Monday, May 28, 2018

Gun Laws Work, Huh?

Anti-gun fools are convinced they do, in spite of repeated evidence that they don't. Example: Chicago, which has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, has also the highest gun death numbers in the country. California is an even larger example of anti-gun fool ignorance. They too, have very tough gun laws over the whole state. Yet recently, they figured out that there were 10,000 (or more) guns in the possession of people who should not be allowed NEAR a gun. Whoa! Does that mean that those people IGNORED their "gun laws?" I don't believe it! Or I wouldn't if I were an anti-gun fool. Right after the Sandy Hook massacre, they had a "crackdown" that netted 18,000 guns in the possession of people like felons, those convicted of domestic violence, or those adjudged dangerously mentally ill. How did those people get those guns? ILLEGALLY, of course. None of their highly vaunted gun laws did ANYTHING to keep guns out of the hands of those people. That should tell the anti-gun fools something, but it doesn't. They're convinced that their approach is proper, and you couldn't get through their thick skulls with a jackhammer. (Bearing Arms)

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