsewhere. The people and policies Martin Luther King demonstrated against, and died to oppose were Dumocrats. Bull Connor and the other "Jim Crow racists" were ALL Dumocrats. The Dumocrats FILIBUSTERED AGAINST The Equal Rights Amendment, while the Republicans SUPPORTED it. So it is ludicrous that they claim that the Republicans are the "racist party." They are still the racists in this country. they've just changed their aim and their tactics to INFLAME race hatred among black people who HAVE suffered abuse--in the PAST. Don't buy their racist bullcrap. (Just common sense)

Wrong Again (As Usual)

In Dallas County, a judge thinks if he ASKS a known wife/girlfriend abuser to turn in his guns, he'll do it. There's no way to be sure he does it, and he can ignore the judge and keep his guns. So if he wants to use them on his wife or girlfriend, he can. How many men who want to do violence OBEY the laws that say they can't do it with a gun? And how many guys who DO give up their guns use other means to hurt their women? As with other anti-gun fool laws, it DEPENDS on lawbreakers to OBEY their law. They call them lawbreakers for a REASON. They BREAK laws. So how does this judge (and his political friends) think this law will do a BIT of good? Of course, it won't. But will they notice? Probably not. they're not intelligent enough to SEE that it won't, so they will probably make excuses when it doesn't, and then make even more USELESS laws. That's their pattern. Take guns away from as many law-abiding people as possible, leaving the ILLEGALLY-armed people to victimize them. (Dallas News)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Trump Headed for War?

That's the question being asked by the fools who already hate Trump, as Trump RESPONDS to the nuclear prodding by N. Korea. The question should be, "Is KIM headed for war?" It is not Trump trying to be a bully, it is Kim Jung Un. He is TRYING to be a bully, but he just isn't big enough. He has been kicking at our ankles for many years, ASKING to be "slapped down," and we need to do it before he gets the capability to hit one of our cities with the nukes he insists on trying to perfect, against the wishes of the entire world, including his biggest ally, China. Nothing is ever said by the liberals in our society about KIM'S "provocations," and they are many. If he ever succeeds in getting a working nuke, he will be able to kill a LOT of people before Trump can "slap him off his high horse." If a bunch of people are going to die, we would rather it be N. Koreans, though we would really rather it be NONE. That's the only thing that has kept us from punching this pretend bully in the nose before this. When you read the linked article, remember this is one of the liberal outlets, and they work very hard to TWIST the facts to make Trump look bad. It's what they do. Example: they say they don't know what started this "feud." completely ignoring Kim's constant prodding and threats (Political Haze)

The Party of Racism!

It's the Republicans, right? WRONG! It is the DUMOCRATS! Bull Connor, the man at the forefront of the racism that Martin Luther King was fighting was a Dumocrat. The Dumocrats STARTED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to be their violent arm and to keep the black race down as long as they could. It is Dumocrat politicians who passed the laws that KEPT them down. They fought, "tooth and nail" AGAINST the Civil Rights Act, and even FILIBUSTERED it. The Republicans are the party of emancipation. They SHUT DOWN the Klan, and fought racism down through history. Liberals want you to believe the Nazis were "right-wingers" because they fought the Russians and communism. Not a chance! Their system differed from communism only cosmetically. They are BOTH socialist (collectivist) systems, and socialist was part of the names of both the Nazis and the Soviet Union. Even some Republicans believe that bulldung that the racist party is the GOP. (Just common sense)

Baby Tantrum!

Hillary Clinton is in the middle of a "baby tantrum." "I didn't win! I didn't win! So I'm going to lie down on the floor and kick my feet while I hold my breath until they make me president!" Her new book blames everybody but herself, including the "Russian intervention" into our election, and Trump's unproven "collusion" with it. They've spent, so far, six months since the election, searching under every rock for evidence of that collusion, and have found NOTHING. But does that stop them? NO. Hillary just can't accept the fact that enough of the country wants NOTHING to do with what she would bring to the presidency, that they REJECTED her. She thinks it just HAS to be "collusion," somewhere. The "Mueller Bunch" is MADE UP of liberal Trump-haters who are DEDICATED to "bringing Trump down," anyway they can--and they have subpoena powers to use in their efforts to destroy Trump. It's a sad example of bad government. (Yahoo News)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ignorant Socialists (Liberals)

The liberals (socialists) keep harping on a $15.00 an hour minimum wage rate, and such things as a minimum paycheck for people, whether they work or not. Ideas DESIGNED to bankrupt this nation. What the hell is wrong with them? Are they STUPID? Or just IGNORANT? To pay people only WORTH $5.00 an hour $15.00 an hour for work they have to be TAUGHT to do, even if it is the simplest job in the world, guarantees financial SUICIDE for any business that does it. It CAUSES unemployment, because NO businessperson with any intelligence can pay that much to employ inexperienced workers just entering the work force. And to pay people a minimum check regularly REMOVES any incentive to work, at all--which guarantees that soon there will BE no "workers" to PAY $15.00 an hour. And who gets to pay for all this largess? YOU, of course. And ME. The people who DO work. They LOVE giving away other people's money, whether or not they can afford it--which shows a certain LACK of intelligence on their part. (Just common sense)

Banning Guns From Rallies

In West Hartford, CT, they want to make it illegal to carry a gun into a political rally because that would "destroy the First Amendment freedom of speech. Never mind the SECOND Amendment, of course. They don't agree with that one. And they really think banning guns by law from such meetings will keep the "bad guys" from bringing their guns in, anyway. In reality (which they don't understand), such a ban works right into the hands of those who want to shoot up such rallies because they can be pretty sure law-abiding people won't be armed there, and thus will be "sitting ducks." The logic (or lack of it) on then part of the anti-gun fools is stupendous! They really think making yourself DEFENSELESS is the way to "gun safety." It's the same kind of thinking that's behind "disarmament agreements" on the part of nations. The "rogue nations" willingly sign their agreements, knowing that means WE will disarm ourselves and make ourselves defenseless against their inroads. (West Hartford News)

He's Getting It Right

Unlike several other victims of (and relatives of victims of) gun violence, he isn't out there trying to disarm everybody. He's campaigning AGAINST anti-gun laws, since they're a USELESS exercise, anyway. Most mass shooters either don't get their guns legally, or they haven't yet committed a crime so they can easily pass those highly vaunted “background checks.” Claude Colgan's sister was killed in the “Montreal Massacre,” which preceded Columbine by many years. He's against laws that only punish the law abiding while doing NOTHING to reduce gun crime. I also understand that a Columbine survivor is now a Colorado lawmaker and is staunchly pro-gun. That these people are more intelligent than some others, like the “Brady Bunch” and “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) is obvious. Taking guns away from law-abiding people is STUPID. But don't try and tell that to anti-gun fools. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. (PJ Media)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Socialist Party

The Dumocrat Party might as well admit it, and change their name to the Socialist Party of America. Everything they are proposing today is a socialist position. They think we're too dumb to see it, and they're right, for the most part. They want to FORCE private business to do something that will, if they do it, bankrupt them. They want to IMPOSE a $15.00 per hour MINIMUM wage for burger flippers and other simple jobs. I remember when I aspired to that wage as a skilled worker. The people now getting minimum wage are usually just entering the work force, and have to be extensively trained to do the simplest tasks. They're not WORTH $15.00 an hour! They want to pay people for NOT working! They want to give everybody a paycheck, just for being BORN. Nothing would do more to take away ANY remaining incentive to work for those who just want to live at someone else's expense. Then they want to pay college tuition so people won't have to pay the exorbitant tuitions they created by their socialist policies to train people for the jobs they will have no incentive to take. They want to pay for "school lunches for all three meals, with YOUR money. Forgetting entirely that soon there will be nobody working because they're being paid NOT to work. The one thing they never talk about is WHO is paying for all this when nobody finds the INITIATIVE to bother, since they're being paid, anyway. (Just common sense)

Imbecile Professors

I can't think of anything more STUPID than a professor wearing a bullet-proof vest to class, "because of the possibility one of his students might be carrying a gun to school for self defense against all the students who ARE carrying guns, ILLEGALLY. But that's something, in his/her "wisdom," they completely ignore. They think they're "making a statement" by doing so. And they're right. They're hollering out loud, "I'm STUPID!" They really think that, because getting a legal gun is difficult, they are safe from all the ILLEGAL guns already hidden on the students. In reality, if students LEGALLY owning and carrying a gun are there, it will be a lot safer for them if one of those students carrying an ILLEGAL gun decides to shoot the place up. That legally-armed student can quickly put a couple in the head of that shooter before he/she can kill that professor. This is something he/she completely ignores in his/her IGNORANCE. (Bearing Arms)

"Making Children Into Killers"

Proving their ignorance yet again, the anti-gun fools are telling us we should never allow our children to play with squirt guns because it makes KILLERS out of them. As with most of their ignorant statements, they have no real basis for that, except for their hatred of guns, in any form. They even hate POP TARTS shaped like guns, or a child's FINGER used as a gun to play “cops and robbers.” They're so frightened of guns in the hands of anybody but the COPS, they dirty their pants every time they even HEAR about a gun. They see a PICTURE of a gun and they cower, To think squirt guns make killers out of kids is complete HYSTERIA. But then, they (just don't see how that makes them look like the FOOLS they are. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Socialism Flat Doesn't Work!

I can see why, in spite of that, socialism persists in many places. We will always have with us, people who simply want to live at the expense of others, without doing any work, themselves. People who want to "ride in the wagon" without taking a turn pushing it. Socialism is being tried, in many different places, and SEEMS to be successful--for a while, anyway. But it never lasts, as they found out in Soviet Russia, and are fast learning in Venezuela, right now. It didn't work in Cuba, which is "hanging on by its fingernails" after its chief financier, Russia's socialist system, collapsed, and the money flow stopped with it. They explain such losses as "socialism not being fully implemented," but that's just backward. As Trump said at the UN, socialism HAS been "fully implemented," and that's the problem, Socialism is but one form of collectivism. Others are communism, Fascism, progressivism, and many other names.

Collectivism creates NO new wealth. It makes NO profit. It just SUCKS part of the profit earned by those who, in spite of all odds, still produce new wealth, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, produce no wealth. It DEPENDS on such people (the producers), while attempting to demonize them for doing it. The free market is the sole reason that the United States has surpassed, in less than 300 years, societies that have been around for THOUSANDS of years. It is the reason people from all over the world who want to better themselves, "move Heaven and Earth" to come here to practice it, while criticizing it roundly. They just don't understand that the free market is THE reason for our wealth--not the THEFT of goods from people who have none, as socialists insist. Socialism will always exist because those who want to live at the expense of others will always exist. But we must see them for what they are and vanquish them if we are to survive as a free nation. (Just common sense)

Didn't Make A Dent

In Chicago, which, with some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, they confiscated 118 guns from just one gang, and it didn't make a dent in the “gun problem” in Chicago. They put more than a thousand more cops on the streets and that didn't help, either. All these guns were ILLEGALLY owned, but they don't talk about that. They just want to disarm honest, law-abiding folks to make it easier for the owners of ILLEGAL guns to victimize them. With all this activity, still 6 people were killed, and 44 wounded over the Memorial Day weekend. To say that what they're doing is unsuccessful would be an exercise in understatement. (Guns)

Gun-Grabbers spouting Lies

It's all they have. They can't tell the truth and advance their efforts to violate the Constitution's Second Amendment. The police chief AND the district attorney in Los Angeles collaborated for an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times recently, in which they told us that universal concealed carry would make policing much harder. Which ignores completely the FACTS. Between 2007 and 2015, concealed carry permits increased 215%, while the murder rate DROPPED 14% during the same period. Meanwhile, concealed carriers committed between six and ten times FEWER crimes than did COPS in the same time period—and cops are less likely to commit crimes than the average citizen. It ignores the fact that there are MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns already on the streets in the hands of the “bad guys,” who wish to use them to victimize innocent law-abiding people. (America's First Freedom)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Driving the Numbers Down

I don't usually cover the Emmys. But this is too good to pass up. The whole three hour show was devoted to a "Trump Hate-Fest" that helped their numbers achieve a record for the least number of people watching. Not much, but just a smidge less than last year, which was CONSIDERABLY the lowest at the time. The only bright spot was the appearance of Trump's first press secretary, Sean Spicer. One wonders how this known conservative got that gig. I expect it was Hollywood's attempt to make it look like Trump was a clown, just an entertainer--and that Spicer was the same. Except that he actually made some telling points in OPPOSITION to the anti-Trump theme of the entire show. Maybe I could say, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." They don't. They just don't understand that the mood of the country is NOT the mood they present, which is being translated into their lower numbers, which is affecting their pocketbooks, and it's beginning to be noticed by all and sundry--but they still don't realize why. They don't have the intelligence. (The Atlantic)

Is It "Ferguson 2.0?"

They're rioting in St. Louis over a FORMER police officer being acquitted of murder in the death of a drug dealer who led cops on a chase and fought like hell to escape. The cop looked at what the guy was doing, and concluded he was reaching for a gun. So he shot him. A reasonable response in this day and age where cops are shot and killed from ambush (for no reason except they're cops), making them all "very nervous" as they went about their duties wearing those distinctive uniforms in those very colorful and obvious cars. I don't know why he's FORMER cop, but the situation is very similar to what happened in Ferguson, MO, where a cop made a "good shoot" on a GIANT who was attacking him and the facts were twisted way out of shape to support the riots that followed. My advice is to ID the rioters and look at their backgrounds. They will probably find out that they travel the country rioting in support of the "cop hatred" theme. The same people show up at almost every "demonstration (riot) that happens. Familiar faces should be identified, and their sources of income and expenses to travel to riots all over the country should be examined. I'm sure the "authorities" have that capability of they will just USE it. (Trump Army)

It Didn't Work

Chicago put 1,000 extra cops on the streets in hopes of “stemming gun violence” over the Memorial day holiday. But it didn't work, as it never works with MOST of their actions to “stem gun violence” in Chicago. 52 people were shot during this period, and seven of them died, in spite of the increased police presence. One day, Chicago politicians might wake up to reality, that they need to do something about their gang problem, and that will reduce gun violence tremendously, But I doubt that will ever happen. It seems that ignorance is a requirement to BE a Chicago politician. One victim was a 15-year-old boy shot in the back in a drive-by shooting. He was killed, and his sister was wounded in the attack. Chicago will probably never check, but if they did, they'd probably find either a gang membership for this boy, or a refusal to join a gang as a reason for killing him. There was some action in that direction as they raided some gang hideouts and confiscated some guns. But it was apparently not enough. (Daily Caller)

Friday, September 15, 2017

"Bankrupting the Nation"

Crazy Bernie (Sanders) once said, "Universal health care will bankrupt the nation." Why then, is he now SUPPORTING universal health care? does he WANT to bankrupt the nation, or what? Every idea a liberal comes up with, it seems, will make the nation poorer, or just bankrupt it. Universal health care, universal paycheck whether you work, or not, and free college tuition. They are the "agents of collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, etc.)," That's how they sell collectivism: offer something FREE, ignoring even THINKING about who is going to pay for their pipe dreams (you and me). They count on the fact that there will always be people who just want a "free ride," to live at the expense of others. People who want to always RIDE the wagon, never taking a turn pushing it. Then, once they get you to accept the concept, that's when they start making the "regulations" that will control your life, absolutely, as they did in Russia, Cuba, and elsewhere collectivism rules. If you object, you die, or languish in prison for disagreeing with their "wisdom." (The Blaze)

Dumb, Dumb, DUMB!

Kim Jung Un is courting the destruction of his country and the death and destruction of many of his people--and certainly his own death. He continues to "flip us off" by doing test after test of intercontinental ballistic missiles he SAYS can reach American territory, and even H-bombs. He really thinks his feeble tiny nuclear arsenal can make a dent in America's defenses, when the first one capable of reaching American soil he fires will be shot down. with "hellfire and damnation" to follow Yes, we have drawn him a "red line" in the past, but never DONE anything when he ignored it. That's OVER. That was Obama, and he proved himself a wimp, in many ways. Trump is no wimp. He usually keeps his promises, If he promises Kim will DIE, he will make it happen. The only reason he hesitates is that he doesn't want to kill a bunch of innocent N. Korean citizens. That will not last forever. I would not be a bit surprised if there are assassins already sneaking up on him, to get rid of him and anybody who might continue his policies. In any case, he has been "asking for it," and he will soon "get it," if he doesn't pull in his horns. (MSN News)