Thursday, November 29, 2007

Creating A Recession

CNN and other liberal outlets are doing their best to CREATE a recession. Democrats NEED a recession to buttress their claims that we are in a "bad economy" while at the same time business is booming since the tax cuts (something they will NEVER admit are the result of those tax cuts). Personally, I think the economy strength created by the tax cuts is so strong it will be almost impossible for them to "talk us" into a recession. Hitler's PR man said, "Tell a lie, make it big, and repeat it every day to anyone who will listen. Soon, people will come to believe it so strongly they will fight you if you deny it, even with proof" (This is not verbatim, but carries his meaning). (News Busters, 11/29/07)

Democrat Operatives Deceive Republicans

CNN presented him as an "unbiased observer" who has not decided on which candidate rates his vote. Unfortunately, he is gay (which is fine with me) and a member of a gay and lesbian steering committee for Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. That doesn't seem to be too "unbiased" to me. It seems like several of those posing questions to Republican candidates at last night's "debate" were, if not Democrat "workers," were certainly highly biased questioners -- which is typical when CNN (a known Democrat-biased outfit) sponsors the debate that's the way it is going to go. That's what they DO. (CNN SAYS they "didn't know" former Gen. Kerr worked for Hillary). (Fox News, 11/29/07)

No Low Where Libs Won't Go

Liberals in the New York Public Library, no less have put up phony pictures of various Bush administration figures. There is no proof of ANY wrongdoing on the part of these people except in the fuzzy minds of elite liberals who think we should change the way we elect presidents (after the fact) so they can win. So they create phony pictures intended to convince the gullible (people who "don't pay attention to politics") that these people are actually felons (which one of their presidents really IS). (Fox News, 11/29/07)

"America Ebbing?" Who Sez?

"Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden called on the Europeans to stop helping the US in the war in Afghanistan, saying America is 'ebbing' [He wishes. -RT] in excerpts of a new audiotape aired on Al-Jazeera television. 'The American tide is ebbing, so it is best for you to press your leaders to change their policies,' bin Laden said, addressing Europeans and referring to their countries' military contributions in Afghanistan." Isn't it funny (ha, ha) how the liberal media prints the babble of a madman as "news?" I still think bin Laden is dead, and has been for many years, since we took out his cave in Afghanistan with him in it. But the Islamic terrorists (anti-PC speech, there) continue to attempt to convince the gullible that he is still alive and in a leadership position. Notice how "fuzzy" the image posted with the latest story is. It could be anybody in a white, bin Laden-style hat, wearing a beard. (Breitbart, 11/29/07)

Libs Punishing Those Who Create All Wealth

This is an example of the "faulty thinking" of the "elite liberal." They live a very good lifestyle, thanks to the work and actions of those they call "the rich." Yet they do everything they can to make it impossible for those people to continue to "create wealth" they can "share" if they work and earn for themselves. But no! They want "their share" without the necessity of working to earn it. So they try and make these people look like "devils" when what they do creates wealth, not only for themselves, but for others, as well. How many millionaires has Microsoft created? How many people work there, earning a lot more money than they could anywhere else? If Microsoft disappeared today, how many people would suffer? And I'm not only talking about all the government bureaucrats whose very jobs and lives are dedicated to destroying this company. "The recent release of some of Teresa Heinz Kerry's tax records reveals as much about the confusion over this issue as it does about her financial situation. The Kerrys are clearly rich, with several homes, a private jet, and millions of dollars in annual income. Yet they paid just 13 percent of their income in taxes. That's less than most Americans pay -- and it is not due to 'tax cuts for the rich.' It is due to putting much of their wealth into tax-free municipal bonds or other tax-exempt securities. So whether income tax rates are high or low, on rich or poor, makes little difference to them [Which is why they're free to advocate higher taxes for the "rich." It won't affect them. -RT] " What they (and other liberals) want to do is limit or destroy the ability of high "wage-earners" to make money. Rich liberals (a redundancy, that) don't pay "income taxes" because most of their "income" is "protected." They continue to forget that tax cuts (unless they are "targeted," as with what liberals CALL tax cuts when they make them, so they can control more people) apply to ALL people, not just the "rich." "The Wave lifts all boats." "One of the major purposes of tax cuts is to get people to take their money out of tax-free securities and invest that money in something that will increase economic activity and create jobs. Since our income tax system is steeply graduated, any across-the-board tax cut will immediately benefit most those who pay most of the taxes -- which is to say, people with higher incomes. (Professor Thomas Sowell, 10/21/07)

Liberals Rewrite History

It's funny how liberals can change history in their own minds. This cartoon by a "flaming liberal" at the Denver Rocky Mountain News makes it seem like "the people" marched in the streets to "end the war" in Viet Nam. Actually, it was the other way around. The liberals in our government were "invested" in defeat as they are now in Iraq. So they promoted a bunch of demonstrations by liberals in college. People who hadn't been alive long enough to know what's real and believed everything they were told. Again, same as now. When it's all over, we'll be hearing about all the BIG demonstrations there were to end THIS war. They'll have cameras at the small number of demonstrations, focused up close to make it look like a lot of people. Nothing changes except the names. (Denver Square, 11/29/07)

New York Times Out of Touch With Reality

They claimed that California's Prop. 187 was going to lose because Californians hated it. That Pete Wilson's support of it was responsible for his (imaginary) drop in the polls. Guess what? Californians voted and it won in a landslide. "One week before Californians voted on Proposition 187 in 1994, B. Drummond Ayres Jr. reported in the Times that there had been 'a sharp falloff in support for the proposition.' He said Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and African-American ministers were coming out strongly against Proposition 187 and that 'this outcry, along with the increasing opposition being voiced by liberals, civil libertarians and assorted national political figures' was having an effect.' " It was. But not the one the Times expected. "Proposition 187 passed in a landslide with a nearly 20-point margin -- a larger margin than Wilson got, incidentally. It was supported by two-thirds of white voters, half of black and Asian voters, and even one-third of Hispanic voters. It passed in every area of California, except San Francisco, a city where intoxicated gay men dressed as nuns performing sex acts on city streets is not considered unusual (I have nothing against gay people, but such a parade in most places would, indeed, be considered unusual). In heavily Latino Los Angeles County, Proposition 187 passed with a 12-point margin." I agree with Ann Coulter when she says that any anger directed at NYT is only because the customer was forced to actually PAY for a copy. (Ann Coulter, 11/28/07)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

(Elite) Liberal Stupidity

Just when you think liberals can't get any more stupid, one of them comes up with the idea to drink rat's milk; or to use only one square of toilet paper or to ban the use of the incandescent bulb because they think fluorescents (with their deadly mercury powder inside) are better for the environment. They urge us to drive tiny cars that are PROVEN to kill us faster (statistics prove that the smaller car will ALWAYS fare worse in a crash with a bigger car). They really think the way to improve business is to tax it into bankruptcy while they're running successful companies to other countries to avoid their taxes and the high labor prices their policies cause. They defend the Muslim crazies who are daily killing innocent Americans (among others) because we don't believe the same way they do. They think lowering taxes is bad, in the face of sure proof that they're wrong. They've single-handedly CREATED the "energy problem" by such things as blocking the building of ANY gas refineries in the United States for more than thirty years while similarly blocking oil companies from drilling for oil ANYWHERE within, or within sight of America. They've also ALLOWED the building of HUNDREDS of refineries for their pet Ethanol (while no doubt investing in the business). They compare Rush Limbaugh to NAMBLA and Nazis (with NO proof that it might be true), and call him a "drug hypocrite" when most of them are users. They SAY it's because he speaks against drug use. What he actually does, is speak out against "the drug culture" where people are daily killing themselves with illicit (not prescription) drugs. At the same time, he completely solved his own "problem," which was created by a doctor who didn't pay attention to how much pain-killer he actually needed for his pain. They spend all their time talking about "gloom and doom, while ignoring ANYTHING good, so long as a Republican is in the White House. (Just common sense)

Uninformed Criticism

"Then there was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break one of the French engineers came back into the room saying 'Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intended to do, bomb them?' A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: 'Our carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day, they can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day, and they carry half a dozen helicopters for use in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck.. We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?' [D]ead silence." This is yet another example of the uninformed criticism we have to put up with, not only from French liberals, but from liberals all over. Thanks to Carl Spitzer for this.

Trooper Tasers Man for Refusing to Sign Ticket

Seems to be a little bit of overreaction and lack of training in how, and WHY to use his taser on a citizen. Refusing to sign a ticket while demanding your rights isn't one of the reasons. Seems to me he could have simply arrested this man and put him in the back seat of his car. As I watched the video, I saw him attempt neither. The man was NOT "threatening" him. He was, in fact, walking away from him. Seems to me this trooper needs a lot more training in how to make a proper judgment call. But then, some policemen think ANY resistance to their demands calls for violence. Fortunately, most don't. (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/21/07)

Teacher to Be Flogged for "Blasphemy"

Gillian Gibbons is 54 years old, and why she chose to teach in the Sudan, where they routinely treat women badly, I don't know. Anyway, she "allowed" her class to name a teddy bear "Mohammed," after one of the children in the class. The Sudanese government took time out from murdering thousands to condemn her to "40 lashes" for "insulting religion." Of course, a reading of their newspapers shows us that they aren't afraid to insult other people's religion, daily. Of course, when they say, "religion," they mean Islam alone. Ms. Gibbons is no youngster, 40 lashes could be a death sentence for her. As of today, the National Organization of Women have no comment. Maybe they think they'll be next under the lash if they do -- or they just don't care about a woman who would teach in Sudan. This report says she has not been charged. But unless "cooler heads" prevail, she will be. (Update: No whip for this woman. They sentenced her to 15 days in jail and will deport her. This for "allowing" children to name a teddy bear "Mohammed.") (CNN, 11/26/07)

Annapolis Conference to Fail

The "striped pants crowd" thinks it's quite an achievement to get both sides of terrorists and representatives of Israel in a "conference." It's not to me, since a reading of history tells me the terrorists regularly engage in "conferences" with their enemies, while a "cease-fire" exists (either official or non-official), giving them time to resupply their troops and get in a better position to continue "the war" they started hundreds of years ago, even before Israel was granted a home of their own. I predict this "conference" will be hailed as a "great advancement" in Arab-Israeli relations (for a while) until the terrorists are ready to attack them again, using some kind of a falsified "reason." They have done this so often, you'd think the people involved would be wise to them by now. But they never seem to learn. Read this: "This past Friday, this reporter (David Bedein) recorded the pre-Annapolis sermon that was broadcast on the PBC radio network from the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and asked an Arabic language expert to translate that sermon. Here is that sermon, in translation. It speaks for itself as a candid public statement of Palestinian Authority policy and intentions: “The Annapolis conference will take place next week. The deluded believe that this conference will end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and put an end to the occupation". This is typical: they claim to be looking for "peace," but they're not. And they're not afraid to say so in public -- in Arabic. To them, "peace" means no killing, but on THEIR terms. (Front Page Magazine, 11/28/07)

Accountability for Democrats!

Boy! How different that would be. They say anything they want, DO anything they want, and nobody questions them on it (Nobody they pay any attention to, anyway). Now that Bush has taken Iraq away from them as a campaign issue in 2008, they're trying to "change the subject." Since Bush's "surge" is so obviously working that the New York Times was forced to admit it (though they tried to minimize it even while reporting it), they want to change the focus from MILITARY progress to POLITICAL progress. When Bush takes that away from them, they'll find something else to whine about. "Democrats have accused President Bush of politicizing the war any time he merely reported favorably on our progress or made a speech defining the enemy and explaining our multi-pronged strategy to defeat him. All the while, it was Democrats who were exploiting the war for partisan gain." Now the Republicans plan to highlight every Democrat lie and demand they explain it. They won't be able to, but the mere asking of the question is going to hurt them. (David Limbaugh, 11/26/07)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Thanksgiving Lie

"The Pilgrims landed in 1620 and founded the Colony of New Plymouth in what is now Massachusetts. They had a difficult first winter, but survived with the help of the Indians. The usual story in the history textbooks relates how in the fall of 1621, the grateful Pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving Day and invited the Indians to a big Thanksgiving-Day feast with turkey and pumpkins." This is the usual type of item published about the beginning of this country, and it predictably ignores the reason why they had a "difficult first winter." That reason, so ignored, even in history books, is that they were operating under a "communistic" system whereby nobody owned anything and the work anybody did was for "the good of the colony." Tell me, how does that differ from Marxism or communism? Collectivism is the basic name for it, whatever anybody else might call it. This system, which caused many deaths just in that colony, is still being pushed onto us today. They call it "socialism" and want us to accept it. (Fred E. Foldvary,)

Bush "Defections" Exaggerated

The liberals are having a "field day" concerning all the Bush appointees who are resigning and taking other jobs. But they think we don't know that, with Bush's administration being in its last year that people are going to look for other employment. They think we're too stupid to understand that, and that they can "make hay" with the resignations. They're wrong, as usual. "Though things have begun to turn around in Iraq and Bush's perseverance is in route to vindication, don't expect any mea culpas from the Bush bashers. Predictably, we're just witnessing new tactics in their seven years war to destroy him." Liberals never apologize. They think whenever they're proven wrong, that there will be a couple of days of "bad press," then we'll forget it and they can continue to fool us with their lies. But all that's changing. It started with the Drudge Report and continues with the Rush Limbaugh Show and others. Twenty years ago, guys like me would never have been allowed to be heard. They CONTROLLED the dissemination of information. They do not, any longer. The "blogosphere" has scotched a number of their scams and will scotch more in the future. This is one of them. (David Limbaugh, 11/26/07)

Murder in Disguise

You can't call this procedure anything but murder. Infanticide covers it as well, and means the same thing. How can ANYBODY defend the act of murder on an unborn infant, just for the "convenience" of the parents? No, I don't oppose abortion in every case (such as rape or the sure knowledge the fetus will not live). But to use the killing of the result in place of a rubber to me, is murder, under whatever name it is called. Yes, these pictures come to you from the National Right to Life organization, but they are an accurate depiction of this kind of murder, and to be used as "birth control" is criminal, to me. (NRLC)

Can't Make Money on Global Warming?

Look at this: This ocean liner was packed with people who spent a lot of money to go out and "see for themselves the effects of global warming." Unfortunately, the iceberg that sank their ship hadn't melted, and the water was not warmer than usual. So they didn't get to see what they went there to see. Probably, if you look deep enough, you'll find AlGore's name on the list of stockholders of this line. (The Guardian,)

Typical Childish Lberal Response

Don't oppose her (Ann Coulter) by trying to show where she might be wrong, just "stalk" her, scream unprintable epithets outside her home (and run away so the cops won't get you), send her pretty little greeting cards with unprintable wishes inside. She must really be getting to them. I am sure she regards such childishness as a sincere compliment the liberals involved did not know they were paying her. She loves it when liberals go nuts because of something she said or wrote. The question I have in my mind that was brought up by this story is, why should a person be required to go with "hat in hand" and "ask permission" for his/her address not to be included in public records? Why do they need to "give a convincing reason" why? So some nameless, faceless bureaucrat can make a decision that might cost this woman her life? (News Max, 11/26/07)

This Is Google

People are surprised that Google would come up with such a logo. I'm not. Remember, this is the same Google who came up with special images for the Persian New Year, Sir Arthur Conban Doyle's birthday, etc., but does not do the same for Veteran's Day or Memorial Day. The same one that worked with the Communist Chinese to censor search results within Communist China, and who actually hosted a site promoting sex with little boys, etc. The iceberg and "stranded polar bears (both false images) seem to be unalterably connected with global warming now. Why should anybody be surprised that they would create a logo promoting the idiot global warming scam? I found this image on another blog, and thank them for posting it. (Right of Texas

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What IS Thanksgiving?

It is a typically American holiday, the celebration of the "bountiful harvest" brought about by our own work and initiative. Our "production," not our dependence on government largess. "What is today’s version of the 'bountiful harvest'? It's the affluence and success we’ve gained. It's the cars, houses and vacations we enjoy. It's the life-saving medicines we rely on, the stock portfolios we build, the beautiful clothes we buy and the safe, clean streets we live on. It’s the good life. How did we get this 'bountiful harvest'? Ask any hard-working American; it sure wasn't by the 'grace of God.' It didn’t grow on a fabled 'money tree.' We created it by working hard, by desiring the best money can buy and by wanting excellence for ourselves and our loved ones. What we don't create ourselves, we trade value for value with those who have the goods and services we need, such as our stockbrokers, hairdressers and doctors. We alone are responsible for our wealth. We are the producers and Thanksgiving is our holiday." (Debi Ghate, 11/19/07)

Thanksgiving Is NOT About "Sharing"

"Think Thanksgiving is about 'sharing'? Think again. The first Thanksgiving couldn't happen until the colonists learned to forgo communitarian principles and, instead, live on private property. Every year around this time, schoolchildren are taught about that wonderful day when Pilgrims and Native Americans shared the fruits of the harvest. 'Isn't sharing wonderful?' say the teachers. They miss the point. Because of sharing, the first Thanksgiving in 1623 almost didn't happen. The failure of Soviet communism is only the latest demonstration that freedom and property rights, not sharing, are essential to prosperity. The earliest European settlers in America had a dramatic demonstration of that lesson, but few people today know it [because socialists will not let you know it -RT]. When the Pilgrims first settled the Plymouth Colony, they organized their farm economy along communal [collectivist -RT] lines. The goal was to share everything equally, work and produce. They nearly all starved." And sooner or later EVERY attempt at collectivism will fail, and people will starve. It is this fact that those disposed toward collectivism (socialism) want to keep you from understanding. Let's say it more clearly. The "original colony" at Plymouth Rock almost failed and the people there almost starved to death, because their original colony was set up on a COLLECTIVIST basis. It wasn't until they scrapped that notion and allowed each member to earn his own living that the colony prospered, and we "shared" that prosperity with the Indians. We prospered in the end because of INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE, which is impossible under collectivism. Don't accept those "socialistic notions" of "sharing with others" as the basis for living. It won't work. It never has, and it never will. (John Stossel, 11/21/07)

Democrats Are Whining

They tried to saddle us with yet another $1 BILLION dollar spending bill by "attaching" it to a "must-pass" bill in Congress, hoping the Republicans will let it go through. They didn't, so the Democrats are "whining," calling the Republicans "sheep and chickens" for not following THEIR lead. Did it not occur to the Democrats that the Republicans might "march to a different drummer" and so not be willing to spend a billion bucks on DEMOCRAT pork? "WASHINGTON -- The ploy had been hatched behind closed doors by Democratic leaders of both houses. A pork-laden appropriations bill filled with $1 billion in earmarks would combine with veto-proof spending for veterans. Instead, the two measures were decoupled in a Senate party-line vote last Tuesday." They call it "betrayal." I call it "heading them off at the pass." For my part, I'd much rather the Republicans were "sheep and chickens" for REPUBLICAN aims, not Democrat aims. (Robert D. Novak, 11/12/07)

"The Clowns Who Created It"

If ever there was "prima-facie evidence" that politicians should not be allowed to create ANYTHING it is the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan "created" by Congress. Picture this: you're an old person who can hardly move, so you can't work. You're trying to "get by" on $800 a month in Social Security and you can't even afford the medicine required to keep you alive (in this case, just ONE prescription costs $150 a month). The government comes up with a "plan" to pay most of your prescription costs and you're REQUIRED to "sign up. You have no choice. You see how stupid this "design" is, with prescriptions paid for until you reach a certain amount, then the payments stop, and don't kick in again until they reach a much higher amount. It's called a "Donut Hole" (Maybe they hope you'll die for lack of medicine while it's in effect). So you don't "sign up" for two years. Then they "sign you up" for a plan and things go along well for a while. Then your "plan" tells you they're going to "penalize you" for not signing up for 2 years, and if you ignore the notice that's an "indication of guilt." How stupid is that? They had it right in two panels in the comic strip "Crankshaft," where Crankshaft said of the Medicare prescription Drug Plan, "I think the 'Donut Hole' was in the heads of the clowns who created it." He's right. The way it "works:" "The expected costs are due to peculiarities in the Medicare benefit law that cause a gap in available coverage. Medicare is set to pay 75% of initial drug costs up to $2,250 after a $250 deductible for most seniors. But then the program pays nothing until drug expenses reach $5,100, after which the government pays 95% of all costs. The complete lack of coverage for drug spending between $2,251 and $5,100 is often called Medicare's 'donut hole' by Washington analysts and lawmakers. More than one-quarter of all Medicare beneficiaries are projected to have drug spending that falls in the donut hole's range, according to the Congressional Budget Office." What on EARTH would cause somebody with any degree of intelligence to create a plan with such an obvious flaw? The bureaucratic mindset, of course. This "flaw' will require more bureaucrats to "interpret" the "problem (that was created by the bureaucrats, of course) and "solve" it. Meanwhile those who have come to depend on the "plan" will suffer while the bureaucrats "solve" the problem created by their own ignorance. It will also create "demands" for socialized medicine. What's wrong with this picture? (Web MD, 6/1/04)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Murtha: "King of Obtusity"

Right in the middle of us winning militarily, he jumps up and down and shouts, "We can't win militarily in Iraq." What planet is he living on? I know he's a "veteran." Maybe that's his problem. Maybe whatever happened to him over there messed up his thinking sufficiently that he just can't see victory when it's right in front of his face. I guess he thinks changing the "requirements" for "victory" will do the trick. (Rush Limbaugh, 11/21/07)

Freedom FROM Religion?

The Constitution prohibits the government from making any law restricting freedom OF religion, not "freedom FROM religion." That means the government cannot make a law REQUIRING us to follow a certain religion. That says nothing about ALLOWING religious representations (from ANY religion) on government property. To refuse to allow them is to "make a law regarding religion or the practice thereof." But the "religion-haters" want to ELIMINATE any representation of ANY religion (except sometimes Islam) from ANY government installation. (Find Law/First Amendment,)

The "Republican Attack Machine"

Hillary likes to talk a lot about the "Republican attack machine," but she really thinks we don't notice that she and her "skirt-chasing husband" don't just "refute" things any of her opponents (not just in the presidential race) say. They try and ruin that person and make him/her unable to continue to operate. "Clinton, Inc." didn't need to have Harry Reid write that letter to Rush Limbaugh's syndicator trying to get him pulled off the air just because she didn't like the things he was saying (a little something like a gnat running up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind, if you ask me). If you think that wasn't engineered by Hillary, you're more naïve than anybody I know. She talks about how "experienced" she is compared to her opponents. Waiting in the outer room while her husband gets oral sex in the Oval office doesn't count as "experience." Face it. Hillary is a socialist. Every bit as much as Evita Peron was when she ruined her country's thriving capitalist-based economy while she peddled socialism to badly-educated people. Something she died before she could completely accomplish, thankfully. She (Hillary) talks about what a big, strong "fighter" she is, and when the "men" running against her retaliate, she whimpers and accuses them of "going after the girl." What does she expect? They're all running for the highest office in the land. If she can't stand the heat, she should stay out of the kitchen. Let somebody else bake the cookies. (Washington Times/Fishwrap, 11/20/07)

Sheriff Oversteps His Authority

"Sheriff Ben Johnson [Volusia County, FL -RT] proposed barring new hires from lighting up while on the job or at home. Johnson said it's important for his deputies to be in good shape for their physically demanding jobs. He is also proposing routine physical fitness tests." The key words here are "or at home." What the hell gives this sheriff the idea he can dictate what his deputies do on their own time, at home? I know he thinks he's doing something good, as most "do-gooders do." But "doing something good" doesn't make such a thing right, or legal. If he doesn't like his deputies smoking, he should start an education campaign to discourage smoking. Banning smoking at work or at home is exceeding his authority and there is no authority in law that allows it. Somebody should tell this jerk the "facts of life." (Newsvine, 11/20/07)

Gore Cashes In

You think Gore has no way to "cash in" on his global warming swindle? Look at this: "Former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore is joining forces with a venture capital company that's seeking to profit from the move toward 'clean technology' in the $6 trillion global energy business. Gore is becoming a hands-on partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a major Silicon Valley venture capital firm where an old friend, John Doerr, is a partner. The Nobel Peace Prize winner's move comes as the company 'makes a risky move beyond information technology and healthcare investing into the fast-growing and increasingly competitive arena of 'clean energy,' Fortune magazine reports." Trust Gore to plan a way to "cash in" before he makes his first global warming speech. (News Max, 11/21/07)

New York Times Dying

"Here's a story that may not have been deemed "Fit to Print": In the six months that ended Sept. 25, The New York Times' daily circulation was down another 4.51 percent to about a million readers a day. The paper's Sunday circulation was down 7.59 percent to about 1.5 million readers. In short, the Times is dropping faster than Hillary in New Hampshire. (Meanwhile, the Drudge Report has more than 16 million readers every day.)" Looks Like people who are tired of hearing or reading the same tired old lies the liberals at the Times continue to tell us are really having an effect. But the Times will never admit it, even as their circulation continues to fall like a rock. I guess Drudge is the Times of the future. One can only hope that the rest of the liberal elites follow them, lemming-like, off the edge of the abyss. The world will be a better place. (Ann Coulter, 11/21/07)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One Answer to Any Question

Hillary has one answer that she gives (in one form or another) in answer to every question she is asked, and it means nothing while blaming Bush for everything. This cartoon, from Human Events, gives this "universal answer." She blithely stands on the podium wearing her Mao Jacket and gives "The Answer," which could be recorded and given without her presence because, with few exceptions to "tailor it" for the specific question, is unchanged. (Ryskind Sketchbook/Human Events, 11/1/07)

Liberals Want to Rewrite The Constitution

The liberals have never liked being held back in their efforts to "rule" us by a Constitution, and every so often somebody comes up with a "plan" to rewrite this (as they call it) "outdated document." Since there seem to be no Ben Franklins or Thomas Jeffersons, or even any John Adamses out there today, I agree with Supreme Court Justice Alioto that the Constitution we have is good enough. U of Virginia professor Larry Sabato, a well-known leftie, has put forth a litany of things he wants to do, all of which sound like they could have come from the English "upper class" who thought those "Colonists" had no right to usurp the prerogatives of the "upper class" during the Revolutionary War. All of them are guaranteed to give power to the "elites," which is the whole point of it. (Eagle Forum, 11/21/07)

"His Face Will Freeze That Way"

I wish you could see this picture. But you can't, unless you have the Human Events issue of November 5, 2007. On the front page, under the headline, "President Bush Should Quickly Pardon Jailed Border Agents" is a picture of "The Honorable" Johnny Sutton, the not-so-honorable Federal Attorney who put two border control officers in prison for doing their jobs sitting next to Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar while testifying before a Senate committee, and if you could see the expression on Aguilar's face as he looks at Sutton, your mother would swear his face would freeze that way. I couldn't believe the amount of enmity that was exposed by the look on his face as he scowled at Sutton. Truly, if "looks could kill," Sutton would be a dead man.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cops Steal $8,000, Won't Give It Back

Imagine yourself driving down the road, with $8,000 of your own money (honestly earned) in your pocket, and you get stopped by the police. They search you and "confiscate" the money. Eight months later there are NO "drug charges," but the money has mysteriously disappeared into the bowels of the federal government. And you know there is NO "accountability" in the federal government. That happened to a young black man (who else?) in Montgomery, Alabama. They couldn't find any drugs on him, so they phonied-up some "domestic violence" charges to make the stop, and the confiscation, look good. "DEA attorney John J. Cipriani declared Merritt's money officially forfeited Jan. 30. The federal government planned to engage in what Chavers called 'equitable sharing' ["Divvying up the loot. -RT] of the proceeds, court records show." On what basis, and under what court order was this action taken? Was it on the simple "declaration" of this DEA attorney? Sounds unconstitutional to me. But then, the whole system of confiscating ANY large amount of money with NO charges being filed, nor proven against the vic . . .arrestee has been unconstitutional since the unconstitutional RICO laws were passed, "to keep the bad guys from being able to afford high-priced lawyers" which is, in itself, unconstitutional on its face. They probably "scanned" his car to see if stealing his money was worth the bother. (Montgomery Advertiser, 11/20/07)

You Don't Have To Prove It

Plant an item about a "scandal" involving your opponent, and say you won't be so nasty as to reveal it. Make sure the leak can't be traced to you. Then gripe about "somebody" leaking it while your opponent screams about it and demands the item be released. Refuse to release it and get "points" for doing so without having to prove anything to the electorate. Talk about a "manufactured crisis." People all over the United States are talking about this. It's free publicity for Hillary (and Obama). Does anybody really believe Hillary's "Gestapo" doesn't have "dirt" on every candidate out there and some who aren't? (News Max, 11/18/07)

Code for Tax HIke: "Tax Reform"

Whenever the Democrats talk about "tax reform," they're talking about tax increase. "Forget about the World Series for just a moment -- the enormous tax reform plan announced by Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) this week has to be the biggest bean-ball ever thrown. Not only does it travel far and wide from the tax reform Americans had hoped for, more taxpayers will wind up taking their lumps than initially advertised." Which is ALWAYS the case. They tell us how cheaply they can do something, and then years later, after "the program" has become almost "untouchable," they tell us what the REAL cost is going to be -- which is millions, maybe BILLIONS more than they told us. Somebody needs to tell Charlie Rangel that tax increases will eventually get him thrown out of the Congress (if the American people ever wake up). (Andrew Moylan, 10/29/07)

Imperialism is Alive and Well in America

This letter was originally written to the Denver Post. So far, they haven't published it. We will:

"Overly intrusive in the affairs of other nations; 'Agreements' signed with other nations, thereby avoiding the full and careful scrutiny of the U. S. Senate which a formal treaty requires; Union controls proposed for our State government violating campaign promises; the rape of citizens by our RTD's use of eminent domain; and a general 'public be damned' attitude at all levels of society. When was it we approved of total license for someone elected or appointed to high office? It was not always so. We fought a revolution and created a nation over just this issue. As a Republic with representative governments. We do not ask that every issue be decided by popular vote. We do expect our governments to really listen to us; and then make their decisions on the basis of all the information they have. In short, to represent us. Listen to us: How does the Constitution begin? 'We the people . . .' Ours is a 'bottom up form of government,' the exact opposite of the urge to control the lives of others, which is the imperialistic mindset. This is OUR country. This is OUR government. Let no one in a position of authority forget that. " (By John R. McElderry, former Colorado State Representative)

Banned DDT, Killed Millions

They banned DDT because it MIGHT kill 100 or so people a year if they were careless in applying it. So Malaria, which was almost completely eradicated all over the world, came back with a vengeance, and killed millions of people. Which is the worst catastrophe? DDT or Malaria? "Given the devastating humanitarian and economic costs of malaria, you might expect the international community to be fighting the disease with all its might. But instead, the world's politicians are trying to force developing countries to abandon their best weapon in the fight against malaria -- the pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT). The United Nations (UN) is even promoting a treaty that might completely ban the use of DDT across the globe." Who cares if it kills millions? Using it might kill 100 or so a year! (Conservative Monitor, 5/2000)

What The HELL?

Two border guards were doing their jobs when a professional drug smuggler tried to smuggle in more than 700 pounds of pot. They caught him, but he got away and ran. While running, he turned with something (thought to be a gun) in his hand and got shot in his butt for his trouble. He still got away, albeit without the pot. Johnny Sutton, U. S. Attorney and personal friend of George Bush, decided to take the smuggler's side, charging these border guards with many felonies, including using a gun in a crime. WHAT crime? These were cops trying to apprehend a criminal. They thought he was going to shoot them. They shot him instead. How the HELL did it become a "crime with gun" with the cops as the criminals? Sutton hunted down this criminal and promised him immunity, free entry into the United States, even free health care! All in return for his lying testimony against the cops who tried to apprehend him. The idea that he was "just a victim" trying to earn money for medicine for his mom is not only insipid, it's stupid! I'm not even an experienced prosecutor and I wouldn't buy this lie. The prosecutors deliberately mislead the jurors, even "sealing" evidence of yet ANOTHER smuggling trip on this criminal's part AFTER the one under "investigation." These two former border guards are treated WORSE than we treat TERRORISTS! And very few people seem to even notice. Questions to the government about this case are ignored. The only excuse I can think of for Sutton to do such a thing is that he might have been bought by the drug runners with which this criminal is associated. How he got Bush to ignore this case is beyond me. That this case should go on without the president doing something to mitigate what the government is doing to these two officers is incomprehensible to me. "Travesty of justice" just doesn't cover it. Talk about CREATING government-haters! If I were one of these men there is NO WAY I'd ever work for the government again when (and if) a pardon is given. This government has betrayed them royally, and continues to do so every day they remain in prison on phony, trumped-up charges. I've always been generally in favor of what George Bush has done. But if he doesn't do something about this travesty, he's forever lost me and, I'm sure, many others. I think he should pardon these two men and FIRE Johnny Sutton, then put HIM in prison. Now this criminal (the smuggler) has been caught yet again bringing in a load of pot. If things proceed as usual, the two DEA Agents who caught him will probably be imprisoned and the criminal freed. I'm watching. (Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, 11/5/07)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Government As "Problem Solver"

Don't trust the government. Not if you want a problem solved, that is. Most of today's "problems" are the direct or indirect result of previous government "problem-solving" in the past. "It is remarkable how many political 'solutions' today are dealing with problems created by previous political 'solutions.' Three examples that come to mind immediately are the housing market crisis, the wildfires in southern California, and the water shortages in the west. "Why do we have a "housing market crisis?" Because the government allowed mortgage sellers to make questionable loans that are now "coming home to roost." The wildfires in Southern California are the direct result of the government not allowing people to clear out the dead brush in the forest, creating much "tinder" that later caused wildfires that burned many homes while subsidizing them to build new homes when they're burned out. As for the water problems, they are a direct result of government "water projects" where government sells water to people in what would otherwise be a desert, then "ride to the rescue" later when those low prices cause people to waste water and they're starting to run out. He point is, most of today's problems are CAUSED by government's previous "solutions" to earlier "problems." Why should we rely on the government to "solve" our problems when those "problems" were most likely CAUSED by government's earlier efforts to "solve" problems? (Thomas Sowell, 10/30/07)

Is AlGore "Cashing In" on Global Warming?

He obviously is. He now owns a big slice of a company selling "carbon offsets" (the stupid idea that planting trees will "equalize human damage" to the planet which is making him millions (which he probably need to pay his electric bill). And did you think he did that lying movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" for free? What about that phony Nobel Prize, where he netted several hundred thousand dollars? John Stossell did a story recently about this, and got a lot of "thank yous" from people tired of hearing about global warming being "settled science." It isn't, no matter how many times Al-baby says it is. Stossel says, "Recently on 20/20, I said 'give me a break' to Al Gore for claiming that the global-warming debate is over and suggesting that all dissenters were in it for the money. I interviewed independent scientists who say Gore is wrong. Some people were relieved to finally hear the other side: 'Thank you, thank you, thank you for your report on climate change. ... I'm sick of hearing the debate's over and writing anyone who differs off as a nut.' This report showed the true nature of the debate and true lack of consensus, something you can’t get anywhere else." Denver Post's Al Lewis says, "People who say that global warming is bad for business fail to realize that global warming is a business. After winning an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Price for sounding the global-warming alarm, Al Gore is set to make a mint as a greenhouse-gas-fighting venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. Gore said he would donate his salary to the nonprofit Alliance for Climate Protection. But VCs make most of their money when they cash out of their investments. No word on what Gore will do with all of this green green. Last week, Gore signed on with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of the nation's most successful venture capital firms and the backer of giant success stories such as Google and At Kleiner, Gore will guide alternative-energy investments." Somebody took me to task last week when I had the audacity to say Gore was making a mint out of global warming, but this is the "proof of the pudding." (John Stossell, 11/16/07)

Have You Heard About This?

Tony Pellicano is an ex-con who is famous for using wiretaps, hand grenades, and plastic explosives when he spies on people for various politicians. Hillary Clinton, one of the loudest voices criticizing George Bush for the imaginary wiretapping of ordinary Americans, has been known to use his services on at least two occasions that we know of. Then there are the spineless Europeans who never heard of Neville Chamberlain (the Brit who nearly "cooperated" away all of Europe before better brains took over) who are prattling on and on about "cooperating" with Ahmadinijerk while he moves closer and closer to becoming boss of a nuclear-powered nation led by a "certifiably bonkers" president (like Hitler with nukes). Did you know the Vikings (not AlGore) first noticed the melting of Greenland's ice sheet 1,000 years ago? It's still there. So is Greenland, where temperatures are actually COOLING. But don't ask AlGore about it. He'll insult you can call you a "global warming denier." Did you know that to this day, the French press refuses to refer to the rioters who shouted "Allah Akhbar" while setting thousands of cars on fire as Muslims? How about European (non-Muslim) women who won't go out in public (in London or Amsterdam) without a veil because Muslim men shout threats and "infidel whore" or worse when they don't act like Muslims? Then there is Democrat Cynthia McKinney, who thinks the Feds bumped off rapper Tupak Shakur. Is any of this familiar? I thought not. This is the kind of thing the liberal media ignores.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Should the DEA Agents Go To Jail?

They did the same thing that Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean tried to do the last time this criminal tried to smuggle a load of weed into the United States. Should they go to prison for doing their jobs as Ramos and Compean did? Their mistake was probably to "shoot back" when Davila pulled what looked like a gun from his pants and turned toward them. The idea that they lied and tried to cover up their actions is absurd when you consider that their boss was right there on the scene at the time. Seems to me, the prosecutor just wanted to get him out of trouble and allow him to "get well" financially by suing the United States. Maybe Sutton even got a "cut" of the "settlement." The idea that this crud "succumbed to temptation" to get money for his sick mother's medicine is absurd on the face of it and even I (who am NOT a federal prosecutor) can see through his lies His action in smuggling yet another load (this is actually the THIRD load we KNOW of) of weed into the U. S. tells us that he actually IS The criminal he has been called, not the "injured party" in an unnecessary shooting. This reminds me of the times when the "authorities" charge the "victim" when he shoots the attacker. (World Net Daily, 11/16/07)

And a "Hearty har-har"!

Presidential election loser John Kerry thinks he can prove the "Swift Boat Veterans" wrong, years after they cost him the election. He sent T. Boone Pickens a letter signaling his intention to take him up on his offer to give one million dollars to anyone who can prove the Swift Boat Veterans wrong on even ONE claim. Seems to me if he could, he would have done it before the election, since that seems to be the biggest thing (besides his actions after he left Viet Nam, that is), that cost him the election.Pickens, to his credit, "upped the ante" and demanded that Kerry donate one million dollars to charity if he could not prove them wrong. Seems to me that if Kerry really thought he could prove ONE thing wrong, he wouldn't worry about that. But his people are whining about it. They say many of the claims have already been rebutted. But not, apparently, to the satisfactioon of the Pickens people -- and Pickens is the man with the money. You can SAY you've "rebutted" something by YOUR standards, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have, by OBJECTIVE standards. I'll be watching this unfold with interest. Seems more like a play for publicity than anything else. (Outside the Beltway, 11/17/07)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


In Saudia Arabia, men gang raped a 19-yesr-old woman and SHE is punished with 200 lashes AND a jail sentence. Yes, they punished the men (a slap on the wrist), but predictably they found SOMETHING with which to charge HER (being in a car with a man she was not related to). This is the kind of thing I abhor about the Muslim religion and the "Sharia law" it engenders. The way Muslims treat their women is a disgrace. And it has been that way for thousands of years. Not even moving into the twenty-first century has stopped it. And they CLAIM to be "a religion of peace." Define "peace." To them it seems that "peace" means anyone who doesn't follow Sharia Law being dead or in prison. This is a nation where men having sex with LITTLE BOYS is seen to be "normal." I guess when men have sexual excesses of any kind it is okay, but not women. I notice and resent the mention of the "ultra-conservative" Saudi government and the liberal news media's effort to connect American conservatives to this kind of action. (Breitbart, 11/15/07)

Typical Political Hoax

Congress passed, and the president signed into law, a requirement to build more than 800 miles of fence along the American/Mexican border. Unfortunately, they didn't fund it. You can't build 800 miles of fence without money. But the politicians involved can tell the American public (who don't pay attention to politics anyway, so they don't know) that they "support" a fence designed to slow the flow of ILLEGAL alien entry, knowing full well that until the law is funded no fence will ever be built. Meanwhile, we are inundated with ILLEGAL aliens from many countries, including Middle Eastern countries where they hate us and want to kill us all.. (Grassfire, 11/13/07)

Liberals Follow al-Qaida Orders

It's something most people don't see because the liberal press has closed their eyes. But some people DO see it, among them Ann Coulter, who says, "On Sept. 20, Osama bin Laden cued liberals by issuing another tape demanding Musharraf's ouster. The Democrats and the media quickly followed suit. Weeks later, The New York Times editorial page called on "masses of Pakistanis" to participate in "peaceful demonstrations" against Musharraf, which would be like calling on masses of Pakistanis to engage in daily bathing (The New York Times editorial page being the most effective way to communicate with the Pakistani masses)." Why we should participate in "kicking" a man who is opposing Islamic terrorism is a mystery to me. But then, most of what American elite liberals do is a mystery to me. How they can push ideas that will eventually (if they are allowed to continue) make America into a Muslim state under Sharia (Islamic law) is a mystery. Do they think the Muslims will allow them to live if they "take over" here? (Ann Coulter, 11/14/07)

Ray's Shorts

These are items of OPINION, for which I often don't have URLs to use for documentation and which are usually too short to be a headlined item. When I can, I'll include any URLs I have, or give you an idea where to look. . . . THOMPSON FRIGHTENS DEMOCRATS: Fred Thompson running for president is on one of the Democrats' "worst-case-scenarios" lists. He frankly frightens them in the same way that Ronald Reagan did, and with good reason. Reagan did more damage to their "hopes and dreams" than any other single individual in history with the possible exception of some of today's Democrats such as Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, and others who present such irresponsible ideas, pronouncements and "programs" that Democrats are revealed as the collectivists (socialists) they are for the world to see. If you want the government to control your every move and have life-or-death power over you, just vote Democrat and it'll soon happen. . . . THE WORLD IS UNDER AN ISLAMO-FASCIST DEATH THREAT: The Pakistanis are worried that their former (and maybe future) premier is "under a death threat" from Islamo-Fascists. But the truth is, the whole WORLD is under such a threat. . . . DISNEY KILLS GOD: They killed the word "God" in a movie about God and faith. What liberal stupidity THAT was! . . . GIVING TERRORISTS IDEAS: Hollywood is making movies and television shows about possible terrorist (never Islamo-terrorist) plots, which is giving the terrorists ideas for real plots. . . . NOT TRYING TO PROVE ANYTHING: The Rocky Mountain News refusing to NOT print the images of Mohammed that so incensed Islamo-Fascists they threatened death to those who did was because NOT publishing them was objectionable to THEM. Not publishing the word F--K in the story about the college paper editor who didn't have the intelligence not to was the same. Publishing that word was objectionable to THEM. . . . LEADING TO ET (ERECTIONAL INABILITY): What they actually mean is that using the MEDICINE for blood pressure may lead to an inability to get, and maintain an erection. I hate false advertising. . . . WHERE'D THE MONEY COME FROM? Chinese dishwashers who make minimum wage and live in tenements seem to be able to give up to $2,000 to Hillary's campaign, but they can't afford to pay for health insurance. We have to pay for that.

More Attacks on Religion

Many hotel chains are replacing the Gideon Bibles in their hotels with "sex kits." I don't mind the sex kits, but removing the Bibles to be able to pay for the sex kits is silly, and whoever approved the move is apparently part of the bunch that wants to do everything they can to destroy any vestige of religion in our society. I'm not big on organized religion, but even I can see the concerted efforts to destroy religion in this country. (Newsweek, 11/8/07)

The "Surge" is Working

But you'll never know it if you just skim newspapers like most people do. I noted an item on Page 28 of the News section of the Rocky Mountain News, "below the fold," about the Iraqi leader citing a big drop in 'terrorist acts.' Something like this should be on the front page, with huge headlines because it means our methods are WORKING. But the liberal press wants you to believe our methods are NOT working, so they bury this item. The "Rocky" is the less-liberal newspaper in Denver, but they still sometimes automatically use the liberal methods to bury news items they want us to ignore. I tried to locate this item on their web site so I could give you its URL, but there's no sign of it on their site. Nor could it be found on Google. (Just common sense)

Calling the Kettle Black

The liberals say Tom Tancredo's truthful ad trying to warn people about what's happening is "fear mongering." But is it? Seems to me the liberals continually engage in REAL "fear mongering" in order to sell us their vote-buying schemes that cost us all a lot of money. A letter-writer to the Post says, "Tancredo didn't stage anything mentioned. The new ad stating 90,000 Americans each year drop dead of a heart attack is a fear mongering. Saying children will starve, people will die and seniors will become homeless if Free Lunch, Medicare and Social Security are reformed is fear mongering. Remembering 3,000 innocent Americans were murdered on September 11th by a bunch of Muslim terrorists who received posthumous approval for flight school training is the TRUTH." They're dead. They flew their planes into several buildings and killed a lot of people. But their flight schools APPROVED them to fly, after that. How gullible are Americans? If we don't "wake up" to the totality of the Islamic terrorism threat, soon it won't matter because the terrorists will be "calling the shots" and beheading anybody they don't like, under their laws. (Denver Post Letters, 11/15/07)

That's Offensive to Me!

In Australia, they're warning "Santas-to-be" to stop the "ho, ho, hos: because it is offensive to women. Seems to me that only liberal crazy women would be offended by this. Only someone out LOOKING for something to be offended by would be offended by this, and that's offensive to me! But of course, they don't care about me being offended. All they care about is what offends THEM. It tells me more about those who are "offended" by this than anything else. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some people are just LOOKING for something to "offend" them so they can complain. Their complaints mean NOTHING to real human beings. (Denver Post, 11/15/07)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fairness: But Not For Us!

PBS, among other liberal news sources, wants the "Equal Time Doctrine" to come back for everybody else BUT them. "Democratic congressional leaders now in the majority have been entertaining the idea of reviving a federal 'Fairness Doctrine' which would require private broadcasters to comply with notions of balancing out each station's daily schedule of news, talk, and public-affairs programming. These same Democrats have been highly offended at the idea that anyone outside or inside taxpayer-funded broadcasting would monitor PBS content for fairness or balance. Despite taking federal money from all taxpayers, PBS stations across America often air programs and documentaries that tilt decidedly to the left. In funding filmmakers to go out and make one-sided left-wing films and talk programs, public broadcasting subsidies serve, in effect, as ideological pork-barrel spending. While conservatives like Frank Gaffney have seen their films stripped from the national PBS schedule due to his activist 'day job,' liberal activism is not eschewed at PBS, but encouraged. In this analysis, the Media Research Center outlines three trends that herald an increasing misuse of public television against American conservatives" My first question here is, "Who decides?" Who gets to decide what is, or is not "fair?" Who DEFINES "fairness?" Since it is liberals who want this, I'd guess the person who gets to define fairness and to decide which reports are "fair" will be a "leftie." (Media Research Center,)

They're Getting Desperate, Folks

The UN has now announced that there will be a 6-degree increase in global temperature if we don't do something about it (mostly give them more money and more power over us, of course). For a long time it was one-half a degree in 100 years, but that doesn't excite anybody, even if they agree with the absurd notion that man has caused it and that man can do something about it. So they've increased the "estimate" by 1200 percent! "Everyone will feel its effects, [said Yvo de Boer, director of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change] but global warming will hit the poorest countries hardest and will 'threaten the very survival' of some people, he said. 'Failing to recognize the urgency of this message and act on it would be nothing less than criminally irresponsible' and a direct attack on the world's poorest people, de Boer said." The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Aren't you getting tired of all the screaming about nothing? (Christian Science Monitor, 11/15/07)

Freedom of Speech is Limited

A phony preacher who works hard to make people mad enough to attack him so he can sue them has, himself been sued, and he lost: "(CNN) -- A federal jury in Baltimore, Maryland, Wednesday awarded $10.9 million to a father of a Marine whose funeral was picketed by members of a fundamentalist church carrying signs blaming soldiers' deaths on America's tolerance of homosexuals. The family of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder -- who was killed in a vehicle accident in Iraq's Anbar province in 2006 -- sued the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, and its leaders for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Church members showed up at Snyder's funeral chanting derogatory slogans and holding picket signs with messages including ''God Hates Fags.' They've picketed the funerals of dozens of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming that God is punishing the United States because of its tolerance for homosexuality." The "Reverend" says this judgment will not affect future demonstrations. But I predict it will. I don't think this pitifully small church has enough money to pay very many such judgments, so he'll have to demonstrate in a different way in the future. So he and his congregation hate gays. So what, so long as they don't let that cause them to hurt people at the worst time in their lives. I think this is the best way to handle such "demonstrations." Don't hit him in the nose. Hit him in the wallet. That works better. Mr. Snyder might just end up owning this church. (CNN, 10/31/07)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Are They "Piling On" HIllary?

Yes, I'm sure they are. And she's "piling on" them. That's what election campaigns are all about. "Piling on" your opponent. They make big noise about her being female. But that actually doesn't make a bit of difference. So she's a girl. So what? She's running for president. For the most powerful office in the world. If she can't take a little criticism, maybe she'd better get out of the race. (Washington Times, 11/13/07)

What Party?

A Louisiana Representative used a racist crack in an interview and got some criticism in the media. But did they report the fact that she was a Democrat? Noooooo! They never DO when a Democrat screws up, but they ALWAYS do when a Republican screws up. Do you see any mention of this woman's party in this report? "A state representative in a runoff election infuriated civil rights leaders after she ended a conversation with the mother of the NAACP's local president by saying, 'Talk to you later, Buckwheat.' State Rep. Carla Blanchard Dartez, of Morgan City, acknowledged she made the remark during a Thursday night telephone conversation with Hazel Boykin to thank her for driving voters to the polls. Buckwheat, a black child character in the "Little Rascals" comedies of the 1930s and '40s, is viewed as a racial stereotype demeaning to black people." Imagine that! (News Busters, 11/7/07)

Wolf Blitzer "Warned"

"Clinton, Inc." has warned Wolf Blitzer not to ask Hillary any "tough questions" at the upcoming debates. What are they going to do? Shoot him down in the street? Or just make sure he gets fired or "downgraded?" They were very angry when Russert actually asked a REAL question instead of the usual "softball" questions. They say the campaign is "about issues," but they shy away from any definitive answer on ANY issue. So what should we do? Elect her on her word alone that she actually is INTERESTED in the issues? The only "issue" she's interested in is bringing socialism to America as Evita Peron did to Argentina. I wouldn't vote for her on a bet. And that has nothing to do with her sex (whatever that is). Show me a woman worth something and I'll vote for her. (News Busters/Drudge Report, 11/13/07)

Are You Stupid?

CNN seems to think so. They think you're prone to eating the "ear buds" from your iPhone. That you might "inhale" them. This pretty much sums up their market. They appeal to the stupid. Unfortunately, the stupid, as a market, is shrinking. Therefore, their audience is shrinking, as well. They blame Fox for this, and they're right. People are tired of hearing all the tired, old, liberal crap CNN spouts and are moving over to Fox in droves. That's because Fox doesn't ignore news items that do not agree with a preconceived notion. They bring us the unvarnished truth, and have almost as many liberals on staff as they have conservatives. This way they can present both sides of an issue. That's what CNN has against them. CNN is not long for this world. Economic reality will shortly hit them "where it hurts," and they will go the way of "Air America," which most people are surprised is still on the air at all, since they can't pay their talent. (Business & Media Institute, 11/9/07)

Tancredo is Right

He IS the only politician (including our president) to recognize the problem of our porous border, allowing any number of Islamic terrorists to enter unopposed. I'm sure there are numerous such terrorists already in our country, just waiting for orders from al Qaida or another organization of murderers. "Rep. Tom Tancredo's campaign defended an ad today that depicted a hooded terrorist blowing up a shopping mall, despite allegations by some that the congressman was engaging in fear-mongering. [Why should he have to defend an attempt to keep us alive? -RT] 'We're doing this to bring attention to a real national security threat. The FBI has come out with reports that al-Qaida may be attempting to attack shopping malls this Christmas,' [And why is that so surprising? -RT] said Tancredo's campaign spokesperson Alan Moore. The 30-second spot, which began airing on cable television in Iowa, depicts Tancredo as the only candidate brave enough to buck political convention and discuss the true threat of immigration -- terrorists crossing from Mexico into the U.S." I've been worried about that from the beginning. Why aren't others, including the president? It's too bad Tancredo doesn't have a chance in the presidential race. I think he'd be better (especially concerning keeping Islamic terrorists out) than just about anybody ahead of him in the race [Update: Liberals are now accusing Tancredo of "equating terrorists with other illegal aliens" with his ad. That obviously (to those who pay attention) misses the point, probably on purpose. They can't argue against it any other way]. (Denver Post, 11/13/07)

Anti-Religious Bigotry

That's what Newt Gingrich calls it, and he's right. In a recent case where a condo management stopped a 93-year-old woman from even putting an angel on top of a tree in the common area, "Even the word 'Christmas' was banned The residents were told to use 'holiday' instead (an irony not picked up by the elites since the word 'holiday' is derived from 'Holyday'). The management company blamed federal regulations for its anti-religious directive. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) denies that this is their policy, but they say that religious bans like this are commonplace. Anti-religious zealots have put property owners and managers on the defensive. Rather than risk a lawsuit, they issue blanket prohibitions that amount to nothing less than anti-religious bigotry. It's another example of the biases of the elites -- in this case, anti-religious bigotry -- being imposed on the American people." [Lowe's is now banning the use of the word "Christmas," too. -RT] [Update: Lowe's has apologized and called it "a proofing error, saying they "proudly sell Christmas trees and have for 60 years." I think they got such a big negative response when some liberal on their staff made a decision to stop calling them "Christmas trees," that they decided to rescind the policy to avoid losing a lot of money. -RT] But, as further noted by Gingrich, these bans are not "equal." "Did you know that, while religious images are under assault across the nation, in nine Western states the courts have ruled it constitutional for public schools to require a three-week course on the Islamic faith -- a course in which all junior-high students are mandated to pretend they are Muslims and offer prayers to Allah? This is the same court, mind you, that infamously ruled (in the case brought by atheist activist Michael Newdow) that it is unconstitutional for students to mention 'under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance." What the hell are they trying to do? Replace Christianity with Islam? I, for one, would NEVER follow a religion that pretended to control me to the extent that Islam does, their treatment of women notwithstanding. It looks to me as if the liberals (mostly Democrats) have been "bought off" by Islamic interests. They can protest this comment all they want, but I then must ask, "What would they do differently if they weren't?" (Newt Gingrich,)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Self-Created "Problem"

Should we "shy away" from nuclear power as a means toward "clean energy?" Not according to those who study this phenomena. According to the experts, we are exposed to more radiation using "coal-fired" power production than from nuclear power production. Environmentalists have made much about "Three-Mile Island" and "Chernobyl," but the truth is, there has been NO "nuclear accident" in THIS COUNTRY that has injured or killed a single soul. and that includes "Three-Mile Island." (Ray Thomas 101,)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What Is Inflation?

To simplify something liberals in our government want to complicate, so as to confuse those who don't really know WHAT "inflation" really is, I present this: Inflation is simply, printing more money that there is value to back it up, and that is something our government has done on a regular basis since they created the Federal Reserve, back in 1913. Liberals in our government try and convince you it is the "wage-price spiral" that is responsible, but it is not. The "wage-price spiral" is a SYMPTOM of inflation. When a dollar becomes worth less in buying power, employees demand more money, just to stay "even." This causes the employer to raise HIS prices, for the same reason. This, in turn, causes more inflation and the employees demand more money, causing the employer to raise his prices, etc., etc. That is the "Wage-price spiral," and it is CAUSED by inflation. In the article linked below, it is the FIRST definition that is the simnplest. Any attempt to further define it will complicate things -- which is what the liberals want to do. (,)

The Global Warming Swindle

One of the things I try to do here is to simplify the things the liberals want to complicate to fool people who would know better if they "paid attention to politics." One of those is the "climate control swindle" personified by former Vice-President AlGore, who took a "naturally-occurring phenomenon" and made it into a "money-making scam" for himself. The simple truth of it is that the current (and future) rise in global temperature of about one-fourth of a degree in the next 100 years is not a crisis. It is not something we should worry about and, to avoid it(if we could), that we should spend a lot of money (a lot of it going into Al's pocket and the pockets of his global-warming friends). Climate temperature is CYCLICAL. It goes up and down. It has since the beginning of this world and will continue until its end. The idea that man could accelerate it or DEcelerate it is absurd. Dr. Fred Singer is a noted climatologist. He actually DESIGNED many of the instruments today's climatologists USE to measure our climate. AlGore has NO "credentials" that allow him to be believed when he says this naturally-occurring phenomena" is "man-made" nor that man can put a stop to it or even "even things out" by buying the "carbon equalizers" his company sells to make the gullible think planting trees will accomplish it. Even if we COULD "do something about" climate warming, it's NOT a "crisis, his "the sky is falling" cries notwithstanding. Al is using the time-worn method of "name-calling" to "demonize" people who criticize him, calling them "global warming deniers," as if that meant that they did not know wherof they speak. If he hears about this item, he'll no doubt call ME a "global warming denier," and he'll be right, by MY definition, but not by his. Frankly, if you were confronted with such information by AlGore, a man with NO "credentials," and information to the contrary by such a man as Dr. Fred Singer, which would you be inclined to believe? For me, it would be Dr. Singer. Gore's camp even tried to debunk Singer's words by accusing him (without proof, of course) of "selling his science" in several areas, including his stand against "second-hand smoke" as a danger AND his stand against global warming as something to worry about. If you want to get more complicated, see the article linked below concerning Gore's contention that "global warming is settled science." It is, but not the way Gore would like it to be. (Cato Institute,)

Ritter Says New Taxes Needed

It would be funny if it weren't so serious that Democrat Colorado Governor Bill Ritter says new taxes "might be" ("Might" always means "Will" when a Democrat talks about new taxes) necessary to create the (giveaway) programs he has promised. Which raises the question: What is he going to do with the money already in the state's coffers from the recently successful initiative that allowed the state to KEEP money they've already overcharged in taxes? Does the fact that the state is "awash in money" make any difference to this "tax-and-spend" Democrat? I found reference to this in the Ft. Collins Coloradoan, but nothing in Denver newspapers. Surprise, surprise!

"Cheat Neutral"

Thinking you can "neutralize" your cheating is about as stupid as is people giving money to a company owned mostly by AlGore to "make up for" a "big footprint" in the amount of power they use. Gore "invented" it in order to fool the gullible into thinking he's "making up for" the "big footprint" of his own power use as he flies across the world in private planes, drives around in SUVs when on the ground, and his huge electric bill at home. The idea that "planting trees" could "offset" his power usage while he abuses others about theirs is silly. Meanwhile, as with most scams, he's making millions "planting trees" to "offset" big power usage. This while he promotes the idea that a "cyclical" rise of a quarter of a degree in temperature over 100 years is a "crisis," even if man were capable of causing, OR stopping it. Frankly, a quarter of a degree in a hundred years doesn't distress me in any case. The last time it happened, there were very few people, and NO industry on earth --and the earth is still here. (Cheat Neutral,)

Government Money, Government Control

Whenever the government puts money in ANYTHING, they feel they have the right to DICTATE to the recipients. One example is HUD's "edict" to a 90-some-year-old resident of a HUD-subsidized condo that she could not place an angel (or any other religious symbol) on top of a Christmas tree in the common area of the condo (That policy has since been rescinded, following sharp criticism and an uproar). I'm waiting for HUD or some other federal agency to attempt to control what goes on in my son's home, since he got FHA help on his mortgage. The problem is not with George Bush. It is with entrenched liberal bureaucrats who think they can rule the world, simply by giving people money. (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Islam: World's Most Violent Religion

I've recommended a number of books that "swiftboat (tell the truth)" about Islam, and here's a new DVD that does the same. It reveals most of the (known) truths about Islam and Mohammed, a "blood-soaked warlord" who murdered (directly and indirectly) millions in an attempt to spread Islam (and is still doing so). The "peaceful" Muslims will want to KILL me for telling you about this DVD, but I'm old enough and bent enough not to care. Get this DVD. It will light a light above your head about Islam. (Conservative DVD Club,)

Race Hoaxism

If you believe the so-called "news reports" coming out of today's colleges and universities, you probably think racism is rampant among college students AND faculty. But as Ann Coulter says, maybe you should find some actual college students OR faculty who ARE racists before you schedule the next "Rally Against Racism" on campus. Like the campaign against McCarthy (who was eventually proven right, by the way, and which every lie told against him has been debunked) they are CREATING the "myth of racism." One day there will be a 600-page "scholarly work" to prove them wrong, and it will be roundly ignored, as was "The true story of Joe McCarthy, told in meticulous, irrefutable detail in Blacklisted by History, is that from 1938 to 1946, the Democratic Party acquiesced in a monstrous conspiracy being run through the State Department, the military establishment, and even the White House to advance the Soviet cause within the U.S. government." They are acquiescing in a similar scam promoted by the "race whores" of our society such as "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, all self-styled "reverends" of one kind or another who have made MILLIONS by claiming racism and threatening businesses with their "race scams." Someday they will be found out and a scholarly book will be written, to be placed on the back of library shelves behind Bill or Hillary Clinton's latest lie between covers. "The McCarthy period is the Rosetta stone of all liberal lies. It is the textbook on how they rewrite history -- the sound chamber of liberal denunciations, their phony victimhood as they demean and oppress their enemies, their false imputation of dishonesty to their opponents, their legalization of every policy dispute, their ability to engage in lock-step shouting campaigns, and the black motives concealed by their endless cacophony." ("Black motives" having nothing to do with racism, but with the rewriting of history to those who pay no attention to politics and are therefore subject to being fooled by the scam). "Then as now, liberals protect themselves from detection with wild calumnies against anybody who opposes them. They have no interest in -- or aptitude for -- persuasion. Their goal is to anathematize their enemies. Blacklisted by History removes the curse from one of the greatest patriots in American history."(Ann Coulter, 11/7/07)

When Will Islam Take Over Here?

Not too long if we continue to ignore the danger of ignoring Islamic terrorism. "Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer from a Muslim muezzin. Millions of Europeans already do. And liberals will still tell you that 'diversity is our strength' [It's not. -RT] -- while Talibanic enforcers cruise our cities burning books and barber shops... the Supreme Court decides sharia law doesn't violate the "separation of church and state" ... and the Hollywood Left gives up gay rights in favor of the much safer charms of polygamy. If you think this can't happen, you haven't been paying attention, as the hilarious and brilliant Mark Steyn -- the most popular conservative columnist in the English-speaking world -- shows to devastating effect in his New York Times bestseller, America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It." I usually don't promote books. But every once in a while one comes along to give us information that will save our lives. This is such a book.

Update on China Bible Ban

We previously reported about a ban on Bibles to be enforced by Communist China during the Olympics. Turns out, they now say they have no such plans for any ban on Bibles. The original report I cited came from the Catholic News Agency and was supported by multiple news items in many news sources including the Italian daily La Gazetta dello Sport and the Spanish daily LaRazon. Now China denies it. What to believe? I guess we'll have to wait and see what they DO during their Olympics (They'll probably allow them IN the Olympic Village, but they will be "contraband" anywhere else). We thought it was a good report (and still do) because it fit their "profile." They'll do whatever they wish, and to hell with the consequences. They think their decisions are not subject to question by anybody and they hate Christianity and any other religion but communism. Looks like they got so much criticism of the kind they could not suppress that they reversed themselves and decided not to ban the Bible -- this time, and in this context. Bible bans and bans on any kind of religion except their own will no doubt continue, out of sight of Olympic visitors, of course. They will probably execute the Chinese official who originally announced the ban. (Sioux City Journal, 11/8/07)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why Aren't Republicans Fighting Back?

I've been wondering that for a long time now. Every time a Democrat gets pilloried by his actions or words, he "puts up his dukes" and fights back. Why don't the Republicans do the same? Are they only there to be "the loyal opposition" who opposes nothing? Are they a "sham party" put in place to make it APPEAR that the Democrats (socialists) have opposition while no opposition ever comes? Was Ronald Reagan something the Democrats "let slip through?" Is it possible that nowhere is there another Ronald Reagan out there who will "tell it like it is" and do it the same way? Is there nobody out there with the guts to stand up and tell the world he or she is NOT a socialist, but is an INDIVIDUALIST instead? David Limbaugh asks the question regarding "torture." I ask it about EVERYTHING. (David Limbaugh, 11/6/07)

"Swiftboating" Means "Telling the Truth"

Obama is "stunned" by Bill Clinton's crack about Hillary "being swiftoated." What he doesn't say is that "swiftboating" is TELLING THE TRUTH about a Democrat. Not a single thing the "swiftboaters" said about John Kerry has EVER been refuted or proven untrue, but the term "swiftboating" has come to be a "derogatory term" when used by Democrats. What the Democrats hate is that Obama DID "tell the truth" about Hillary. From now on, you can depend on it; if they decry a "swiftboat attack" without disproving the claims, the claims are true. (News Max, 11/7/07)

More and More Taxes!

Well, they passed all 9 of Denver Mayor Hickenlooper's tax package to "pay for infrastructure." We're now in $550 million more debt. Until today, "Hick" successfully sold 14 new tax packages to Denverites in the short time since his first election. Now it's 15. I'm sure glad I no longer live in Denver proper. The thing I want to know is why they need so much MORE money, just for "infrastructure?" Shouldn't that be planned and paid for out of all the money they've already overtaxed us? They're "awash" in money, yet they continue to "poor-mouth" us to get more. I remember an old boss of mine who continually "poor-mouthed" us so he wouldn't have to give anybody any raises. The best way to get more and more money out of ANYBODY is to convince them you're broke. I like "Hick, as a person. But he has proven he's just another "tax and spend Democrat." Even so, they still can't "get it right" when it comes to counting votes yet again. They made such a mess of it in the last presidential election that Denver changed its entire method of counting votes. What's really bad about this is that this same thing is happening all over the country. They're "poor-mouthing" us and convincing us they're broke, while in actuality, they're awash in money. (Rocky Mountain News, 11/7/07)

Do Muslims Really Want Peace?

"The Vatican responded Friday to the open letter sent at the end of Ramadan by 138 Muslim scholars to Pope Benedict XVI and a wide array of other Christian leaders. The response was somewhat deflating, given the mainstream media's enthusiasm over the Muslim letter -- an enthusiasm which the senders must have anticipated. Noting the Muslim scholars’ declaration that 'the future of the world depends on peace between Muslims and RT] the Telegraph‘s headline was typical of the coverage: 'Muslim scholars' olive branch to Christians.' Reuters burbled about an 'Unprecedented Muslim call for peace with Christians.' But was it really?" Actually, it was part and parcel of the public relations campaign being waged right along with the Islamic war on Christians and other religions. They tell us they want "peace," then they go out and kill us. "(Cardinal Jean-Louis) Tauran went on to call for reciprocity between the treatment of Christians in Islamic lands and the treatment of Muslims in the West, decrying the fact that Muslims are permitted to build mosques freely in Europe, but Christians face difficulties or outright bans when trying to build churches in Muslim lands. 'In a dialogue among believers, it is fundamental to say what is good for one is good for the other.' " Watch what they DO, not what they SAY. (Jihad Watch/Human Events, 10/22/07)

Newspapers Losing Circulation

And they just don't or won't, understand that Americans are tired of being fed the "liberal line" instead of the truth. That's one reason why Fox News is now the biggest news provider on the net, despite the best efforts of the liberal media to marginalize them. "NEW YORK - The Audit Bureau of Circulations released circulation numbers for more than 700 daily newspapers this morning for the six-month period ending September 2007. Of the top 25 papers in daily circulation (see chart, separate story), only four showed gains." (Editor & Publisher, 11/5/07)