Friday, May 25, 2018

Ridiculous Restrictions

Think about it. If an honest, law-abiding American found himself in a gun fight with a lawless individual who obeys NO laws, and that individual has all the bullets in his magazines as he wants, because he doesn't obey those "piffle laws" put out for the law-abiding to obey, and for him to ignore. Meanwhile, the law-abiding person only has FIVE bullets in his magazine before he has to reload--and while he's reloading, he is at a distinct disadvantage, and could even be KILLED. That's what the new governor in New Jersey wants. He wants to give a distinct advantage to those who obey NO laws in such a gun fight. He'll deny it to his dying day, but that's what he wants. You have to look at the EFFECT of his actions, not his protestations to the contrary. Many anti-gun fools say they "don't want to take away your guns," then go out and try to do just that, every day, even though they KNOW their silly laws do NOTHING to "reduce gun violence," and only INCREASE it by DISARMING the law-abiding, or saddling them with STUPID rules that put them in danger. We ask them WHY they do that, and they never answer. Or they give us the same crap they try to make us believe, every day. (NJ Legislature)

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