Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What's Next?

The Dumocrats are infuriated that their hand-picked candidate, Hillary Clinton, LOST to Donald Trump, an "outlier." One who wasn't a "member" of the elite in DC, and actually gets things done. They just aren't used to politicians actually getting thins done. In addition, he has promised to "upset all their little applecarts" as he "drains the swamp." And wonder of wonders, he KEEPS his promises! That, they'll NEVER understand: a politician who actually keeps his promises! One who actually gets things DONE, and doesn't "kick the can" down the road for his successor to solve! They're afraid he will keep that promise, and that means THE END for them, because they ARE "the swamp." He has already, in little over a year, and with opposition, not only from Dumocrats, but from within his own party, done more than presidents before him have done in their entire term as president. Dumocrats have shot every bolt in their quiver in their incessant attempts to unseat him, and without even a HINT of success. He just rolls right along, doing his thing. And "his thing" seems always to be good for the people of the United States and bad for the Dumocrats (liberals). I seem to remember the same thing happening when Ronald Reagan got elected, and the things he did, though not quite so quickly, are STILL "making America great," in spite of all the Dumocrats could do, and Dumocrats tried their best to get rid if him, too. I was alive and kicking then, too. I remember it. (Just common sense)

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