Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Book of Effective Gun Laws

If somebody ever thought about a book listing all the EFFECTIVE anti-gun laws, it would be easy to produce, because it would be a set of covers with blank pages inside. That's because there ARE no "effective anti-gun laws." Every time some fool takes a gun (legal or illegal) and shoots a bunch of innocent people there is always a clamor to make even more anti-gun laws that do not work. Intelligent people know that if someone is contemplating committing such a heinous crime as mass murder, he will just IGNORE any law that says he can't have a gun, and go right out and do his crime. He obviously doesn't give a "tinker's damn" about committing such a MINOR crime as illegally owning a gun when he is out to murder a bunch of people. NONE of the existing anti-gun laws have done a thing to stop the mass murders that have occurred in many places, and new ones will not do so, either. If the anti-gun fools had any intelligence, they'd know this, but they don't. They keep on making their stupid and unconstitutional laws, while criminals predictably ignore them and keep on killing people. (National Review)

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