Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Anti-Gun Fools Jump

The other day, a deputy US Marshal was killed, and several others were wounded while trying to serve an arrest warrant. And immediately, without waiting for the facts, the anti-gun fools jumped all over it, criticizing a Senator for not passing anti-gun fool laws. They didn't wait to see if the gun used to kill the deputy was legally registered or not, or whether or not the killer had stood for a background check. If he hadn't done either, or had gotten his gun illegally, NO anti-gun laws would have even slowed him down in obtaining his gun. Since the guy was so quick to start shooting, one can assume he did none of those things except getting his gun illegally. The article linked here said nothing about the fate of the killer, but I think we can assume he was at least captured, but more probably killed. The deputies were not expecting trouble, but often it comes, "out of the blue." Which is why ALL politicians who want ro DISARM the cops are totally ignorant and have no right to be in any office. Someone could open up on a cop at any time, and if they don't have guns, they would be like those unarmed French cops who could do nothing except cower behind their cars while a couple of terrorists killed 11 people for drawing a PICTURE of the "Muslim Prophet." (Amanda Green)

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