Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Call It What It Is

I get so tired of it when television newscasters and opinion people call things what the administration tells them to when we all know that’s not what it is. “Quantitative Easing,” for instance. We all know that’s simply a fancy name to describe a multi-trillion dollar COUNTERFEITING  operation run by the government, designed to prop them up in their financial incompetence. They spend more money than there IS, then use their money-printing presses to make OUR money worth less, thus costing us BILLIONS of dollars by REDUCING the value of our money. It is a method of TAXING us without going through Congress, doing it “on the sly,” thinking we don’t know it. But we DO know it—at least those of us who do pay attention to what they’re doing in DC know it. But with everybody, including the news media, right AND left, covering, they get away with something they’d put us in prison and throw away the key for if we did it. And this is not a “right or left” thing. Both sides do it (Daily Reckoning)

Promoting Mediocrity

One of the foolish things liberals promote is “scoreless sports.” Why is it foolish? Because without scoring, NOBODY can know who won, so what’s the point? If they had an auto race without a winner, what’s the point? When adults force scoreless sports on the kids, the KIDS know what the score was, even if the fool adults do not. If you LIKE mediocrity, join the Democrat (not Democratic) party. For them, losing is a resume enhancement. Refusing to score a sports event is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard. No, it’s not. Thinking the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself is one; thinking you can SPEND your way to prosperity is another. Frankly, the number of damned fool things liberals think is so numberless I could write many books just LISTING them. (Just common sense)

Kids Doing What Kids Do

And they get suspended. It just goes to prove that if you take all the toy guns away from kids, they’ll use their fingers—or something else like a stick You can’t take away their imaginations, no matter how much the stupid “school authorities” want to do so. I read the other day about a school that gave kids a long suspension for playing with toy guns—AT HOME! Every time I wonder just how much more stupid “school authorities” can be, they amaze me with their stupidity AGAIN. From suspending students for making guns out of “Tinker Toys” or their equivalent to chewing their Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun, they’ll ALWAYS make SOMETHING to represent a gun—just like adult criminals will find a way to get REAL guns whatever the law happens to be if they want to commit a crime. Honest people won’t, so they’ll be “easy targets” for the illegally-armed criminals. (Opposing Views)

Monday, December 30, 2013

High Premium, High Deductible

 That’s the scam Obama is working on you. You pay for insurance, but you can’t use it until the amount you have to pay becomes LARGE. Which means you’re paying thousands of dollars for “coverage” that is NOT “coverage.” Any “health insurance” that has a several THOUSAND dollar deductible is largely USELESS. But the “law” (Voted in by a Congress that didn't bother to READ it) unconstitutionally REQUIRES we buy it whether or not we want it. Private enterprise makes things better when they have a product nobody wants. Governments just make a LAW to FORCE you to buy it. (Just common sense)

Obama's Impeachment

No, it’s not “ongoing.”  It should be, but nobody has had the gonads to start proceedings. He has done so many things that WARRANT impeachment, it isn’t funny. He has appointed many people to do the things usually done by Cabinet Members and called them something else(czars) so they don't need to be approved by Congress (What law authorizes non-congressionally-approved "czars?"). The main thing he has done that warrants impeachment is IGNORING THE LAW. Which he has done ever since he took office, in so many cases it’s hard to pick something out to specifically mention, so I will take note of the most recent examples. He has recently ORDERED his immigration people NOT to arrest illegal immigrants. He has even SUED a sovereign state which DEMANDED he enforce his own immigration laws. That’s a patent REFUSAL to enforce the law. That’s a basic violation of his oath of office. He has IGNORED the Constitution in most of the laws he makes while giving his “friends” exceptions to enforcement of those laws. Example: his “signature” health care swindle law. He has granted THOUSANDS of “exceptions” to various parts of that law, almost since the day it was signed. He has delayed enforcement of most of it, generally, because it’s unenforceable as written. All those things amount to "crimes and misdemeanors," which ARE grounds for impeachment, (Just common sense)

Blame It On Us

The Islamic terrorist group Al-Shebab falsely blames the United States for their own actions in killing 67 INNOCENT PEOPLE at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. How stupid do they think the world is? There is NO justification for wanton murder. Yet that’s what Islamic terrorists do every day. They aren’t good enough to defeat armies, so they go after “soft targets” that can’t fight back and worse, are unarmed. What they need is to run into some people who have their own guns and know how to use them. But that isn’t likely as long as today’s “anti-gun fools” keep making laws that take guns away from individuals and make them unarmed victims of illegally-armed criminals like these. (Truth Out)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Suspicions Confirmed

We have long suspected that “scientists” tailor their findings to increase their cash flow. Now it has been confirmed, at least in one situation: Dr. Dong Pyou Han of Iowa state University was forced to resign after he claimed he could make anti-HIV serum from rabbit blood in order to get $19 million in government grants. Apparently he “spiked” it with healthy human blood to bolster his “findings.” Han agreed not to seek government grants for three years. But after that time, “Katie Bar the Door!” If I had $19 million dollars, I wouldn’t have a problem agreeing not to swindle the government for three years, either. (New York Post)

Islamic Cleric and Gays

He says, “in an ideal society” they would be punished.” Of course, an “ideal society” to him is one run by Islam. You know, the kind of society where thievery is punished by cutting off the thief’s hand; where women who don’t accede to “arranged marriages” to old men who make them physically ill can be MURDERED by their families for not agreeing to marry them. Where the VICTIMS of rape can be arrested for “sex outside of marriage,” and where rape must be WITNESSED by FOUR men in order to be seen as legal rape. Where becoming Muslim is something people MUST do under sentence of death, and to leave Islam likewise, is a death sentence. Where no other religion is EVER allowed, under law. Yep, an “ideal society;” to FOOLS, that is. I'm not gay. But I don't think they should be punished for what they do in private. A religion that would punish them for their PRIVATE activities that harm no one (except MAYBE themselves) is the act of a fol, or fools. How this guy got a microphone is beyond me. At least in this country. If I were to go to an Islamic-run country and try to do what he does, I'd be murdered, and it would be lawful. (The Blaze)

Are Guns Really The Problem?

The “anti-gun fools” say the main problem in curbing gun violence is the gun itself. Not the illegal gun-wielding criminal bent on violence. That’s a fantasy and proves their ignorance. A gun, sitting on a table, without the hand of a criminal on its handle, is an INERT OBJECT and cannot hurt ANYBODY. But they persist in making useless laws that do nothing except take away our right to own and use the means of self-defense, a gun. In a recent case, a Mom twice held off, and captured two burglars with her .357 Magnum, without ever firing a shot. That gun changed the equation of CONTROL from the burglar to this small woman. But they don’t listen. They keep making their insane laws that kill people. The NRA gets blamed for much of the gun violence, but they do more for GUN SAFETY than anything else, while they campaign for the INTELLIGENCE of PROPER gun laws, rather than the ones constantly being made by people who just want to take guns out of the hands of HONEST people. (Walter E. Williams)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Scam

A&E just finished what I think will become the biggest, most successful publicity stunt that ever was. It will secretly be hailed in private meetings of publicity agents, worldwide. A&E succeeded in putting the name, “Duck Dynasty” on the lips of just about every American and almost everybody in other countries that have television for NINE DAYS. And with nobody losing any money. Phil Robertson certainly didn’t, even though they SAID he was “suspended” for those nine days, which just happened to come when shooting was in hiatus until spring. Thus, he lost no pay. Meanwhile, A&E ran a “Duck Dynasty Special” that included running “Dynasty” shows all day and into the night on one weekend. So THEY lost no money. Now EVERYBODY knows about “Duck Dynasty” and there are no figures on how many more people are watching that show now. Now Phil has been reinstated, and filming will resume, right on schedule in the spring. (Just common sense)

She Helped The Burglar

A burglar was working hard to break into Betty Collins’ home so she opened it for him and pointed a .357 Magnum into his face. He followed orders quite well then, lying face down and waiting for the cops to show up—eventually. “It is very likely every mother's worst nightmare. To wake up in the middle of the night, having heard a noise just outside the safety of the walls of your home and knowing that you are likely all of the protection you and your children have. A call to the police may work, but how long might it take for them to respond? Five minutes, ten? Even less may be just too long. That is the nightmare that Toledo, Ohio mom, Betty Collins has had to live through not once… but twice in the last four months. She was ready, both times, and there are now TWO burglars who don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. It will be provided by the state. Cops willingly admit they can’t protect us. All they can do is “write it up” and MAYBE catch the criminal AFTER the crime has been committed. A Mom with a gun can STOP crime—at least to her family. But the “anti-gun fools” aren’t listening. They just want to disarm people like this Mom, saying people doing this is a myth. Who’s right? It’s a “myth” that was very real to two burglars. She helped them see the light. (Eagle Rising)

Wanna Be Blamed?

Rush Limbaugh talks about “being blamed” for everything liberals consider to be bad in this country. I don’t care, do you? The liberals blame Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin for everything. But to me, blaming people for things just tells me what’s right. Liberals will always tell you what they fear the most. They don’t realize it, but if you watch to see who they “blame” for things are the very people we should look to for solutions to the country’s problems. They’ve been vilifying Sarah Palin ever since that amazing speech she made at the Republican Convention when she was nominated to be the vice-presidential candidate in 2008 before John McCain realized he had “grabbed a tiger by the tail” and had to take steps to silence her. They “went ballistic” when Ted Cruz spoke for 14 hours before the Senate to stop the liberals from passing onerous law, which they finally did pass. They call both of them all kinds of foul names and told many lies about them, one of them even saying somebody should sh-t in Sarah's mouth (this is the kind of "clsss" we can expect from liberals). Today they blame the Republicans for the “shutdown of the government” OBAMA ordered so he could get his way while he REFUSED to negotiate on ANYTHING. (Just common sense)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Typical Liberal Stupidity

Actor Russell Brand says we need a “revolution against the rich.” Why? What did they do except make money better than other people? Being rich does NOT mean they “stole it.” Brand’s problem is he isn’t good enough at making money to be able to equal that of the rich, so he’s JEALOUS. He wants the government to just TAKE money away from the rich and give it to him. Of course that means those who hire and pay him to be a second-rate actor nobody has ever heard of won’t be able to hire him any more because they're part of the "rich" he wants to loot. But he isn’t smart enough to put that together. But then, we expect that of liberal fools like him. They're too stupid to know how stupid they are, and they think, in their arrogance, that they're smarter than anyone else. The Blaze calls hm a "famous actor," but just who is he famous with? I've never heard of him before his stupid statement. So I guess his only claim to fame is his big, stupid mouth. I had to go to Wikipedia to find out who he is. (Wikipedia)

Incompetence Everywhere

I’m haring about governmental incompetence everywhere. It seems like the people we elect and the people they appoint to run things have no idea what they’re doing. The federal government was closed because Obama has spent so much of our money he hasn’t any left. Now he wants an increase in the credit limit so he can spend even more. That’s like raising the credit card limit ion a dead beat who just spends money and always wants to be able to spend more. Even being able to PRINT MONEY hasn’t helped. And that isn’t limited to our own president. Countries all over the world are going broke, as are cities. What we need is to “rein in” this spendthrift, but we can’t. He’s president and he controls too many things so he can make life hard for us if we don’t give him what he demands. So we’ll probably raise his credit limit (again) and he’ll go on, gaily spending trillions after trillions of our dollars until his term is over and we can get rid of him (unless he figures out a way to stay in office beyond that time). Even after he’s gone we may have to deal with another incompetent because there’s no way to test candidates to see if they ARE competent before electing them. We just have to wait and see if the new president (or any other officer) IS competent and if he’s not, we just have to suffer and come up with yet more money until (or if) we find someone who IS competent.. (Just common sense)

270 Million Guns

Spread out among 300 million people. “Even with these gaudy numbers of guns and gun owners, gun violence in America among legal gun owners is statistically insignificant. In fact, the vast majority of gun crime is committed by criminals who carry their weapons illegally. Meanwhile, in America, “a gun is 7 times more likely to stop a crime than to commit one.” This is information the anti-gun fools don’t want you to know. Which tells me they aren’t interested in stopping gun violence. They just want eliminate honest, RELIABLE gun owners from the equation. In the case of politicians, that tells me they have plans in the future to come and take what belongs to American citizens and don’t want to run into a gun in the hands of their intended victims. This is an all-too-transparent campaign by the government to disarm us, as Hitler did in Germany, and Lenin did in Russia before they murdered MILLIONS of their citizens. Of course, if you believe the bullsh-t put out by liberals, you’ll think this is a “right-wing” propaganda source. But the fact is, they tell the provable TRUTH. (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Buy American!

Why? There isn’t a single product on the market that is made ENTIRELY in America. Every product uses SOMETHING in its manufacture that is made in another country. Bought a Chevy? Or a Ford? Yeah, it has an American nameplate. But I guarantee you it uses raw materials from other countries. Like the material its steering wheel is made of that comes from Brazil. What people don’t understand is that even direct imports from other countries profit the original manufacturers only a tiny part of its final selling price. I remember way back when I bought imported tear gas guns from an importer in Miami. They cost me a buck each and I sold them for $6 bucks. My dealers sold them for $12 or more. The original maker got about 50 cents each, if that much. All the rest of it went to Americans. So first, it’s almost impossible to buy anything made ENTIRELY in America, and why SHOULD you? We make most of the profit, anyway. And that enrages liberals. Even though it's good for everybody. But they don't care about. It's one more thing they can complain about. That's what they're good at. (Just common sense)

"Getting Around" Congress

His Majesty, King Obama thinks Congress is “lazy” because it won’t pass his unconstitutional anti-gun legislation. It doesn’t enter his head that they might—just MIGHT think his gun control issues are a lot of hooey and that he's full of beans (or other stuff not so edible, brown in color). “Gun-control legislation failed loudly following the Newtown school shooting, but that has not stopped President Obama from 'leaving Congress behind' to launch a broad gun-control campaign of his own. After the December 2012 massacre and the Navy Yard mass shooting Monday, Obama has taken 25 separate gun-control initiatives, all of which came from executive actions that did not require congressional authorization.” In there he has committed many impeachable offenses, but until SOMEBODY “grows a pair” and DOES something, he will continue to get away with his lawlessness. We're bring governed by organized crime! (Eagle Rising)

It's All Scams

The man pushing the “Redskins” name change is not even a member of the tribe he SAYS he represents. Turns out he’s one of Obama’s boys and is profiting PERSONALLY from the controversy. Washington has always been full of scammers, running scams and swindles on everybody around. Now we find out Obama HIMSELF is running the biggest swindle of all, while his “boys” run a bunch of smaller scams designed to support the main scam. I knew this would happen one day with no limitations or “vetting” of presidential candidates. Maybe it has happened before and we don’t even know about it, There needs to be a system in place to stop people LIKE Obama from EVER gaining power. After he gains it, it’s too late. Witness the damage Obama has done as president after conning his way into the office. Now those who think I don’t know what I’m talking about, ASK ME TO PROVE IT! I DARE you! (Just common sense)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Dear Reader:

No posts today or tomorrow. We're celebrating Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Not Giving Up

Obama will never give up on Obamacare as long as he lives. Even after he leaves office (if that ever happens) he will still be pushing to get Obamacare going. People say Obamacare will fail horribly and we should get rid of it (and they're right). They point out the many ways it is screwing up this entire country. What they don’t figure is that Obamacare is doing exactly what Obama designed it to do. Screwing up the economy so badly that he can use it as an “example” of how capitalism does not work, so he can move this country even further into collectivism (socialism) after the economy collapses while he (falsely) blames capitalism (the free markets) for it Obamacare, when fully implemented, will accomplish ALL of Obama’s aims. The problem is, Obamacare’s enemies don’t understand what those are, and why Obama is pushing it so hard. If he succeeds, it will help him finish “socializing” this nation, something he and other collectivists have been trying to do for years, despite socialism’s failures. (Just common sense)

Obama "Full of HImself"

He thinks the only opinion worth a sh-t is his. And if you don’t agree with him there is some other reason other than HIM being wrong. He’s truly acting like a King or a dictator and he needs to be stopped. By impeachment, if somebody will “grow a pair” and start REAL proceedings to that point. But lacking that, the only chance we have to stop his atrocities is to prove he was born other than in the United States and that STILL requires somebody who has the gonads to oppose him positively. I don’t recommend assassination, but as many atrocities as he has committed, I’m surprised he IS still alive. You federal thugs reading this note: I DID NOT recommend his assassination.  I merely wondered why, with all the things he’s done, why a crazy hasn’t “offed” him. Leave me alone! (Eagle Rising)

Got 'Em Fooled

More columnists blamed the Republicans for the shutdown than the Democrats, and that shows how well the Democrats have scammed them. Anybody with INTELLIGENCE knows better, but these bozos apparently don’t have any. They hate Palin and Cruz because Democrats told them to when they told the truth about what’s happening and by so doing threaten their GOP “leadership positions.” It really amazes me how otherwise “intelligent” people buy into the Democrat’s crap. But they do. John McCain, who was once considered a conservative, is “at point” in the “hate Palin, hate Cruz” bunch. The Republicans are “pulling both ways” and getting nowhere. The Democrats are “moving the goalposts” whenever the Republicans show signs of weakness and surrender. (Just common sense)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm Tired of It

I’m getting tired of hearing about the “Duck Dynasty” controversy. All it is, is a big publicity stunt to get the show and its patriarch on everybody’s mind. And it has succeeded. I never knew the guy's name before, and now I, among everybody, know. The evidence is that I’m wasting my time right now writing about it. Seeing Phil Robertson’s picture has grown to be as objectionable to me as seeing a picture of Obama has been. The media is doing their usual excellent job of obsessing over it and not talking about Obama’s atrocities. I believe Phil has the unilateral right to say anything he wishes. The First Amendment guarantees that. But that doesn’t alter the fact we’re all getting tired of hearing about it. (Just common sense)

And They Blame the NRA

The Navy Yard shooter and the Ft. Hood shooter both should have been committed. They’re insane! But instead they were LEGALLY on the bases they shot up, killing many people in their insanity. The Navy Yard shooter, while insane, passed all government background checks and was issued a PASS to get on the base without any kind of search before he shot up the base. He had already demonstrated he was a danger to himself and others, but nobody noticed. "Instead, he passed the government security background check … and the government's firearms check … just like the monsters of Aurora and Tucson. They all passed the same system the political elites want expanded! The same check that will never include violent criminals, the mentally ill and the deranged bent on mayhem."  And some FOOLS still blame the NRA for fools such as him! How STUPID can you be? (USA Today)

The War On Christianity

It’s going on all over the world, and the biggest instigators are Muslims. Obama and his “gang of thieves” try valiantly to hide it and the media cooperates. In Syria, Muslims are boldly murdering Coptic Christians. They attack their assemblies and behead them. There are pictures of this happening there and elsewhere. They provide the pictures themselves. They’re PROUD of their intolerance. Obama is now arming the Islamics who are murdering Christians, and you can’t convince me he doesn’t know it. I know it, which means there is NO WAY he DOESN’T know it. But he arms them, anyway. He is now arming the Islamic rebels who murdered 3,000 people on 9/11. And he does it openly. He doesn’t care who knows. Why? Because he thinks he’s going to be too strong for anybody to do anything about it. He terrorizes ANYBODY who does. I expect him to attempt to terrorize ME if he thinks I can actually DO something about it. (Just common sense)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is Anybody Surprised?

Obama has announced that anybody who was unable to sign up for his swindle by the deadline will not be held to the mandate. Surprise, surprise! He didn’t want to penalize people who could not sign up for not signing up. That’s like making a law to force people to drive down the street, then penalizing them for not being able to because of a concrete barrier in the way. He knew that would just cause more lawsuits and that he didn’t want. This guy has got to be the most INCOMPETENT president there ever has been! He sets up these scenarios to promote socialism, and they never work. Then he claims they ARE working when we know they aren’t, and he KNOWS we know it. But he doesn’t care: he’s “The One,’ isn’t he? Nobody should question any of his moves or be called a racist. (Just common sense)

Little Known Gun Facts

These are facts anti-gun fools don’t want you to know: 99.9% of guns in America are NOT used in violent crimes; 99.8% of all guns are not used in any crime at all; guns are used 4 times as often in self-defense, and usually without even having to be fired; anti-gun fools say a gun is likely to be taken away from the victim by the criminal but that happens in only 1% of cases; when guns were BANNED in the UK, gun crime ROSE 40%; only 4% of guns used in crimes were obtained legally. These are facts anti-gun fanatics would rather you not know because they make them look like the fools they are. They lie on a regular basis to take away your gun rights. (Source, FBI and Cato Institute).

Would Romney Have Been Better?

Maybe; maybe not. But he couldn’t have been WORSE than what we’ve got. It’s a pitiful thing that we only had these two choices. Between disaster and slight problems, like with most presidents. I have my own problems with George Bush, but in spite of all the LIES the liberals told about him, he wasn’t all that bad a president. He tried his best to reverse the damage the Democrats made when they passed their law in 1976 that forced banks to loan money to people who could NOT ever repay it  (The “Community Reinvestment Act of 1976), thus DOOMING us financially eventually. Up to the very last of his administration unemployment was low enough to be considered statistically non-existent, UNTIL the effect of that law showed full force. He was enjoying the boom economy that came from Ronald Reagan’s LOWERING of the tax base until the Democrats made it go away.

MAYBE Romney could have done something about that, if he could have kept the Democrats who foisted it upon us from blocking his every effort (12 times), as they did to Bush. No, we did NOT give Obama “the worst economy since the big depression.” That’s one of the biggest LIES the Democrats have ever told us. Today’s economy was CREATED by that law and its effect. In no way was that Bush’s fault. Romney might have even been a GOOD president; we’ll never know now because the Democrats have LIED him into obscurity. If we survive Obama as a nation (doubtful) history may eventually tell us the truth about him. But if we elect yet another socialist Democrat (such as Hillary or Chelsea), or even a “left-wing Republican” like John McCain, we’re DOOMED. (Eagle Rising)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Afraid of Gay Activists

MSNBC is deathly afraid of gay activists. That’s why they disciplined Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” for expressing his Christian belief that homosexuality is a perversion and is wrong. Meanwhile they say nothing about Muslims being virulent anti-gay and anti-women, and anti-Christian (and every other religion in the world).  Like “moderate” Muslims, MSNBC gets rid of Phil because they’re afraid of what gay activists will do to them. “Moderate” Muslims are afraid of DEATH if they criticize other Muslims. If you say something bad about Catholics, nobody comes to kill you. But do so much as publish a PICTURE of “The Prophet” and they want to kill you. Belong to any “religion” that is not Muslim and they want to kill you. Leave Islam and they WILL kill you. Criticizing gay activists is much the same; while they don’t kill you physically, they want to do it in every other way there is and that frightens MSNBC. (Just common sense)

Man Shoots Burglar In Face

I’m getting bored reporting all the instances where honest people with their own guns (where they’re allowed by the silly politicians in charge to have them) are able to defend themselves and the headline doesn’t read, “Gunman shoots homeowner.” They’re so ubiquitous (for those who don’t know what ubiquitous means, it means, “all around us.”) that it gets boring reporting them. Of course, you don’t see the reports in the liberal media, but that’s not where I get my news. This case is about a man who was ON THE PHONE with 9/11 while three thugs broke into his home. He shot one in the face and the others lit out for the tall and uncut. They have yet to be found. The cops DID get there eventually and wrote up the incident. They arrested the one he shot when his buddies “dropped him off” at a local medical center. (American Overlook)

Running From Afghanistan

It’s questionable (among liberals) whether or not we should even BE in Afghanistan, even though that country at one time was RUN by the Taliban, formerly one of the most powerful Islamic terrorist outfits in existence, and provided a “safe haven” for murderers and rapists who want to KILL everybody who does not believe exactly the same way they do. We invaded Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from power, removing one “safe harbor” for terrorists. But we (inadvertently) placed a corrupt government in its place and that government now wants us OUT. And Obama is considering “running” from Afghanistan, which will leave the way open for the Taliban to resume power.

Obama will CLAIM to have “ended the war” in Afghanistan that Bush started, but actually, BUSH ended that war when he got rid of the Taliban and made its leaders into fugitives, hiding in the hills, unable to be found by that weak government WE put in power. Maybe because they don’t really WANT to find them. Everything else is just “mop-up.” We still have troops in many places in the world, and those are not called “war.” But today’s liberal politicians create their own “reality” by how they “perceive” things.  Running away from Afghanistan will be hailed as a “great victory” by liberals everywhere, even though it is the pitiful act of a coward, namely Obama. (Just common sense)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Using Racism to Promote Islam

Now we come to it. A teacher in England is ordering students to attend an Islamic “workshop” or be labeled a “racist” in their PERMANENT school record. Problem is, attendance or non-attendance at this “workshop” has NOTHING to do with “racism.” Islam is NOT a race. It is a POLITICAL SYSTEM pretending to BE a “race” AND a “religion.” They’re pulling out all the stops and claiming to be BOTH. This is ignorance personified, and they can call me a racist all they want; I couldn’t care less. And these children (8 and up) should not care, either. The “racism tag” means NOTHING today because of overuse. After parental outcry against this usurpation of what little “authority” this teacher has, she was forced to send out another letter asking parents to “disregard” her previous letter in which the SCHOOLTEACHER misspelled the word “artifact.” Seems to me a TEACHER ought to be able to spell. (Eagle Rising)

Don't Rob A Marine

That’s a lesson one man learned the hard way one night when he and a girlfriend (who was also wanted by the law) tried to steal this Marine’s truck. But the lesson won’t do him any good, he’s dead. And the girl is in jail. The so-called “former” Marine (there is no such thing: once a Marine, always a Marine) shot him to death in an exchange of gunshots. He missed. The Marine didn’t. The cops, who got there AFTER the action (as usual) took him into custody for “investigation” to see if the shooting was justified. Shouldn’t take a lot of :“investigation.” The news item noted that if more criminals EXPECTED their potential victims to be armed there’d be a lot less violent crime. They’re right. That info won’t do this perp any good, though. He's dead. (Eagle Rising)

Only Obama

Only this dictator-wanna-be would JAIL veterans for insisting on visiting the memorial that is dedicated to THEIR HEROISM. What kind of fool IS Obama to do this? Sure, he doesn’t need to get elected any more so he can do what he wants. But if he doesn’t want to make it impossible for ANY Democrat to EVER be elected while today’s people are still alive, he’d better slow down. He has gone “power mad” and it has become obvious when he does things like this to the very people who FOUGHT to make him able to BE president. He has NEVER been “under fire” himself, and I think he’d be cowering under a table if he ever were. That poor woman his cops shot and killed right outside his window the other day must have seen him hiding in a closet.  (Just common sense)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Confirming Their Ignorance

I’ve said many times that Islam is a “religion” for ignorant people. They prove it every day in many ways so it can't be denied. This is one of them. How ignorant must you be to cut yourself up, and even hurt your children to “remember” the death of a “prophet” who died after being FOOLED? (Some prophet!) And the things you see pictured here are not only in Islam-run countries. It is happening right here in America and the cops do nothing about it. And these are the fifth century intellects who want to rule the world! (Freedom Outpost)

Cops In Schools

Obama is devoting yet another $45 million to put uniformed cops in schools all over the United States in a move to make people THINK he is “doing something about the school gun violence.” But it is a typically stupid move by a typically stupid politician. A UNIFORMED, armed cop would be the FIRST TARGET for a would-be shooter who wants to shoot up a school. He (or she) would be visible, and his movements known and easy to follow by a would-be shooter. Meanwhile, simply ALLOWING teachers and other people already there who HAVE concealed carry licenses to carry their guns (unknown to a would-be shooter) into the school would create a situation a would-be shooter could not overcome. And best of all, it won’t cost us $46 million dollars to put cops in schools for a year or so (to be paid by someone else later or fired). (Fox News)

"Sarah Palin's Road Kill"

It amazes me how liberals twist things around. What they have done to others is later blamed on the very people thewy destroyed. Unrepentant domestic terrorist and “friend of Barack” Bill Ayers laments being “thrown under the bus” by Barack Obama, whom he helped become president when he had a rally for the then candidate Obama at his own home. He criticizes Obama for saying he was “just a guy in the neighborhood,” thus rejecting years of close friendship for political gain. He blames Sarah Palin’s “Obama palling around with terrorists” comment, forgetting that this comment was eminently REAL. Like most liberals, he rejects the comment and ignores its truth of it. Others dare not make such comments, which seems to not be “PC.” Palin has never been afraid to NOT be “PC” so she gets the blame. Well, I don’t give her the “blame,” I give her the CREDIT for saying the truth, as she always does, unlike most politicians. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Logic Is Not Liberal

More proof that liberals have no idea what logic is, is a new 4th grade textbook that says, “White voters will never elect a president.” Wait a minute! They did! How did THAT happen if we’re so racist as a nation? Unfortunately, the one they DID elect is one of the STUPID ones. Maybe that’s because he’s only HALF black. Racist would say the smart side is the white side. But I say BOTH sides of Barack Obama are stupid because he thinks collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.) is the way to go. I’d like to get rid of this fool and replace him with somebody like Allen West. Oh, right! West is black, too. So as a racist, I should hate him. Logic has not ever been present in the thinking of a liberal, and this is further proof of it. They even deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. (Freedom Outpost)

It's An Old Story

I wish I could name the number of television and movie stars, and pop music stars who have murdered themselves. They just became too rich, too fast, and didn’t know how to handle it. In today’s world, too many people (especially the newly rich) turn to drugs and alcohol for “new thrills.” And they end up dying. That’s what happened to Corey Montieth, star of a popular television show. He died of an overdose of heroin, coupled with booze. Another top star practices “near-death sex” and it became, for him, REAL death sex. Others play dangerous games, like the one who shot himself to death in a “gun game” that used real bullets. The thing that is the same in all these cases is people too rich, to quickly, with nothing to do they haven’t done many times before. So they look for new thrills—and find death, instead. (Fox News)

The Global Warming Farce

People think “science” is “politics-free.” But it isn’t. Not as long as the best source of “research money” is the government. Scientists knowingly (or unconsciously) tailor their “findings” to guarantee the most “research money” coming in. And that’s the government, which is dedicated to the AlGore-started global warming swindle. They find that’s one of the best ways to con us out of more and more money and power, so they are dedicated to it. Which, of course, told “researchers” that if they wanted money for “research,” their “findings” had better push the global warming (or “climate change” as it’s now known since the world stopped warming) swindle or their money would “dry up.” Some, such as Fred Singer (the man who designed the very instruments they use to GET their findings), has been ostracized for his findings. (Eagle Rising)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Obama Lied From the Beginning

He came out of nowhere and “elbowed” Hillary Clinton aside in her quest to be president. He lied about where he was born; he lied about his schooling from kindergarten on; and again about his “service” in the Illinois Legislature. He lied to get elected state senator, then again to get elected Senator FROM Illinois. Instead of campaigning honestly, he lied about his opponents and destroyed their careers. He even colluded with the then governor to “sell” his Senate seat after being elected president, which he lied to accomplish. He ignored the Constitution from the first day he was president and did, by “regulation,” what he couldn’t do by law under the Constitution. He lied some more to be RE-elected president while keeping the damaging results of his policies from the electorate until AFTER the election. I could go on and on with this, and I suspect historians will do so after both Obama and I are gone,

Suffice it to say his entire life is BASED on lies; from lies about his association with a domestic terrorist who wrote the books that show his name as author and held the first gathering to launch his political career in his living room to the BIG lie that you could keep your insurance, doctor, and hospital under Obamacare; lies he keeps in play by BANNING access to his records. He has been responsible for many deaths, the best known being the four embassy personnel in Benghazi, Libya. His enemies risk death and destruction for opposing him. I’M risking death for writing this about this “thin-skinned,” childishly responsive criminal who has lied himself into the top position in the United States with help from SOMEBODY. I’d bet a bundle that his financier and promoter is George Soros, who has already brought down five governments by finagling finances. Everything bad today is financed, in one way or the other by Soros through the many “organizations” created and financed by him. Obama would have never been elected to ANYTHING if he had told the truth about anything. He despises ANYBODY who tells the truth about him. If anything ever happens to me, those two will be the instigators, bet on it. (Just common sense)

Boys Punished for Playing Guns: At HOME!

These overly-officious and stupid school “officials” suspended these kids for playing with BB guns—at home! Not even at school! I thought they didn’t have any authority over kids at home. Looks like they just TOOK it. The school originally EXPELLED them, but when Fox News got into the picture, they changed it to long-term suspension. The father of one of the kids says the action lacks common sense, and I agree. This is a case of “zero tolerance” going WAY too far. They originally suspended them for “firing guns,” but changed that to “firing Air-Soft guns. ”The kids were on the father’s PRIVATE PROPERTY and nowhere near the school at the time. But that apparently doesn’t make any difference to these officious school “authorities.” This incident will stop those kids from being accepted at a college later because the school did not make the distinction between toy guns and real guns. I don’t think the school had any business sticking their noses in this, They should have kept it out. But NO! They just HAD to ruin this kid’s chances at college later by exercising their limited amount of authority. (WAVY)

Oil Reneissance

Liberals have been trying their level best to destroy the oil industry for many years. They almost did it by a moratorium on drilling anywhere America makes the rules. Even liberal Republicans and some conservatives cooperated in maintaining that moratorium. All they really accomplished was to cause oil and gas prices to rise to criminal levels. But they are being undone by the new technology of “Fracking.” Fracking has created the biggest oil BOOM in many years and promises to make us “oil independent” in a very few years—unless the liberals manage to make Fracking illegal; and they're trying hard to do so. They try to claim that America will ruin out of the new source of oil soon. But we continue to find new and better sources of oil obtainable by Fracking. The only thing that will stop this boom is if the liberals, led by Obama, who HATES the whole idea of us being “oil independent,” manages to BAN Fracking. If that happens, and he is able to carry out his promise to “bankrupt the coal industry,” we will sink into another “Dark Ages” and will go back to using candles and whale oil lamps for lighting while millions starve. (Wall Street Journal)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Millions Per Signup

In Oregon, Obama has spent $BILLIONS to sigh up 44 people for his illegal, unconstitutional health care swindle plot. He will never be able to keep it going with such numbers. You know it, I know it, and HE knows it. Yet he still goes out and says “it’s working fine” (which it is, for his purposes, but not ours) and  “it’s only a matter time before we know it.” That’s as big a lie as his claim that “we can keep our doctors and insurance plans if we like them.” He knows we can’t, and now WE know it. Now he’s pretending that what he meant is that we could PAY MORE and keep them. A “two-tier” medical plan like that in Cuba where moneyed people (those in government) can actually GET the top medicine he promised while the average Cuban could not. He’s giving us the SOS: “same old sh… er, stuff” that’s been promised by socialists forever. It didn’t work before and it’s not going to work now. (Just common sense)

Islam: "Religion of Peace?"

What an IGNORANT concept! Islam claims to be a religion of peace. Their daily actions make them liars. In this case they crept into a college campus in Nigeria and murdered 40 young men in their beds without even waking them up—except to show them the guns pushed into their faces just before they died. Is this the work of people of a “religion of peace?” I don’t THINK so. And I don’t even think it is a religion. It is a political group bent on murdering EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe in their fool ideas—exactly. Even some Islamics who have slightly different beliefs. They PRETEND to be a religion but their actions prove them to be evil. (Eagle Rising)

Lauer Ran Into O'Reilly

NBC Today co-host Matt Lauer told Fox News’ Bill O’reilly that Republicans should “abandon their opposition to Obamacare” and O’reilly “ate his lunch. The senile senator, John McCain said last week, “We lost that fight.” Lauer said, “It’s the law of the land, so we should just obey it.” Yes; slavery was the “law of the land “ for many years, and is now gone, once “wiser heads prevailed." O’Reilly said, “No. It's a bad deal for the folks. That's absurd, why would they move on? They can tweak it and make it better. Right now it's hurting the economy. Doctors say they're going to quit. Nobody knows what they're gonna pay." Obama says you can keep your doctor. But you can’t if he has quit and gone into another business or is doctoring in another country. He says, “You can keep your insurance plan.” But you can’t if it has gone out of business. Both are a great possibility, since that’s the PURPOSE of Obama’s health care swindle law. Lauer should stay away from intelligent people. They’ll run him out of the room with logic. (Media Research Center)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Sickening Display

This is going to get me in trouble with a certain segment of people, but I’m going to say it, anyway because I tell things like they are, despite what certain ignorant people think: Obama and many dignitaries (the “usual suspects,” including Jesse Jackson and Oprah) are all in S. Africa to “honor” a despicable murdering terrorist who has his Entire country and most of the countries of the world fooled into thinking he was  “good man” while MACHINES sign bills into law in America (is that even legal?). That's like America "honoring" the death of Osama bin Laden after his people murdered 3,000 innocent people at the World Trade Center at his behest. This man, who was imprisoned for almost 30 years on charges from when he headed a terrorist organization that not only CONDONED the bloody murder of innocent people to support his “cause,” he probably even committed some, himself. One only has to look at a video of his supporters slamming a concrete block onto a small woman in the street several times, while others stomped her head, killing her, to understand that. Yet the world dismisses such things as “necessary” to get rid of apartheid. That’s a LOAD of stinky brown stuff, and people like Obama just don’t understand that. Moreover they APPROVE of it. (Just common sense)

Conservatives vs. Republicans

Are the Republicans are last bastion of defense against Democrat excesses in their quest to make this into a socialist nation? I don’t THINK so. How can you fight Democrats while you spend most of your time fighting other Republicans while AGREEING with Democrats? Republicans say worse things about Ted Cruz than even DEMOCRATS do. They “ran Sarah Palin (and others) out” because she actually SAID what THEY should be saying, but aren’t. All the Republican “Old Guard” are interested in is keeping their lucrative jobs intact. They will do so even at the cost of freedom in the United States. People accuse me, and other outspoken people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity of being “Republicans.” They can’t conceive of people being simply AGAINST Democrats and socialism—which is what Democrats now stand for (they should change their name to the Socialist Party). For me, I’m a “rational individualist.” If that is a political party, it has a membership of ONE—me. And that’s how I like it. (Eagle Rising)

Obama To Steal Your Money

He’s spent so much already he’s getting ready to “confiscate” (steal) all the money in your bank account over an arbitrarily specified amount. And he doesn't even need to hold a gun on you to rob you. Of course, they have a n innocent-sounding name for it: “WASHINGTON – With the United States facing a $17 trillion debt and an acidic debate in Washington over raising that debt limit on top of a potential government shutdown (which has already failed to do anything), Congress could mimic recent European action to let banks initiate a “bail-in” to blunt future failures, experts say. Previously the federal government has taken taxes from consumers, or borrowed the money, to hand out to troubled banks. This could be a little different, and could allow banks to reach directly into consumers’ bank accounts for their cash.” So I guess the best thing to do is take all your money right out of the bank—NOW. Before he and his gang of thieves can get their “sticky fingers” on it. This president is acting more and more like a Mafia don every day. Well, I've told you. What are you going to do about this blatant theft of your money? (WND)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sorry About Yesterday

I had way too much to do and simply didn't get it all done. Thus, no new posts. That happens sometimes. I had appointments with TWO doctors; one my regular doctor's regular appointment, and the other with my eye doctor who is trying valiantly (with only partial success, I might add) to solve my eye problem. At least I can keep the right eye open (mostly) without much pain. Hopefully soon those problems will be over.

How Did This Happen?

An Islamic Imam did a U. S. tour and collected $3.5 million dollars from gullible Americans. Isn’t Obama sending enough of our tax money to Syrian rebels, who are now mostly Islamic terrorists? How did this happen? That’s like allowing a Nazi General to tour the United States and collect money during the Second World War while they were killing American troops. How are we this STUPID? I’ve seen Americans do some STUPID things, but this takes the cake! Islamic terrorists cry that it’s only a matter of time before the Islamic flag is flying over the White House. It that comes true it will be because of such STUPID people as those who donated to this Imam’s “cause.” (Creeping Sharia)

"Workplace Violence?"

“WORKPLACE VIOLENCE”: That’s probably what Obama and his fools will call it after a black man went on a killing spree, screaming, “I hate white people!” Just like he called Ft. Hood the same while the shooter shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he killed those unarmed soldiers. We really need to get rid of this pissant who pretends to be president, having CONNED his way into the White House with a tissue of lies and who does everything he can to kill the capitalist society so he can blame it for the failure and turn us into a SOCIALIST society and later into “Soviet America.” In this case, the shooter was shouting that he wanted to kill white people but he wasn’t very good at it; nobody died. Apparently the cops weren’t very good at it, either. They shot him, but HE’S still alive. Had this been a white man killing black people, the liberal media would have gone bananas. But it’s not, so they ignore it and no “hate crime” charges have even been added. (Last Resistance)

Do You Want Sharia Here?

In Pakistan, you can be sentenced to death for not believing in Islam, as this woman was. Another Christian was sentenced to life in prison for the same “crime.” This was after many demands that she “convert to Islam,” which she refused. Her very statement of her Christian Faith was taken as “evidence” of her apostasy. The Governor of her state, who came out in her defense, was shot by his own bodyguards while the others stood by and watched. The only reason this woman is still alive is because the death penalty was suspended. She remains in prison under a death sentence notwithstanding; and there’s no telling what horrors she has been subjected to by people who think of her only as a “blasphemer.” Even so, she is afraid of being poisoned in prison, as have several others jailed on similar “charges.” People are working tirelessly to bring Sharia Law here. Would you like to see this abomination come here? Would you like to be beaten and imprisoned for not believing in that ridiculous “religion” of Islam? Think about it, and fight it to the death. (Trending Central)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Islam: "Religion" of Rape

I’ve said this before and I’ll no doubt say it again. Islam is not a religion, it is a political system PRETENDING to be a religion. They prove it every day with every action, it seems. What RELIGION would condone the gang rape of girls as young as 2? “Thanks to the Prophet Mohammed’s violent antipathy for women — rape in the Islamic world is commonplace. From Indonesia to Egypt the defilement of females as young as two years of age takes place with chilling impunity.” Religion is the worship of GOD, under whatever name people call him (her).Rape is not “worship.” Islam-run countries make it almost impossible to REPORT rape, requiring as many as FOUR MALE witnesses to the rape, then are more likely to punish the WOMAN rather than the man. They will call me an Islamaphobe (their made-up word for telling truth on them) for reporting this, but who cares what they call me. It’ll likely be a lie, anyway.
(Clash Daily)

Incredibly Stupid Media!

It’s no wonder the liberal media outlets are going out of business at an alarming (to them) rate. They’re incredibly stupid! I just listened to several MSNBC commentators laughing and talking about how the Republicans have taken over the media! They can’t even tell the difference between the Republicans and the conservatives! Today’s Republicans are far from being “conservative,” and that’s what they meant. Their stupidity is not in BELIEVING what they were saying, because I don’t believe they believe that BS for a minute. Where their stupidity lies is in thinking intelligent Americans who pay attention believe it. They could only name Fox and The Blaze, and maybe ”Red State” as “part of the Republican media.” They seem to forget ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, al-Jazeera, and all the offshoots such as HLN (imitation CNN) who spout the same liberal crap. Maybe they think we’ll forget them, too. I can’t believe these people get paid good money to spout this crap! Er, yes, I do. Their bosses think we’ll buy that BS, too—for a while, yet. The newspapers are going down faster than you’d believe, and so are the liberal “news” outlets. One example in the newspaper business is Denver, where a 100-year-old newspaper (The Rocky Mountain News) folded and the Post is not far behind (I give them another year). They recently raised their single-issue price by 50% on the same day they cut the paper’s size (no. of pages) by HALF! They must be using the government business model: ”If business is bad, raise your prices. (Just common sense)

Gun Group Sues Colo Governor

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (of which I happen to be a member) is SUING Governor Hickenlooper to get rid of his new gun laws they say are unconstitutional. They want them repealed. The laws involve extended background checks and limit the size of magazines (not the reading kind, the bullet kind). Last May, 64 sheriffs in rural, “gun-friendly” counties filed a similar suit wherein they said the law “lacks clarity,” rather than on constitutional issues. Colorado voters recently removed two Democratic state lawmakers from office — Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron — and replaced them with Republicans who are gun-rights supporters. Those former senators insist they were only removed because of “voter fraud.” Funny—aren’t they the ones who insist there IS no “voter fraud’ when we try and pass laws requiring picture ID in order to vote? I guess to them, it only exists when it is convenient for them. Latest info: A third anti-gun fool Hudak) has resigned, rather than face a recall. (Fox News)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MSNBC Full of Fools

They search hard every day for yet another way to make Americans think that ANY criticism of Obama is racism. But that is a form of racism in itself. Today’s effort is centered on the word, “Obamacare.” So, okay. I won’t use it. I’ll call it what it is: “Obama’s health care swindle.” Frankly, I don’t give a damn if he’s PURPLE. His “signature law” has DESTROYED the medical profession already by pricing it out of sight. It is a COMMUNIST system, and will continue to be so, whatever color he CHOOSES to be. It has TRIPLED costs instead of lowering them as he promised. Most of his policies are collectivist (of which communism is just one form), and THAT’S what I have against him, be he black OR white. The fools at MSNBC can vilify me all they want, truth is truth. Things like this are reasons why MSNBC is “slowly sliding into the quicksand” and will probably not last out the year. If it does it will be because of the freeloaders. (Daily Clash)

Obama's Millions of Twitter Followers

More then half of them are fake. Controlled by a computer program that has them sending seemingly different messages, but which all say the same thing: in SUPPORT of Obama. Making it LOOK like a lot more people support Obama than do. This is the kind of subterfuge that was able to con an UNKNOWN state senator/former Chicago “community organizer” into the presidency without anybody actually KNOWING anything about him; while after he was elected, he was able to list ALL information about his past as “national security” and therefore not to be divulged, to ANYBODY. That this covers up a lot of sins goes without saying, but somebody MUST say it. He, and his “handlers,” fooled the entire electorate into electing a complete unknown who is STILL unknown. This article details a lot of shortcomings in his background. Things we are not allowed to even ASK about. (American Thinker)

"AR-15 Crazy"

 That pretty much describes the “anti-gun fools” in both the government and the liberal media. They think every gun ever used in those ubiquitous “mass shootings” is an AR-15 despite the fact that it rarely happens. They’re AR-15 crazy. If somebody used a FLINTLOCK in a shooting, they’d call it an AR-15, which makes them FOOLS. But we already knew they were fools, anyway. ANYBODY who thinks making a LAW against carrying a gun will make a CRIMINAL, who obeys no laws, not carry a gun is a FOOL. But they do, as witness the target in ALL their “gun laws,” the gun—not the shooter. If somebody used a HAND GRENADE, they'd call it an AR-15. (National Review)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ran Paul Is Right

He has been called every snide name in the book by Obama and his crowd for telling us what is going to happen if Obama is allowed to continue his work. Everything he predicted has “come to pass.” But has anybody apologized? Nope; they continue to call him all kinds of vile names while defending the stupid things they do as they ruin our economy. Has anybody called THEM a  “laughingstock” as they have him? His father Ron was right, too. But nobody (except people who THINK) thinks so. They don’t examine what he has said; they only listen to what his enemies say about him. Their record is abysmal, but people keep on believing them and reviling the Pauls and others (like Sarah Palin) who try valiantly to  show the public how wrong they are. For example: he opposes Obama’s recent call for yet another extension of unemployment benefits. He argues that if the economy is doing so well, in Obama’s “rose-colored glasses world,” why is such an action necessary? And is vilified for it. And that’s just the latest. (Fox News)

"Talk Of" Impeachment

According to the “Conservative News & Views,” “talk of impeachment is quietly growing.” So what? We’ve been “talking” about impeachment almost from the first day of Obama’s “reign.” But nothing has been REALLY done about it and he continues to do impeachable things every day while people just “talk about” impeachment. Soon we’ll reach the point where impeachment will do nothing because there will not be sufficient time left in his “reign” to achieve it. Obama commits impeachable offenses every time he does things to “get around” Congress, such as his “executive orders” aimed at further restricting the buying and using an “AR-15,” which was not even one of the guns used at the Navy Yard. Obama and his accomplices have been trying to demonize that specific gun for a long time and continue to do so. (Conservative News & Views)

"Gun-Free Zones" Are Poison!

They are an INVITATION to people like the Navy Yard shooter to come in and murder people. They do nothing but tell these fools there are no guns there so you can come in and kill us at will and there will likely be no guns there to oppose you. ALL mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones.” But don’t try and tell that to the “anti-gun fools.” They don’t listen to reason. They even deny the very existence of reason. It’s time we got rid of these fools, and you can always identify them by their rhetoric. I don’t understand what motivates such people as Senator Feinstein, who obviously knows NOTHING about guns, yet wants to disarm every honest, reliable American (except herself, of course), KNOWING crooks and crazies have no problem getting their guns. You tell them and tell them, but it does not penetrate their hard heads. The only time I’ve ever seen a man try a mass shooting in a gun store happened in Indianapolis last year. He managed to wound ONE clerk, and everybody in the store, including that clerk, made “Swiss cheese” out of him. That conclusively PROVES my thesis, but the people making those stupid “gun laws” couldn’t care less.They aren't listening.(Mediate)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fooling ALL the People

The world-wide idolatry of Nelson Mandela is proof that Abraham Lincoln was wrong when he said, “You can fool SOME the people all the time, ALL of the people SOME of the time, but not ALL the people ALL the time.” But it seems Mandela fooled ALL the people ALL the time. But he has not fooled ME and some others-but who listens when some REFUSE to see truth? “This is the South Africa of Nelson Mandela. White woman raped and stripped naked, then thrown into the street, only to be kicked and assaulted with garbage by black men. Nobody says a word. Barack Hussein Obama has compared him to George Washington. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews heralded him as ‘perhaps the world’s greatest hero.’ The Las Vegas Guardian Express dispensed with the ‘perhaps,’ declaring in headline: ‘Nelson Mandela World’s Greatest Hero.’ Others have christened him ‘the greatest man of the 20th century.’ Many revere him as ‘the savior’ of South Africa.” Maybe so. Maybe he DID get rid of apartheid, but at what cost? 4039 farmers murdered; 68,799 white Africaners murdered, at the least. Innocent people, not soldiers. "soft targets" like most cowardly terrorist victims, not soldiers. How does he get around these bloody murders in the minds of people? By fooling them. I’m not so easily fooled by politics. I do not revere this terrorist murderer in any way. Go ahead; call me a racist because he’s black. I don’t care what FOOLS call me for telling the truth about ANYBODY, black OR white. A murderer is a murderer, black, white, or PURPLE.  They’re making a SAINT out of him, and I’m OFFENDED by it. (Bare Naked Islam)

Typical Stupidity In Schools

In Hendersonville, Tenn., they sent a bunch of students to a mosque to be indoctrinated by Muslims. What is disturbing to me is that they were sent to Muslim and Hindu churches, but not Jewish or Christian churches. Also, what happened to the “separation of church and state” that is enforced elsewhere? Where were they his time? Would they have protested if these kids were sent to a Christian church? What the hell is WRONG with people in this country to send impressionable kids to a Muslim mosque where they were offered copies of the Koran but not a Christian church where they might be offered a Bible? When the parents objected, they were accused of “being hostile to Islam,” which is their RIGHT. In this country we have the right to “be hostile” to ANYBODY so long as it does not include violence against them. The school “authorities also said they “couldn’t believe” they would question our motives.” Why? Are they STUPID? One student refused to complete this assignment as being “too biased” and was given a zero without being offered an alternative assignment. (The Blaze)

Don't Talk About It

If roads were collapsing all over the country, we’d soon be talking about ways to stop them from collapsing and nobody would tell us not to “politicize” roads collapsing. Nor would they blame the roads. Not so with guns. They quickly tell us not to “politicize” the tragedy when we talk about ways to stop wanton shooters from indiscriminate killing and immediately try to ban GUNS. Not the people who misuse them. It’s NOT “politicizing it when you try and find ways to stop the gun violence without disarming honest, responsible people while ignoring the fact that criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns. The fact is, the “powers that be” have no idea how to stop crazies from getting guns and killing innocent people. These shooters have, in MANY cases, been stopped by ONE PERSON there who had his (or her) own gun and could shoot straight. Without those responsible armed people being there, those mad killers would probably still be killing. (Just common sense)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Liar Convicted.

No, it's not Obama this time. Remember Crystal Magnum, the black prostitute who falsely accused three Lacrosse players of rape? The one whose identity was hidden by the press through it all, even when it was found she was lying? While trumpeting the names of the innocent players all the while? The one the New York Times continued  to lie about long after her lies were proven? What happened in the Times when she was accused of MURDERING her boyfriend? How about when she was CONVICTED? There was a small, one-line note about it in the Lacrosse section, never mentioning the previous case. There were no Duke-accuser updates at ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, USA Today, or The Washington Post. Nobody noticed. The “kill the rich:” mentality in New York is alive and well; unlike the  boyfriend of this whore liar. (News Busters)

"No Connection to Terrorism"

 The Department of Homeland Security says there is NO EVIDENCE of a terrorist connection to the killings at the Navy Yard. How figure that, I know not, But like in many cases, they deny terrorist connection and are proven wrong in the end. Like at Ft. Hood, which Obama STILL calls “workplace violence” even though it has been proven conclusively to be Islamic terrorism. I don’t know what Obama hopes to prove, but he knows we know he’s lying and he doesn’t care. (The Daily Caller)

This Is Islam

They charge non-Muslims a “tax” in countries they run that is basically an extortion payment to keep from being murdered by Muslims. It is called a “Jizya tax.” And you’d better pay it if you live in a Muslim-run country—and sometimes if you don’t; although why any SANE non-Muslim would live in a Muslim-run country I can’t fathom. Muslims insist that EVERYBODY live by their tenets, even if they’re not Muslim. And Obama wants that brought here. I think if he is successful in bringing Islam here, a lot of innocent Muslims (if there are any) are going to get killed, just because of the actions of the extremists. (Gateway Pundit)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Presidential Incompetence?

Or presidential collusion? It has to be one or the other. I’m not one of those people who think Bush was complicit in the deaths of 3,000 innocent people at the World Trade Center in September, 2001. That was a stretch, from the beginning. I have my own problems with George Bush, but I don’t think he was that kind of a guy. Obama, on the other hand, was “running guns” to the Syrian rebels and the now dead ambassador in Benghazi knew it and was protesting. Now that he’s dead, there is a lot less talk about it. Obama is already known for his “gun-running” to the Mexican drug cartels, and that’ too, has never been properly investigated, along with the murders of our embassy people in Benghazi. There are several nasty scandals against Obama, including several deaths, and progress has been made on NONE of them. This tells me a lot about Obama. I figure we’ll never know the truth until Obama and his friends are no longer in control of the investigation process. (Just common sense)

Democrat Shoots At Guns

Democrat Colorado Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (puff, puff!) says, “Carrying a gin is unnecessary since authorities can protect you.” This shows a level of stupidity I would expect from liberal politicians. She completely ignores the fact that the cops are usually MINUTES away when danger strikes and can only document your murder or assault AFTER it happens, and MAYBE apprehend the guy who did it LATER. Operative word, LATER. That just is NOT good enough. But like most liberal politicians, she doesn’t know any better and she probably lives in a gated community, guarded by armed men, while having armed men with her at all times to protect her.. It’s a bad thing that we (not me) elect such people and they get put in powerful positions where they can control things. That’s why we have so many STUPID anti-gun laws on the books. We need to get RID of such people. (The Blaze)

More Proof Gun Laws Don't work

What 17-year-old do you know who can legally buy a gun? I don’t know any, yet this 17-year-old KNOWN thug had a gun, found a defenseless old man, and shot him to death, in broad daylight, after stalking people on a parking lot, trying to find somebody to kill. Not to rob, to kill. He was probably “auditioning” to get in a gang. The “anti-gun fools” insist that their stupid laws will stop this sort of thing from happening. They are, tragically, wrong.  But reasoning with these fools is futile. The victim is a Cuban refugee! He escaped the Cuban dictatorship only to be murdered by an illegally armed kid who didn't even say a word to him. And the "getaway vehicle" is a BICYCLE! This kid has a long and violent record and is now in jail. I don't think he expected that. Will he get a long sentence this time? Or will he get the :”minimum” dictated by his age?  If he had been sentenced to longer terms in the past, this man might still be alive. I don’t think there should BE any “minimum” for killers under 21. Murder is murder and the victim is dead, no matter how young the killer. A teenage killer is still a killer and should be treated as one. Including the death penalty. (Independent Journal)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Liberals Amaze and Disgust Me

How they can twist ANYTHING to their advantage. Ed Schultz whines about Martin Bashir’s firing for saying somebody should sh-t in Sarah’s mouth, railing about the “crudeness” of conservatives. What is there about the idea of sh-tting in a woman’s mouth that is NOT “crude?” This is the same MSNBC guy who called Laura Ingraham a “slut.” Yep, there’s no “crudeness” on the left, is there? Damn, these people disgust me! They say of a Supreme Court nominee, “I wish his wife would feed him a lot of bacon so he’ll die soon” then lament people in the right calling them out on it. What a bunch of FOOLS!  (Media Research Center)

It Seems They Were Wrong

But will that change anything? Global “scientists” based their “findings” on data that were faulty. Surprise, surprise! Their “computer predictions” were SIX TIMES TOO MUCH! (600%!) Six times! Yet these gullible climate “scientists” bought it and have conned us out of a lot of money based on it. AlGore has used it to become a multi-billionaire and get the Nobel Peace Prize (which, of course, rendered it meaningless). They still blame what their “projections” say on man, even though man could not have ANY effect on global temperatures and the fact that the globe has NOT been warming for the last 15 years! Global temperatures are CYCLICAL! It warms and cools in CYCLES not affected by man. But don’t try and tell these fools. They’ve got DOCTORATES. They’re better than the rest of us! I once got FIRED from Boulder’s National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) after being overheard disagreeing with their conclusions). They don’t know what they’re talking about, but they brook NO disagreement. (London Daily Mail)

The Chicago War Zone

Chicago, IL, the home of some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the nation, is also the home to one of the highest levels of gun violence in the nation, too. But don’t try and tell that to liberal politicians and anti-gun fanatics (a redundancy, there) because they aren’t listening. But there’s a reason for that; they’re not interested in curbing gun violence. They just want to disarm Americans so they won’t get a gun in the mouth as one would-be robber did recently when they come to steal what’s ours. Example: this week alone, there were 6 people killed and 27 wounded in ONE WEEKEND in Chicago and that included one 7-year-old boy, who was shot in an area considered to be a “safe area.” Frankly, I wouldn’t live in Chicago. It would be like a permanent assignment in a “war zone.” And disarming honest, responsible people will not keep anybody alive. BUt our stupid politicians will never believe that. (5NBC Chicago)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Amazingly Stupid People

Some restaurant employees in the East are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. They’re going on strike for $15 an hour! $15 an hour for hamburger flippers! I guess they don’t know that a man’s pay is decided by how easily it is to REPLACE him. And hamburger flippers are EASILY replaced. They have what is called “entry-level jobs” for a reason. They are for, and are held by, kids who have never had jobs before and need “some kind of a job” to LEARN how to hold one. That pretty much describes jobs at McDonald’s The job is NOT for people who are married and have a family and someone in that category is a FOOL to go to work for McDonald’s, or any company like it. If they continue this demand, their jobs will disappear because they’re not WORTH $15 an hour and they won’t make ANY money. Is that what they want? (Just common sense)

What's Wrong With McCain?

WHAT’S WRONG WITH McCAIN? When was the last time a U. S. Senator supported sending help to one of our ENEMIES? al-Qaida is our ENEMY. They proved that when they sent 18 Saudis to fly airplanes into three buildings in the United States, killing 3,000 innocent people! But Senator McCain wants to send even more money to the Syrian rebels, many of whom now are Islamic Jihadists, otherwise known as Islamic TERRORISTS. Is McCain becoming SENILE? He needs to be sent home to enjoy his last years with his family so he can no longer affect our foreign policy. He does more damage now than ever before with his misguided and, dare I say it, STUPID decisions? Arizona should be ashamed of having him as their senator today. (Town Hall Finance)

Socialists Never Learn

They come up with these grandiose ideas and spend a lot of government (taxpayer) money on them, run them for years with no success, then shut them down, only to come up with the same, or nearly the same idea later, spend a lot of (taxpayer) money on them, and shut them down after YEARS of futile work (for which THEY get paid). Then they get together and come up with yet ANOTHER wild idea and tout it to the skies, spending a lot of (taxpayer) money, on and on, ad infinutum, ad nauseum. They’ve been doing it in France for a very long time and still they haven’t learned the “facts of life.” Russia did it many times with their famous “five year plans” that never worked while costing their citizens a lot of money. Bureaucrats CANNOT create prosperity. They can only "regulate" it when it happens. This is what Obama wants for us? (American Thinker)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Muslims Wonder Why We Don't Like Them

Muslims are very different from the rest of us. They stick their rear ends in the air and pray to a non-God five times a day. They oppress their women. They MURDER their own children for doing things the “religion” says defames them. They hide their women from the world because they’re sorely AFRAID somebody will want them. They are THAT fearful and weak. They DEMAND we “believe” the exact same way they do, or they want to kill us if we don’t. They’re FOOLS; all of them, to believe the crap their Imams tell them. That’s how I feel, and, even in a country that says I have the right to say what I wish, even if it offends somebody, they want to KILL me for saying it, or even just THINKING it. Now Obama wants to make a law making saying what I just said a crime (Now we DO know which side he's on). I'm getting a gun, with which I will defend myself against them when they come to do it. (Just common sense)

Surprise! Smart Politicians!

In Arkansas, it is now law to allow school teachers and other staff to be armed. It is, in spite of the “warning” by the state’s Attorney General that this law applies only to private business. An unnamed “state board” decreed this. When this ruling first came down they tried to make their schools into “private businesses” to get around that limitation, but this board “ruled,” instead, that it DID “apply to school districts.” The original law supposedly applied only to security guards and this ruling made the school’s teachers and other staff INTO “security guards.” It’s a good illustration in how they “get around a law” by renaming things. This time for good, not ill, as it’s usually used by liberals. (Fox News)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to Work

Well, it’s been a hassle, but I think most of my eye problems (for now) are over. There’s still a definite “presence” there, but for the most part, no more pain. I can open both eyes and (except for the cataract, which was already there), I can see relatively well without pain. That means I can do some work, which I could not do before Thank God there ARE some doctors out there who don’t jump to conclusions as did those at University Hospital. If they had given me the right medicine the first time, I’d have been back at work a week earlier.

"Creeping Sharia"

That’s a good description of how Islam is “slipping” Sharia Law into America. As with the “boiling frog” simile, they’re “throwing us into cold water, then warming it up slowly so we won’t notice we’re being boiled alive until it’s too late.” Little by little they’re slipping Sharia principles into America and getting them accepted. Like the new rules for swimming children that are being slipped into the rules for little girls “so they won’t inadvertently reveal too much of themselves.” For most American males that isn’t a problem. Only perverts look upon 6 and 7-year-girls as sex objects and “protecting them” from the prying eyes of men who want to screw them is not normally necessary. These perverts are a SMALL segment of our society. Apparently not in an Islamic society. In an Islamic society, where a father can “marry” his 6-year-old off to the nearest old man legally for a day, a week, or forever, they are, and DO need to be “protected.” Only in an Islamic society is this a problem. But they want to instill that principle in THIS society to “slip” Sharia into it, little by little. They figure this is something many Americans will agree with (who wants to let little girls be screwed?), and so allow, getting “the camel’s nose into the tent” so the camel will be fully in the tent in the morning and the camel master shivering in the cold, outside. What amazes me in the story linked here is that the cops are cooperating! This is the way they do it. (Liberty Alliance)

What Librals Believe

“Liberals believe the Constitution gives citizens the right to an abortion, even though the Constitution says nothing about it; but they don’t think the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, even though it says so explicitly. Bottom line: liberals don’t actually believe in the Constitution at all. They just want to impose their will on everyone else.” This comes from the Twitter feed of Bert Bartlett and is copyrighted by Dixon Diaz. I tried to copy it as a photo but couldn’t. But it was too good not to repeat so here it is. The only part with which I disagree is where he says the “Constitution GIVES us the right…” The Constitution GIVES no rights. It only recognizes them and guarantees the government must do so, too. I thank them both for bringing this truth to my attention. (Just common sense)

"It Happens First in California"

That’s the claim made by California advocates. But what happens FIRST in California are not always good things. Like the way their anti-gun laws used to be written (it may still be the same, I don’t know) is that “Anything that can be projected at a person that can make him or her uncomfortable” is banned.) Now, since they are barred from going after people’s guns, they now want to make guns useless by banning lead bullets. But what they’re too dumb to know is that lead is not the only substance a bullet can be made from. This is a typical example of how liberals “get around that pesky Constitution.). They HATE the Constitution because, more often than not, it “ties their hands” when they want to make laws that further limit our rights. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Still Fighting Eye Problems

Turns out it wasn’t conjunctivitis after all. It was something in my eye, digging in. My doctor took it out after almost a week of suffering under the mistaken diagnosis reached at University Hospital—which made it better. But here is still something in there she missed (it wasn’t hard), on the other side of the eye and I can’t get to her until tomorrow. Thanksgiving, you know. The article below was written just before it struck, and was written for today so it MUST go up.

Indians Didn't Save Pilgrims

The Free Market did. Yes, the Indians may have taught them a lot of things, such as how to grow corn. But that would not have saved them under their original system, which amounted to SOCIALISM. With INCENTIVE thus eliminated, many people didn’t work because they still got s full “share” of any bounty there might have been whether or not they worked. So many didn’t, and the colony starved. Many died, including the governor’s wife. So he set out to change things and return INCENTIVE to the equation. He let them keep their plot of land, but allowed them to keep and sell (at a profit) what they grew. This gave them the INCENTIVE to work hard, and they did. They grew so much there was a surplus, which they sold, at a PROFIT. The first Thanksgiving was not to ”thank” the Indians for saving them, it was a gesture of FRIENDSHIP to their neighbors. As with the story of Robin Hood (That’s another story. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole BACK from the nobles and gave what was rightfully theirs to the peasants), this has been lied about and twisted over the years by people who wanted to reinstitute socialism and the power it gave to a few.
 (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Can't Work

Sorry to anybody who has missed my posts to my several blogs the last few days. Last Friday just before I was to update “Ray’s Shorts,” I was unable, as I could not even keep my eyes open. I had to go to the hospital. Seems I have conjunctivitis, otherwise known as “pink-eye.” Some may think that is a minor ailment, in that it’s not going to kill me. But take my word for it, it is NOT. It can be very painful and debilitating. For me, several days later, it still IS. I still mostly can’t open my right eye, and it is hard to do this work with only one eye, whose movement effects the other eye. I’m hoping it will clear up soon and I can resume my work. Until then, Aaaaccckkk!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Texas Didn't Kill Kennedy

When a sniper took aim and blew President John Kennedy’s brains all over the back of the front seat of that open Cadillac limousine that day, he “changed the world,” according to legend. That happened in Dallas, Texas and many attribute that killing to Texas. They’re wrong: Texas didn’t kill Kennedy, somebody who hated him, rightly or wrongly, killed Kennedy. Kennedy’s POLICIES killed Kennedy, but his death has long been blamed on the State of Texas. His death has spawned a “cottage industry” making a LOT of money for people arguing about whether his death was due to ONE SHOOTER or several. The “Warren Commission, after much talk and spending much money, decided it was. It may or may not have been. But Texas didn’t kill Kennedy, WASHINGTON did. I had my own problems with Kennedy’s policies. They were the subjects of the FIRST pamphlet I wrote to comment on political actions, entitled, “I Am An Extremist!” It detailed the many things about which I was extremely angry” and lampooned the extremists who called ME an extremist for them. But my objections to his policies didn’t rise to the level of wishing him dead. Today, many have decided there WAS, in fact, a second shooter; that Oswald was a lousy shot and missed THREE times, leaving it necessary for a second shooter to fire the lethal shot and get he job done (I still find it hard to imagine Oswald as a Marine).

We will never know because the “investigation” into the Kennedy killing was one of the worst botched “investigations” in memory. Evidence was altered, the very AUTOPSY done on his body is said to have been botched, and the only man who really KNEW if there was a second shooter was MURDERED by a man who had some strange “friendships” among government people, before he could be properly questioned. Yes, his murder did change many things: for one, the president has never paraded around in an open limousine since. Presidential security has increased considerably. Kennedy was a liberal, as liberals were known then. Some of his policies would have made today’s politicians call him a conservative. One of those was to LOWER the tax base and by so doing INCREASE the “tax take,” an action repeated by one of his successors, Ronald Reagan, with similar results, almost DOUBLING the “tax take” in the following years until liberals managed to raise it significantly since, thus LOWERING “the tax take,” while bemoaning that decrease without ever admitting it was THEIR ACTIONS that had done it. Even though most of Kennedy’s actions WERE liberal, this is just ONE that I would have heartily approved of, though I was not yet sufficiently knowledgeable to know that.

I disapproved of his actions toward Cuba, including his attempt to kill Castro, though I am not, and never will be a Castro supporter. I merely thought his action in APPROVING the “Bay of Pigs invasion, then “pulling our support out,” leaving his troops to die, and creating a situation where we had to pay a LOT of money to get some of his prisoners released, though he and other politicians denied that ever happened. There were other things to which I objected, but I will not enumerate them here. Yes, I’ve been observing politics that long, and things have not gotten better since. In fact they have gotten “progressively” worse. Terminally worse, in my opinion, and that leads me to wonder why Barack Obama is still alive. Maybe it’s because only a right-winger would want to kill him and only leftists do that(maybe it is the specter of Joe Biden as president that is good insurance against assassination). They tried to convince the world Kennedy was killed by a right-winger when it happened (as usual). But it was not to be, since Oswald (his presumed killer) was a “dedicated leftist and known communist,” which somehow could NOT be hidden from the world. Progressivism (communism) was in decline then, and they started calling themselves LIBERALS to fool us. Liberalism is now KNOWN to be a “cover” for those who wish this country to be a COLLECTIVIST (communist, socialist, etc.) nation. Progressivism has regained its prominence as an “alternate name” for communism since its real definition has been forgotten.

Yes, Kennedy’s murder did “change the world,” but not for the better, because politicians have so messed things up since. We have slipped ever closer to becoming the “Soviet Union” of the 21st Century as politicians worked tirelessly to create a “collectivist (socialist) society.” Obama is the “front man” of that effort, having been BORN to communist parents, RAISED as a communist, schooled by communists, and mentored by communists. How could he be ANYTHING but a communist in his thinking, even if he might not be a “card-carrying member” of the communist party It is his collectivist THINKING that counts, reinforced, as it has been by his communist mentors over the years after his communist upbringing. His support for Muslims, however, is strange, if you didn’t know that Islam has ALSO been a big part of his upbringing, having been born (whether he will admit it or not) in a Muslim country and raised in Muslim schools. It would be amazing to me if he WEREN’T a Muslin sympathizer. All that aside, it is his ACTIONS that tell me he is both a collectivist (socialist) and a Muslim sympathizer who would make this country REPLACE RUSSIA as a collectivist “showcase nation” for a while, until it collapses of its own weight, as did Soviet Russia. Collectivist nations can NEVER survive for long because they produce NOTHING. Russia survived longer than it would have without America’s financial support..

They DEPEND on the labor of those capable and WILLING to earn for themselves to provide money and property to steal and redistribute to others, who are NOT “producers.” Collectivism destroys INCENTIVE, which is NECESSARY for progress, and that will kill collectivism in this country ultimately, as it did in Russia, though probably not in my lifetime. I am glad I am as old as I am (76), and will not live to see most of what is coming. But I am sad to know that my progeny will. I have tried my best to stop it from happening, but I fear I’ve failed. So I will just have to watch it happening until my time comes, which I fear will not be long, with Obama controlling the health profession in his ignorance. (11/22/13)

Reprinted from “One Man’s Opinion with permission.

What Liberals Beieve

“Liberals believe the Constitution gives citizens the right to an abortion, even though the Constitution says nothing about it; but they don’t think the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, even though it says so explicitly. Bottom line: liberals don’t actually believe in the Constitution at all. They just want to impose their will on everyone else.” This comes from the Twitter feed of Bert Bartlett and is copyrighted by Dixon Diaz. I tried to copy it as a photo but couldn’t. But it was too good not to repeat so here it is. The only part with which I disagree is where he says the “Constitution GIVES us the right…” The Constitution GIVES no rights. It only recognizes them and guarantees the government must do so, too. I thank them both for bringing this truth to my attention. (Just common sense)

"It Happens First in California"

That’s the claim made by California advocates. But what happens FIRST in California is not always good. Like the way their anti-gun laws used to be written (it may still be the same, I don’t know) is that “Anything that can be projected at a person that can make him or her uncomfortable” is banned.) Now, since they are constitutionally barred from going after people’s guns, they now want to make guns useless by banning lead bullets. But what they’re too dumb to know is that lead is not the only substance a bullet can be made from. This is a typical example of how liberals “get around” that pesky Constitution.). They HATE the Constitution because, more often than not, it “ties their hands” when they want to make laws that further limit our rights. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Not Racial Profiling

When most of the people who commit crimes in your area are Mexican. It’s common sense to arrest them and put them in prison. It’s only illegal immigration-loving judges like Murray Snow who think so. Unfortunately this judge is in a position where he can do some damage to people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who ENFORCE the laws, FOR enforcing the laws. He accuses Arpaio of “profiling,” which is something that is very SUBJECTIVE and subject to DEFINITION by those accusing him. Unfortunately, this fool judge is in a position where he can hurt Arpaio—at least, until somebody with BRAINS gets rid of him. (Stand With Arizona)

Typical Liberal BS

Angela Giron had a “breakdown” on TV the other day after a disgusted anchor cut her off in mid-rant while she was claiming she only lost because her supporters “couldn’t make it to the polls.” Why is that? Maybe because they had “seen the light” and didn’t support her Nazi-style law any more. In any case, her statement is “typical liberal BS, making a broad statement without ANY proof, expecting people to believe it on her unsupported word alone. Her supporters, if they did WANT to vote, would have had no more difficulty in reaching the polls than would ANYBODY. “Voter suppression” is only in her imagination—or at least this election showed her own voter suppression didn’t work. And it’s common for the Post to publish this kind of BS without comment from the other side. Why they allowed it in this case, I don’t know. (Denver Post)

How Liberals Operate

When a vote didn’t go his way, a liberal Democrat just stopped the vote, while in progress. This is, of course, against the “rules of order,” but he doesn’t care. He wanted to avoid LOSING the vote so he “took his ball and went home” like a little kid. They were trying to pass another stupid anti-gun law and they were seeing that it would not pass, so they got mad and illegally stopped the vote so there would not be a recorded vote against their measure. This is “business as usual” for liberals. It’s just usually done behind the scenes. (YouTube)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Somebody Needs to Pay

And it's NOT "the gun." Remember that TSA officer who was killed at the Los Angeles Airport? He didn’t have to die. He laid there bleeding for more than a HALF HOUR before para-medics were ALLOWED to treat him. Yes, I know; the “authorities” hadn’t yet declared the area to be safe. But as a former para-medic, I know they would have gone in and done what they could even if the shooter was still putting bullets in his dead body. There’s no excuse to allow a man to DIE because the area was not yet declared “safe.” They should have MADE it safe as soon as possible. As with one situation I was mixed up in one time in West Palm Beach (FL) where a man was allowed to die because my ambulance was not the one serving the “zone” in a city that demanded ONE AMBULANCE in each zone. I was on my way BACK to my zone after delivering a patient to a hospital ONE BLOCK into the next zone. I could have saved the man’s life, but they wouldn’t let me because I was in the “wrong zone.” I went to the city after that and got the rules changed to allow the senior medic on the scene to order a patient transported regardless of “zones” and the bureaucrat in charge of emergency medical services fired. This situation is just as bad, and is foolish. It led to this man’s death. The senior medic on the scene should be able to treat a patient on his own responsibility as soon as HE thinks so.. (Mail.com)