Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How Stupid ARE They?

The Constitution (the basis for every law we make, with laws being required to conform to it) clearly states that the right to bear arms for Americans "shall not be infringed." Yet anti-gun fools insist on making laws that INFRINGE on that right. They call it "gun control." Every law that puts limits on that right is an INFRINGEMENT. "No gun zones," for instance, require people to leave their guns outside those zones. That's an infringement. Requiring a permit to carry a gun concealed is an infringement because requiring a permit to exercise a RIGHT is an infringement. Requiring guns to be "safely stored" in gun safes or anywhere else is an infringement, because it makes those guns USELESS in an emergency where a criminal or other bad guy comes at you with his ILLEGAL gun already in his hand. The time it takes to get your gun into operation can be critical, and that law can get you KILLED. Allowing private businesses to limit gun rights on their premises is also an infringement, As long as those people do not threaten people with their guns they should not be impeded in carrying them. To do so makes being there dangerous for them and others if somebody holding an ILLEGAL gun comes in to shoot people with NO opposition. (Just common sense)

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