Tuesday, May 15, 2018

But there Sure IS!

The American Medical Association says there's "no medical reason" why transgenders cannot serve in the military. But there IS a very good medical reason why transgenders should not serve in the military. It is this simple fact. Transgenders want SURGERY to make them into females, and the military would be stuck with paying for it. UNLESS the military makes rules that specifically BAR paying for such surgery, and liberals would scream bloody murder if they did. Then there's the factor of the mental aberration that comes from them WANTING to be women. There's a definite mental disability there, whether liberals recognize it, or not. Liberals spend their time coming up with idiot things to push upon the rest of us. Like forcing us to allow MEN to go into women's restrooms and changing rooms if they think they're a woman, that day. Then there is their calling resistance to celebrating gay marriage or Islam by refusing to bake cakes to do it Islamaphobia or racism, o religious bigotry. It's really insane to use "religious rights (of Muslims)" to NEGATE the religious rights of Americans. Then there is their calling that "racist," when Muslim is NOT a "race." It is a CULT, pretending to be a religion. And there is their trying to convince the world that there is more than one sex. There is NOT. All the things they SAY is a "different sex" are subsets of the two, and mental aberrations on the part of liberals. But they are well organized, and can push through many of their aberrations and force people to abide by them. (The Blaze)

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