Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The War on Christianity

There is a world-wide war on Christianity, fueled by Muslims. The Muslim "faith" is said to be the fastest growing "religion" in the world, and it's not surprising. They KILL Christians, every day, somewhere. It's not hard to be a fast-growing "religion" when you KILL those who refuse to convert to your religion, and make it known that you do. In Syria, for instance, the number of Christians is DOWN 2/3. It is DANGEROUS to be a Christian in any Muslim-run country. Their laws allow their adherents to KILL "non-believers" if they refuse to convert. Even in the United States, Muslims are pushing laws to make it a CRIME to speak against Islam, be it truth or lie. And they are having some success in some liberal-run communities. Additionally, special treatment is being given to Muslims in many places. Schools can (and do, in some places) teach about Islam, while schools are BANNED from teaching about Christianity. Teachers can lose their jobs for teaching, or even MENTIONING Christianity in class, or for REFUSING to teach about Islam. Why this is, I just don't understand, except to figure there are many STUPID politicians out there. Of course, that's proven by the number of anti-gun fools in education. (Just common sense)

Anti-Gun Fools Jump

The other day, a deputy US Marshal was killed, and several others were wounded while trying to serve an arrest warrant. And immediately, without waiting for the facts, the anti-gun fools jumped all over it, criticizing a Senator for not passing anti-gun fool laws. They didn't wait to see if the gun used to kill the deputy was legally registered or not, or whether or not the killer had stood for a background check. If he hadn't done either, or had gotten his gun illegally, NO anti-gun laws would have even slowed him down in obtaining his gun. Since the guy was so quick to start shooting, one can assume he did none of those things except getting his gun illegally. The article linked here said nothing about the fate of the killer, but I think we can assume he was at least captured, but more probably killed. The deputies were not expecting trouble, but often it comes, "out of the blue." Which is why ALL politicians who want ro DISARM the cops are totally ignorant and have no right to be in any office. Someone could open up on a cop at any time, and if they don't have guns, they would be like those unarmed French cops who could do nothing except cower behind their cars while a couple of terrorists killed 11 people for drawing a PICTURE of the "Muslim Prophet." (Amanda Green)

Unenforceable Regulations

The ATF has taken it upon itself to come out with a "regulation" that bans ALL ways to "increase the rate of fire" of a gun. It does not mention the "bump stock" by name, but the reg covers every conceivable method to increase the rate of fire in ANY gun. Kind of a "catch-all" reg that could spell DOOM for the Second Amendment, while not specifically reversing it. Reminds me of an old gun law in California (which may still be in effect, I don't know) that defines a firearm as "anything that can be projected toward a person that can do him harm." Or words to that effect. In my mind, that includes my fist, which can do so. If so, I must LICENSE my fist. The same applies to a fart, which, in my case, can easily damage somebody if he or she is "in range." The point is, it is yet another way to circumvent the Second Amendment, and it was done WITHOUT input from the Congress. In other words, it is NOT a LAW, just a REGULATION. Bureaucratic "takeover" and UNLAWFUL. A bureaucratic agency CANNOT legally do such a thing, since EVERY regulation must be to DETAIL enforcement of a LAW. (Truth About Guns)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Trump Can't Beat Michelle"

That is what the Dumocrats think. And they recently added Oprah to that list of people they think can beat Trump in the next election. They're DERANGED if they think either of those women have a chance to even get CLOSE to Trump in an election. If this is the best they can come up with in the way of opposition for Trump. a second term is GUARANTEED. Another name being bandied about is "Ol' Joe" Biden, and he's not much better. They "passed over" him in 2016 because they thought he was too weak a candidate, compared to their "front-runner," Hillary. And she got her butt whipped, proper. As will Michele or Oprah. All Oprah has going for her is "name recognition." She has NO EXPERIENCE, not even in real estate, international relations, or horse trading. Just being rich and famous. Michelle has only being the wife of one of the WORST presidents in modern history. She has no experience at ANYTHING except being an ex-president's wife, while using her big mouth to yap. If this is the best they have, we're going to have Trump as president for long time. (Just common sense)

I Told Ya So!

It has been said that an anti-gun fool was just a liberal who hasn't been robbed at gunpoint. The story I just read is priceless! It's about a New York City comedian who was against guns all his life. Then he was robbed at gunpoint. He quivered in fear as he looked down the enormous barrel (it seemed) of the gun in the mugger's hand, then handed over his cell phone. Then the bad guy ran off, and this liberal anti-gun fool underwent a significant change in attitude. He now wants to get a gun, and a "carry permit." It's a fact that sometimes ignorant liberals wise up fast when looking down the barrel of a gun in the hand of a criminal or a terrorist. Another way to put it is that once ignorant liberals often change their tunes when real life intervenes. Would that this happen in other areas, too. Unfortunately, liberals live in their own little worlds, and take pains never to have to hear "a discouraging word," They have their own little "safe spaces" where non-liberal words are not allowed. And they gather together to "scream at the sky," thinking this will change things in their favor. That it never does seems not to dawn on them. They just keep screaming. (WUSA 9)

Are Background Checks Futile?

I read an article that tells us that background checks ARE futile. Something intelligent people already knew, but anti-gun fools do not. They talk about increased gun thefts being responsible, and they are--in part. But they are only a small part of the problem. The theory is that if a registered gun owner knows his name is on a list, he will think twice about using his gun in a crime. Which ignores, entirely, the fact that people who wish to do criminal acts do not register their guns, nor submit to a background check. They just buy their guns illegally in a back alley somewhere, or just steal it. Their names never even get NEAR a background check list or a gun registration list. Sure, there are laws against owning guns that the government doesn't know about. But that doesn't bother criminals. If they plan much more serious crimes, they don't concern themselves with relatively minor crimes like unauthorized gun ownership or carrying. The whole gun control thing as we know it is futile, for the same reason. If you were a criminal with an unregistered gun you were carrying without a carry permit, would you be concerned about bringing your gun into a "gun-fee zone?" Or properly storing your gun at home? Doubtful. If you're a criminal, you break laws. It's that simple. (Liberty Park Press)

Monday, May 28, 2018

Mueller Has No Integrity

If you listen to the DC pundits (liberals all), Robert Mueller is the epitome of integrity. If you look up integrity in the dictionary, his picture is next to the definition of the word. But he is absolutely NOT a "man of integrity." If he was, he would not have stretched out his "witch hunt" for more than a year, while ruining so many people with peripheral connections to Trump, and taking the "investigation" far afield while spending $millions of taxpayer dollars, in an attempt to find something, ANYTHING he can use to "bring Trump down." He would have shut down his "investigation" a long time ago when he found NO EVIDENCE of Trump collusion with the Russians in his election, which was the ostensible reason for the investigation. Mueller has served several presidents, in several different jobs, including that of the head of the FBI, during which time Hillary sold the Russians a large part of our uranium supply with his help. He is well known to have played hob with evidence rules in many cases, gaining convictions of INNOCENT people with faked evidence. This is a man with NO integrity who has been falsely "built up" as a "man of integrity." Now he has "indicted" several Russian companies he thought would never appear to be tried, so he'd get some good headlines out of it. But one company called his bluff and is now demanding he show what "evidence" he has against them, which is NONE. I predict those "charges" will be dropped, because he can't produce any evidence. There is none. Just common sense)

Gun Laws Work, Huh?

Anti-gun fools are convinced they do, in spite of repeated evidence that they don't. Example: Chicago, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, has also the highest gun death numbers in the country. California is an even larger example of anti-gun fool ignorance. They too, have very tough gun laws over the whole state. Yet recently, they figured out that there were 10,000 (or more) guns in the possession of people who should not be allowed NEAR a gun. Whoa! Does that mean that those people IGNORED their "gun laws?" I don't believe it! Or I wouldn't if I were an anti-gun fool. Right after the Sandy Hook massacre, they had a "crackdown" that netted 18,000 guns in the possession of people like felons, those convicted of domestic violence, or those adjudged dangerously mentally ill. How did those people get those guns? ILLEGALLY, of course. None of their highly vaunted gun laws did ANYTHING to keep guns out of the hands of those people. That should tell the anti-gun fools something, but it doesn't. They're convinced that their approach is proper, and you couldn't get through their thick skulls with a jackhammer. (Bearing Arms)

Attempting the Impossible

That's what the anti-gun fools are doing, every day. They really believe, in their ignorance, that making a LAW that says crooks can't be armed while committing their other crimes, will cause them to OBEY their laws, even while DISOBEYING all other laws, every day. It's an impossible dream, but they continue to pursue it. People who break laws for a living aren't going to obey their gun laws. Only the law-abiding do, and they aren't the problem. They obey gun laws, and are thus "easy targets" for those who DON'T obey laws. While pursuing this impossible dream, they don't have the time to come up with a REAL solution to the "gun violence" problem. They won't even consider one of the best solutions out there, arming the law-abiding, so they can shoot and kill some of those lawbreakers and by so doing, reduce gun violence generally--by getting rid of some of the illegally-armed criminals. Studies show that dead criminals don't shoot many people. (BBC)

Friday, May 25, 2018

First One's Over

Got my cataract on the right side removed, and it was pronounced fine. Gotta do it all over again next week on the other side. It was easier than I anticipated. I just went to sleep, and when I woke up it was done. After that, the hardest part was the eye patch I had to wear until the next day, and the eye drops four times a day for two weeks. Bother. Then another month for the heart catheterization. Busy time.

Just What Is A Spy?

Dumocrats are trying to tell us there wasn't a "spy" placed into the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. But they DO admit there WAS an "informant" placed there. Which brings up the question: what the hell is the difference between a spy and an informant? A spy listens and learns, then informs his handlers what he has learned. An informant listens and learns and then tells his handlers what he has learned. Their jobs are IDENTICAL, so what the hell is the difference? Only SEMANTICS. A spy is an informant. An informant is a spy. There is no difference. This is only an effort, by the Dumocrats, to again fool the people who only read the headlines and don't read the whole article. They SAY he was only there to PROTECT Trump. That's a big load of stinky brown stuff. A big LIE. The Dumocrats know we know that, but they figure this gives them "plausible deniability." They can keep denying they put a spy in Trump's campaign, even though we know it is a LIE, they know we know it is a lie, and they don't care. They keep repeating the lie, over and over, until enough people DO believe the lie to make it work. This is how they operate. They BUILD IN "plausible deniability" so that, when they get caught, they can "plausibly deny it" and go right on as if they didn't get caught. The key question is, "Did they put a spy into the Hillary campaign? Not a chance. They KNEW about all her crimes, and they covered them up. (Just common sense)

Ridiculous Restrictions

Think about it. If an honest, law-abiding American found himself in a gun fight with a lawless individual who obeys NO laws, and that individual has all the bullets in his magazines as he wants, because he doesn't obey those "piffle laws" put out for the law-abiding to obey, and for him to ignore. Meanwhile, the law-abiding person only has FIVE bullets in his magazine before he has to reload--and while he's reloading, he is at a distinct disadvantage, and could even be KILLED. That's what the new governor in New Jersey wants. He wants to give a distinct advantage to those who obey NO laws in such a gun fight. He'll deny it to his dying day, but that's what he wants. You have to look at the EFFECT of his actions, not his protestations to the contrary. Many anti-gun fools say they "don't want to take away your guns," then go out and try to do just that, every day, even though they KNOW their silly laws do NOTHING to "reduce gun violence," and only INCREASE it by DISARMING the law-abiding, or saddling them with STUPID rules that put them in danger. We ask them WHY they do that, and they never answer. Or they give us the same crap they try to make us believe, every day. (NJ Legislature)

Typical Anti-Gun Ignorance

They're having a bake sale in Dan Diego and many other places, "to end gun violence." Like that's going to be any more effective than their "common sense gun laws" that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, and instead INCREASE it by disarming law-biding people so they'll be "easy targets" for those ILLEGAL gun holders who want to victimize them. It's sponsored by "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that), and they really think that will actually DO something to reduce gun violence. Actually, there are only a couple of things that will have ANY effect on gun violence, and they won't hear of one of them, while laws that support the other do not get enforced. They are the laws causing longer sentences for those using guns in committing a crime. They are commonly used as "bargaining chips" to get convictions in other crimes. That's just sloppy policing and prosecuting, but they don't know that. The other is allowing the law-abiding (who aren't likely to be the problem) to be armed in self defense. But they ignore the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there and only fear the law-abiding being armed. Stupid. Armed law-abiding people CAN reduce gun crime" by killing off those who would victimize them with ILLEGAL guns. Studies show that dead thugs don't kill many people. (SD News)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scheduled Surgery

Coverage might be spotty late this week because I have scheduled cataract surgery Thursday, and I don't know if I will be able to update this blog that day, or the next. But I'll be back up to speed as soon as I can, until Thursday the next week when the second cataract surgery is scheduled. I might be a little more sure of what I can do for that one. Stand by.

It Isn't Working

The Dumocrats embarked upon a "scorched Earth policy" regarding Donald Trump when he beat their hand-picked, "fixed" candidate, Hillary Clinton. Right up to 9 o'clock on election night they were supremely confident in her being elected--and then disaster struck. Soon it bcame evident that Donald Trump had beaten back their best (worst) efforts, and was now the elected president--not Hillary. So they invented the "Russian Connection" with the Trump campaign, to get him elected. They couldn't find, or manufacture any PROOF. But they insisted it was true, that they WOULD eventually find the proof they figured was there, but that they had not found it, yet. That's been their story now for more than a year. Meanwhile, they have insulted Trump, planted false stories about him in the liberal media, and nothing has worked. He has higher and higher approval ratings every day. They just don't understand why their "tried and true" scams haven't worked. Why this stupid fool has beaten them at every turn. They think he's illiterate, can't spell, nor use punctuation properly, or comprehend foreign or domestic policy.

Meanwhile, he continues to win, in just about everything he tries. The economy is booming; unemployment is at record lows; household income is up. Obama's millions of unemployed are now working if they want to. He's shredding them, They arrogantly thought they'd be rid of him in six months. Instead, he's actively "draining the swamp" and getting stronger, every day. Soon he will get to every one of them, in spite of all their efforts to stop him. Trump is not your average politician, so their usual scams don't work on him. They don't even slow him down. So now they've unearthed a porn star to claim a "one-night stand" with him more than a decade ago, and wants out of a "non disclosure agreement" she was forced to sign, but which was not signed by Trump, so she can do what? Tell the world? She's already done that, in spades. If there was such an agreement, she has already violated it in every way possible. They have nothing else, and they hope she is enough to get them back in control of Congress so they can impeach him for being Donald Trump and resume their efforts to fleece America.. They don't have anything else. (Just common sense)

"Ban Trench Coats!"

Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt is mocking the anti-gun fools by calling for a "trench coat ban" following the Santa Fe, Texas school killings, because the shooter hid his long gun under one when he entered that school with mass murder on his mind. He's doing it to mock the anti-gun fools, but I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them started advocating it, for real. That's the way they think. Blame everything EXCEPT what's really to blame, and that is the mental state of someone would actually DO such a thing. Banning guns themselves is just as fruitless an endeavor as is banning trench coats, but the anti-gun fools will never know that. They aren't smart enough. You can't mock the anti-gun fools. Like most liberals, they take such things seriously and either get very angry, or take them up, themselves. They have no sense of humor, and no sense of the ridiculous. As with their criticizing Trump for calling MS-13 gang members "animals." They had to have heard the correction to the original story, but they continue to scream and cry about it. (Breitbart)

I Just Don't Understand!

Every year there is a new crop of anti-gun fools going to Congress and proposing new versions of all the same old, tired, USELESS gun laws that do NOTHING to "curb gun violence." None of them ever come up with something new, and especially nothing EFFECTIVE. They have to know none of their fool laws work, but they keep making them. It doesn't matter how many times their fool laws are PROVEN to be useless, they insist on continuing to make new ones that can't be told from the old ones. One of their favorites is the "gun registry," where law-abiding gun owners register their guns while lawbreakers do NOT. How that stops gun violence is a mystery to intelligent people, but not to those ignorant anti-gun fools. Another of their favorites is the "gun-free zone," which, again, only affects the law-abiding, while the lawbreakers bring their guns and have a "field day" robbing and killing those law-abiding people who leave their guns at home. Again, they KNOW that doesn't work, but they keep making them. Are they just STUPID, or what? (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

California Committing Suicide

Among their other many giveaways to ILLEGAL aliens, They now want to give FREE HEALTHCARE to ILLEGAL aliens. Notice there is no mention of LEGAL residents there. The surest way to bankruptcy is to give things away, and California is doing it, at an increasing pace. There is some question whether Governor Moonbeam will sign the measure if it reaches his desk. But I have no doubt he will sign it. It goes right along with his love of giving away other people's money. He LOVES socialistic actions--and socialism will eventually destroy his state, as it has every place where it has been tried, eventually. As it did in Russia and is doing in many other places, including Cuba and Venezuela. In Cuba, you can't find a car that isn't a fifties model--unless you're a member of the leading elite, and are rich (a redundancy, there) Venezuela is seeing RIOTS for food, from starving people, due to socialism. Moonbeam is taking his state "where no one wants to go" if they're smart, and there are way too many people (including Moonbeam and his cohorts).in California who aren't too smart. (Just common sense)

Insults Never Herd Before

I understand that politics has always been poisonous, The names they called Lincoln is an example. But I haven't heard much of anything recently as poisonous as the irrational insults that come President Trump's way, every day. And my first president was FDR. Insults that are unnecessary and even "over the top." An example is Jimmy Kimmel's dumb "gay jokes" and the "making fun of Melania's accent. He said, "I understand that the level of vitriol that comes (me and mine included, he admits). and is, in fact, harmful to this country." So why does he tell them? He failed to apologize for his insults to Melania though, and confined his apology to the Homosexual jokes he made. I guess gays are more important to him for some reason than the First Lady. He talks about "death threats" he (says) he has received, but fails again to mention those received by the president and his family, for nothing except BEING president. I don't believe for a minute he has received ANY "death threats." Conservatives don't threaten those who disagree with them. Liberals do, and sometimes they carry them out. (Liberty Bugle)

"1,552 Mass Shootings!"

Just since Sandy Hook. That's what CNN's Jim Acosta is reporting, anyway. The way he justifies that is considering ANY shooting that involves more than four victims as a "mass shooting," which you can find any day in Chicago or St. Louis. That includes shootings in which no fatalities occur. Maybe even accidental firings while cleaning guns, too. Other anti-gun fools have been parroting similar numbers for a long time, and their numbers have gotten so outlandish that even some other anti-gun fools have "called them out" on them. Of course, Acosta is relying on an anti-gun outfit for HIS numbers. Does he really think if there were that many mass shootings that we would not notice? I'd think that any anti-gun fool would certainly bring them to our attention. Using the actual FBI definition for mass shootings, Mother Jones Magazine could only find FOUR mass shootings last year. Not the 355 leftists claim. (Breitbart)

Monday, May 21, 2018

It Needs to END!

Robert Mueller's "investigation" is futile. He has spent more than a year on a fruitless effort to find something, ANYTHING he can use to get Trump out of the presidency. It has cost the taxpayers $20 MILLION dollars and is no longer even PRETENDING to look for evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 election, to help Trump get elected. It is now concentrating on finding ANY "evidence" they can find that has any chance of "getting Trump." Meanwhile, they IGNORE sure evidence of collusion with Russia on the part of the HILLARY campaign. He has hired ALL anti-Trump people to work for his taxpayer-funded campaign to ruin Trump, and has come up with NOTHING except a couple of minor "process crimes" by some of Trump's FORMER associates, after ruining them financially. This is the biggest, most expensive "witch hunt" in the history of the United States, and needs to END. Trump can end it quickly by cutting off Mueller's funding, and he can do it. There's more than good reason to do so. And he should. No matter how loudly the Dumocrats whine and cry. (Just common sense)

Of Course, Democrats

A "coalition" of 64 Dumocrats sent a letter to President Trump to fire EPA Director Pruitt, citing "unethical behavior," "wasteful use of taxpayer money." and many other things they seem to be doing themselves, but resent when conservatives do them. And of course, it is Dumocrats who are complaining, since they are the ones who ARE "the swamp," and thus are Trump's targets while he "cleans up the swamp." Of course, they're fighting back. Every time Trump does away with another of their misguided and expensive regulations, they scream and whine like stuck pigs. They don't want Trump to succeed in his efforts to "drain the swamp," because then they would lose their power base, and the access to much money that entails. But more importantly, the POWER! They've had it all their own way for too many years, and Trump is on his way to ending it all--and they hate that. So they're GOING to complain, and try to put obstacles in his way every time they think they can. But it's not going to work. Trump is not your "average politician." He is a resolute man who keeps his promises, unlike most politicians. (Daily Caller)