Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I Told Ya So!

It has been said that an anti-gun fool was just a liberal who hasn't been robbed at gunpoint. The story I just read is priceless! It's about a New York City comedian who was against guns all his life. Then he was robbed at gunpoint. He quivered in fear as he looked down the enormous barrel (it seemed) of the gun in the mugger's hand, then handed over his cell phone. Then the bad guy ran off, and this liberal anti-gun fool underwent a significant change in attitude. He now wants to get a gun, and a "carry permit." It's a fact that sometimes ignorant liberals wise up fast when looking down the barrel of a gun in the hand of a criminal or a terrorist. Another way to put it is that once ignorant liberals often change their tunes when real life intervenes. Would that this happen in other areas, too. Unfortunately, liberals live in their own little worlds, and take pains never to have to hear "a discouraging word," They have their own little "safe spaces" where non-liberal words are not allowed. And they gather together to "scream at the sky," thinking this will change things in their favor. That it never does seems not to dawn on them. They just keep screaming. (WUSA 9)

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