Friday, May 11, 2018

Stupid Cartoonists

I've mentioned before my antipathy for the cartoonists in the newspaper talking politics instead of just making us laugh, as they are supposed to do. I wouldn't mind so much if most of them are were not so IGNORANT about it. This morning, one of them had a cartoon in which the theme was, "Trump is going to threaten the wrong country and get us all killed." Trump is not threatening ANYBODY. He is RESPONDING to threats from pipsqueak countries threatening US, by saying the TRUTH. That if they try anything, they will be DESTROYED. Much unlike the wimpy "apology tours" in which Obama engaged, that caused the world to stop respecting us, and think they can get away with anything, and his other dangerous policies. Now the world is beginning to respect us again, and realizing they can no longer "tug at Superman's cape" with impunity. And fools like Kim Jong Stupid are FINALLY coming to the bargaining table under orders from communist China. And he released three American citizens he had kidnapped, without demanding ransom. Now all Trump has to do is be his usual "horse trading" self and get a workable agreement out of him, so he won't have to destroy N. Korea. (Just common sense)

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