Monday, May 21, 2018

Rahm Prefers Dictators

Rahm Emmanuel, current mayor of gun-violence plagued Chicago, has declared his "sanctuary city" Trump-free, meaning that President Trump is not welcome there. Though I don't know how he can keep him out. At the same time, he has invited that dictator-run outfit, the United Nations in to help him get rid of the gun violence. Gun violence that he has made worse with his stupid "sanctuary city" policies that have allowed unknown numbers of gang members in to cause MORE gun violence, as they fight over "turf." How he expects the UN to do anything but INCREASE the gun violence as their denizens go about shooting gang members, as well as their own bunch of innocent bystanders who get caught in their crossfire. The UN, of course, is not concerned with our Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment which, I suppose, is what Rahm wants. They can make all kinds of "regulations" he can claim they have a right to do, in SPITE of the Constitution, to which they are not bound. (CBS Local)

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