Friday, May 11, 2018

Ending the Electoral College

Dumocrats know where they lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, although Hillary keeps coming up with other excuses almost every day, it seems. It was in the Electoral College, a system set up by the founders when they wrote the Constitution. A system meant to keep the liberal coastal states from dominating a presidential election, since they are such populous states, and are populated by mostly liberals (tories). It was set up to allow less populous states to have equal footing with overpopulated with liberals coastal states, now known as "blue states." Now they're working very hard to END the Electoral College system so they can get awful politicians like Hillary elected in the future. Their efforts are doomed to failure (I hope), for if they ever succeed, we are LOST as a free nation. It's what they do; identify systems that "get in their way," and work HARD to eliminate them. They're also working hard to get rid of the Second Amendment because it gets in the way of their intent to DISARM all Americans. Can the First Amendment be far behind? They're already stopping conservative speakers from being able to say a word at most colleges by simply bullying the universities with riots and destruction. Facebook is censoring conservative thought on their web system. (Fox News)

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