Thursday, June 30, 2016

Clinton Visits AG Lynch

Bill Clinton was reported to be in Phoenix playing golf (a 70-year-old man with a serious heart history, playing golf in 108 degree weather?), and met with Loretta Lynch, the current AG in a private plane on the tarmac of the airport when they just "happened" to be there at the same time. Yeah. And she says they didn't talk about Hillary's problems with the Justice Dept. Do you believe that all they talked about was family matters, grandchildren, and such? Do you really think they didn't discuss Hillary's problems with the Justice Dept.? A Democrat might believe that, but human beings don't. They're too intelligent. If you think they weren't talking about “the fix being in” for Hillary, you ain't too smart. But if you're reading this, you're “smarter than the average bear.” so you aren't going to believe that fairy tale. What you're seeing is the solidifying of the “fix” that's in to keep Hillary out of prison and in the White House. I don't think this meeting was an accident. I think it was set up a long time ago for that very purpose, and they're PRETENDING it was an "incidental meeting.". What you're seeing is blatant corruption, right out in the open. You try to talk to the judge or the opposing lawyer during an investigation of ANYTHING if you're closely involved. See how far you get. Lynch SHOULD have refused to see this fool to “avoid the appearance of impropriety.” But she didn't. That meeting alone should compromise the investigation if she doesn't recuse herself. And she won't. They expect us to believe their horse manure. Gimme a BREAK! (Patriot Post)

Trying A New Tack

The anti-gun fools don't give up. They have suffered many failures lately in their efforts to take away our guns and make us defenseless as Obama imports hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who want to kill us or force us to “convert” to their phony religion. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that the American people aren't going to let them disarm us as more and more criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists get more and more ILLEGAL guns to use in killing us. So now they're trying a new tack. They're urging their brain-dead accomplices to have “sit-ins” in various places, like the one THEY did in Congress. One that failed because they didn't want to miss their vacations. They want their fools to do want they couldn't finish. But it ain't gonna work, as it didn't work in Congress. The American people are too dead set against being disarmed in the face of increasing gun threats. (Star Tribune)

Australia's "Good" Gun Laws

In 1996. after a mass shooting, Australian politicos passed some of the stupidest gun laws going. Those guns they didn't just BAN, they forced owners into licensing the ones they owned, so the government knew who had every gun there was. Those guns that were legally owned by law-abiding people, that is, while those who owned ILLEGAL guns ignored that. And, predictably, “gun crime” has skyrocketed. The result of those laws is that only the CRIMINALS have guns. And they use them to victimize those who obeyed those laws. In just the last 12 months, over 3,300 people were charged with gun crimes, and 9,000 illegally-owned guns were confiscated. Does that sound like those laws “solved” anything? What it proves is that the only people affected were law-abiding people, while criminals were affected, not at all. Still, American anti-gun fools keep touting Australia's “good gun laws” and deny the increase in gun crime CAUSED by those laws. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Take No Prisoners!

When you catch an Islamic terrorist in the act, don't “capture him,' imprison him for a few years, then release him to return to his murdering of innocent people to make a point. Kill him. Right away. To hell with due process.”His is not a “crime,” it is an act of war. And he hides among the very people he kills, often. So it's impossible to separate him from “peaceful” Muslims—if there are any. Being able to hide amongst the people is his strength. We need to take that away from him. Donald Trump says that if you're dealing with violent people, you need to BE violent. Our intelligence sources know where their top leaders are. They've proven that, many times. They've even killed some of their “leaders” upon occasion. They need to kill the NUMBER ONE leader, not a serious of “number twos,” which others line up to replace, even though that is a dangerous place to be. We need to go in and “clean them out,” wherever they hide. No matter what country they use as a “safe harbor” while planning their next outrage. Allowing them “safe harbor” is enough to allow us to violate their sovereignty if need be. We need to “pull out all the stops” in “cleaning out their nests,” and “take no prisoners.” Taking prisoners just gives such as Obama an opportunity to let them go. (Just common sense)

Gun Control Insanity

The other day, a FIVE-YEAR-OLD was suspended from kindergarten for bringing a BUBBLE GUN with him to class! How stupid IS that? And these fools are the people who want to educate our young! With people like that running our education system, we're in a LOT of trouble. And we can't seem to get anything done about it. Recently, a similar thing happened to another very young boy who chewed a Pop-Tart into a rough shape of a gun and used it to play “cops and robbers” at recess! It is this kind of insanity we encounter when we allow liberals to run our schools. They haven't the native INTELLIGENCE to do it, but we (not me) keep letting them do it. Hopefully, one day, intelligent people will take over in our schools and throw these fools out. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn't appeal to me. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Concealed Carriers Do Stop Shootings!

The anti-gun fools tell you confidently that concealed carriers don't stop mass shootings, and they're right, in a way. There are few mass shootings that have been stopped by concealed carriers. That's because most of them that ARE, aren't reported as “mass shootings” BECAUSE they were stopped. The article linked below tells of several potential mass shootings that were stopped by a concealed carrier. Some by shooting and killing or wounding the shooter, others simply by “getting the drop on him” and interfering with his plans. In both cases, mass shootings then didn't ensue, and were not called one. So no statistics can be gained about a mass shooting because it was stopped by a concealed carrier in the crowd.. Anti-gun fools use that fact to their advantage, since it keeps the total NUMBERS of mass shootings down. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"We're More Equal"

Anti-gun politician Charlie Rangel thinks he's “special.” He inadvertently admitted it when he was asked about that childish “sit-in” in Congress by anti-gun fools that failed, because the “sit-inners” didn't want to miss out on their vacations (poor babies!). Those fools were protected by layer upon layer of ARMED security while they demonstrated to keep the same protection from the average Americans. His reply was priceless: “That's a little different. I think we deserve—I think we need to be protected down here.” Which says emphatically that he thinks they are “special,” in that they “need” protection, and we don't. Such “elite thinking” is rampant in DC. They think they're “special,” because we elected them to BE “special.” They think they're entitled to special privileges, and that idea extends to their “special” health insurance that is superior to everything they offer us “peasants.” And their retirement program, that gives them equal pay to their congressional salary when they leave Congress—for life. Even after only ONE TERM. No barely sufficient Social Security scam for these fools! They didn't contribute ANYTHING, but they're getting “special benefits. And all the laws they make for us, they exempt themselves from. (America's FirstFreedom)

100 New Cops In Chi

Chicago, responding to the massively high “gun violence” stats, has added 100 new cops to their roster. This while they have some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, and, at the same time, similarly high “gun violence” stats. They are a “showcase city” proving that the current idea of gun control not only does NOT work, it actually INCREASES gun crime. Their laws are so tight that many have been declared unconstitutional. But they then make new ones to do the same things until the new ones are declared unconstitutional. Then they do it again. Like other cities run by liberals, they have high gun crime rates, and they try and try (unsuccessfully) to bring it down, proving (again) their incompetence. Just look at ANY liberal-run city and you'll see similar evidence of incompetence in governing. So don't go to Chicago unless you have a death wish, or a gun nobody knows about. (MRC TV)

Real Gun Facts

Anti-gun fools give you all kinds of phony “facts.” These are facts liberals would rather you didn't know. One: Background checks do NOTHING to STOP gun violence. Many mass shooters have PASSED background checks because they don't (yet) have a record. And the others don't get their guns legally. They either buy them ILLEGALLY, or steal them. Thus not having to undergo a background check,. MAYBE a background check lets the cops find the shooter later, but that does nothing for those he kills Two: More people are killed with blunt or sharp instruments than ever with guns. But the anti-gun fools don't talk about that. Then they'd have to ban all blunt or sharp instruments, which even they realize would be impossible. Three: They tell you legally-owned guns never stop “gun crime.” But guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people have been used 760,000 times a year in self defense in America. Four: “Gun-free zones” do NOTHING to stop “gun crime.” People who want to victimize others with guns IGNORE such “zones,” whether they're set up by law, or merely “policy” of a private company. Gun crazies SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” in which to kill people because they know there probably won't be any guns there in the hands of the victims. More detail can be found in the linked article. (Breitbart)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Baltimore Leads the Nation

In the increase in number of murders since Freddy Grey's death and the “criminalization” of six innocent cops, who were just doing their duty showed that the Baltimore state's attorney “had it in for the cops by charging them with crimes, including murder on evidence so thin it hasn't a chance to hold up in court. Criminals have gotten the message, and have reacted with great alacrity, killing wantonly, ever since. Every cop so charged, so far, has been either found not guilty, or had a “hung jury,” showing that the jury could not find him guilty, but were afraid to just “let him go,” as they did in a later trial with another of the six cops so charged. I predict the same will happen with the rest of those unjustly charged cops as each comes up for trial. Who gets to pay their legal expenses doesn't seem to enter into it. And the mental anguish they suffered, combined with having no income for so long, as well. (Baltimore Sun)

Clueless to Conservative

People wonder why actress Stacy Dash has put her acting career in jeopardy by becoming a known conservative in liberal Hollywood. You all know how INTOLERANT liberals are. It's a matter of honor to her. In one of the best examples that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, she once had to use a gun to protect herself from an ex-boyfriend who liked to beat on her, and found her everywhere she went. So she bought a gun and, when he kicked her door in and attempted to assault her again, she scared the hell out of him by shooting at him as he tried to come up the stairs in her home. He hasn't been seen nor heard from, since. She didn't have a restraining order against him because she probably realized that piece of paper was useless. Her gun was her “restraining order,” and it worked. That experience made her question her former liberal stance, and she is now a proud conservative, even if that stance has cost her some work in liberal Hollywood. She even wrote a book about it. (The Blaze)

Stern Mocks Gun Control

He equated it to sheep, lining up for the slaughter of the wolves who “pick off” a couple of the sheep every night, and what would happen if the sheep had guns and the will to use them. What would have happened if the Jews had had some AR-15s when the Nazis came to their door to take them to the gas chambers? Howard Stern isn't usually saying things conservatives like, but even some liberals have had enough. And Stern is a good example of a liberal that has “had it” with the fools who take guns into “no gun zones” and kill unarmed innocent people. Why the anti-gun fools can't get it through their thick skulls that DISARMING yourself is NOT the way to self defense is a mystery. Maybe they're just stupid. Or evil. (World Net Daily)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Failure of Socialism

Socialism does not work. That has been proven over and over, as socialist government after socialist government collapse when it runs out of “other people's money (OPM). It happened in Russia after they spent all the OPM they had in trying to keep up with America in the “arms race.” It is soon to happen in Cuba, as the health of the one real “strong man” runs out, their socialist friends (like Russia and other failing socialist friends who still had OPM left collapse, one after the other). It's happening in socialist Venezuela, where food shipments are guarded by armed men so they will make it to the store without being stolen by hungry citizens who haven't eaten in days, maybe weeks. Meanwhile, the daughter of the now dead former dictator is the richest person in the country. Many more countries, run on socialist principles, will soon fail, (like the socialist European Union, which is beginning to crumble as England has had enough and is breaking away), yet fools keep promoting socialism, or at least socialist principles as if they were “the best thing since sliced bread.” They teach it in schools, and brainwash our kids to believe in it. They teach it like a religion and soon the kids “have faith,” just as with a religion. (Just common sense)

"GOP Is Afraid of the NRA"

That's what John Legend (who?) says. He says the ONLY reason Congress won't pass their stupid anti-gun legislation is because “Republicans are afraid of the NRA.” Of course, there's no other possible reason, right? It's not possible that Americans don't believe the anti-gun fools' pipe-dream that all you have to do is “make a law” and lawbreakers will obey it when they don't obey other laws, and want the means to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. Anti-gun fools are really stupid. They prove it every time they open their mouths, or sponsor a bill in Congress. None of the laws they have made in the past have ever done ANYTHING to “stem the tide” of gun violence, but that makes no difference to them. Making such laws are part of their “religion” and, like members of other religions, they take it on “faith” that their laws will work, while all they do is get people killed because they haven't the means to self defense. And now Democrats in the Congress do something juvenile like a “sit-in” to protest the fact that four of their latest fiascoes were rejected by the Congress. So They call that “inaction.” (Daily Caller)

Learning How to Lie

CNN's Don Lemon says, “The media is NOT trying to make this about guns! It's NOT! It's NOT! Methinks he doth protest too much. Maybe somebody should crack open his eyes because if he can't see that the media IS “making the Orlando shooting about guns,” instead of about the killer, And his own CNN is one of the worst offenders, he has no business being in a position where he can influence lots of people. One day, Lemon should be attacked by a man with a gun. He'd wish then, that HE had a gun to use in defending himself. People like Lemon only think the way they do because they've never had that experience. Mostly because they've been brainwashed by the media, and they're insulated from armed thugs by their own armed thugs. If you don't believe it, just try to walk into the CNN offices where he works without going through a bunch of armed security. Lemon must be taking lessons from Barack Obama on how to lie about things he knows nothing about, and most people KNOW are lies. (Mediaite)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

They're All The Same

The Islamic terrorists use many different names, but they're all the same bunch.: murderous, evil killers PRETENDING to be doing something to support their phony religion. al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram, Palestinians, Taliban, etc. I don't care what you call them, they're evil murderers who go about murdering innocents for not believing in their phony “religion.” I say that because their “religion” was created by a child raper who had a 9-year-old “wife,” and wanted to legitimize his sexual preferences. He was a mass killer in his own right, who liked to screw young children. Other children, he had beheaded to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, which were anybody who didn't believe in his “religion.” Many of his followers might regard it as a real religion and be completely innocent.,

But their practices, even if they are “peaceful Muslims,” are reprehensible. They “marry” girls as young as SIX, and call it “legal.” With the young boys they screw, they don't even bother with the “marriage” scam. They just chain them to beds so they can't run away. Sometimes they make the mothers watch. They treat their women as little better than slaves, making them walk around wearing what can be best described as a “tent,” to keep their “favors” for themselves by hiding them away from other men. Their “religion” is still based on murdering “unbelievers.” No REAL religion would approve of that. A bunch of thugs and killers would. Each bunch adopts it's own name, to confuse people. Most Muslims have several names they go by for the same reason, and so do Muslim terrorist organizations. They try to convince us each group is on it's own, but they all adhere to the same concept: to “convert” or kill those who will not believe in their blood-dripping “religion.” (Just common sense)

Which Predominates?

I really get sick and tired of politicians who say, “Federal law is superior to state and local laws.” That completely ignores the Tenth amendment, which clearly says just the opposite. Politicians, (mostly liberals) ignore this, using an obscure “law” about “commerce” to tell us that doesn't matter, because they can, somehow, claim EVERYTHING has something to do with “commerce,” which is a stretch, ar best. Like the Second Amendment, which they're also trying to overcome, Amendment 10 is very clear when it says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, or prohibited by the states, are reserved exclusively to the states, or to the people.” Nothing could be more clear than that, no matter how much they try to obfuscate the issue. That means state and local laws TRUMP federal laws, in all cases! (iPatriot)

It's Easy To Say

After the killings are done, it's easy to say, “We are in solidarity with the victims” and hold “vigils” with candle light. That only makes candles a “hot item.” It does NOTHING to “support” the people who have been murdered by a fool with a gun he bought LEGALLY, obeying all laws, then DISOBEYED all laws when he transported those guns across several states ILLEGALLY, after murdering a woman in his home state. Standing in a “candlelight vigil” does NOTHING to help those murdered. It didn't help the people we “left twisting in the wind” in Benghazi when we COULD have sent people to keep them alive. Like this writer, I'm getting sick and tired of people “mourning together,” holding candles “in memorium,” praying for the victims, and saying, “We feel your pain.” They don't. only those who were murdered can “feel their pain.” Supporting them is making sure there won't be any more such victims by allowing honest, law-abiding people to have guns and the right to carry them when they go out among other people. We're not all morons, as the anti-gun fools want us to think. We won't “start shooting” at the slightest provocation, and if we do, SOMEBODY in the crowd will put a stop to it. (iPatriot)

Friday, June 24, 2016

They Got A Surprise!

These Muslim women who tried to victimize this restaurant, got a big surprise when they sued the restaurant for religious discrimination. They claimed, after overstaying the posted 45 minute limit on occupying a booth in busy times that, if they had not been obvious Muslims, they would not have been bothered. So the restaurant counter sued, and they found out that one of the owners was Muslim. So there's no way it could have been bias against Muslims. So they're not likely to get the usual fanatically large monetary award Muslims often get in these cases after they “judge shop” to find one that is sufficiently liberal to give them such an award. This needs to happen more often, and might cause a “chilling effect” on Muslims “ponying up” religious discrimination cases where they don't exist. This case is yet one more case of “peaceful Muslims” making trouble everywhere they can, to support the Islamic terrorists in their quest to get us all to “convert” to Islam, or kill us. (The Blaze)

Insulting Our Intelligense

Obama does it all the time. like the time (recently) when he told us the economy was “doing great,” while 96 million Americans were out of work, and have been so for so long, they've given up on ever finding another viable job, so he can remove them from the workforce and only count those left, while LYING to us and telling us the unemployment numbers are small. He does it again when, while visiting the victims and the families of the Orlando killings, he says, “If we don't take action, we're going to have more of these killings,” he means that. “taking action” means DISARMING honest, law-abiding Americans, making them DEFENSELESS against such things as this shooter. He thinks, like most incompetent liberal politicians, that the secret to defending ourselves is to take away our guns. He thinks all we have to do when threatened is to call 9/11. when we do, the “bad guy “ can kill us while we're waiting for the cops to arrive. The cops, themselves, are the first to tell us they “can't be everywhere” and we should rely on ourselves. Ergo, have our own guns. The police POLITICIANS tell us otherwise, against logic and reason. But the cops “in the trenches” know it's true. Then there's the almost $20 TRILLION dollars in debt, the money HE spent almost DOUBLING the national debt so we won't get it paid off while any of us are still alive. (USA Today)

Government Incompetence

The amount of incompetence displayed by government “officials” is everywhere. But nobody seems to notice—except people like me, who “pay attention to politics” even before that period just before an election when the lies are flying everywhere. Liberals are the worst, but there is incompetence on both sides. That's why the Republican establishment is so opposed to Trump that they would even support, and vote for, Hillary or Bernie, whichever wins the Democrat nomination. You know that's abject stupidity, and I know that's abject stupidity. But politicians don't. They're so jealous of their “power” to DICTATE who we MAY vote for, they go out of their way to defeat their own candidate, because they know they will not be able to control him with the “purse strings” like they can with most politicians, who spend $MILLIONS (of other people's money) to gain a job that only pays around $150,000.00 (above the table) a year and “mysteriously” become millionaires after a few years in DC. (iPatriot)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Often, Please!

This bunch of Islamic terrorists were on their way to blow up a bunch of innocent people, but we knew what they were up to. So we did something about it. When I say “we,” I include the British, because they're fighting the terrorists, too. And they don't labor under the stupid “rules of engagement” Obama has placed on our troops. A British sniper took aim at the terrorists from almost a half mile away and killed TWO of them with one shot before they could get to their target, saving many innocent lives in the process. It's too bad an American sniper could not do this because of Obama's silly “rules of engagement.” I'm sure we have snipers as skilled as this one in our ranks, but Obama will not allow them to do what they're good at, because he wants the terrorists to win. So he “hamstrings” our forces at every turn. This kind of thing needs to happen much more often, and with AMERICAN snipers taking the terrorists out. But that won't happen as long as this “Manchurian candidate” is in office. The sooner we get rid of this fool, the better. (Freedom Outpost)

"Right-Wingers Are Like Terrorists"

DHS Director Jeh Johnson says, “Right-wing extremists are as much of a threat as Islamic terrorists.” This horse manure was said with a smug expression on his face at a meeting of the Homeland Security Advisory Committee in Texas. It really amazes me how incompetent politicians and bureaucrats divert attention from their incompetence by blaming blameless people for what they can't seem to control. And nobody calls them on it. Much less our incompetent president, who probably agrees with him. Right-wingers are the "loyal opposition” to the damned fool policies of the liberals currently in charge. And they think, in their incompetence, they can blunt their opposition by making such STUPID comments. Truth is, it is the LEFT-wingers that are the danger. For proof, just look at what they espouse. From thinking all they have to do is ask people not to bring their guns in certain places to keep guns out, to allowing MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms if they SAY they “see themselves as women today.” (Weasel Zippers)

Proving Themselves Stupid

The anti-gun fools say, “For every gun used in self defense, 6 are used to commit a crime.” They say that in defense of their USELESS “gun laws,” but the argument doesn't stand up. There's a good reason for that: they limit the guns honest, law-abiding people can BUY, while criminals buy their guns ILLEGALLY, unencumbered by laws they IGNORE. Owners of legal guns don't go out and search for shooting incidents into which they can insert themselves. Armed CRIMINALS do. They just don't care about any laws, so they will NATURALLY get into more “gun scrapes” than will LEGAL gun owners. I get really tired of pointing this out, and being not only ignored, but ridiculed. (Washington Post)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Three Word Response

Warning: “Nasty words below.” Alex Epstein, author of “The Moral Case For Fossil fuels,” and a well-known global warming “denier,” sent back a three word response to the Massachusetts Attorney General, when she “subpoenaed his e-mails.” His response was, “F—k off, Fascist!” Which is an appropriate response to an AG that is overstepping her authority. The Constitution protects those who are skeptical of ANYTHING, and this AG has NO RIGHT to subpoena his e-mails in her “investigation” of global warming (climate change, or whatever they're calling their swindle now) "deniers." This is simply an attempt to “shut up” global warming skeptics, which is patently ILLEGAL And if this AG is a competent lawyer, she KNOWS it, and obviously doesn't care. Liberals, when they can't answer questions raised by critics, just want to shut them up, instead or honestly trying to answer. (The Blaze)

"That's Not the Point!"

As usual, liberal lawmakers miss the point, altogether. On purpose, or otherwise, I can't say. Schumer and Feinstein say that “FBI suspicions should be enough to stop a subject from buying a gun.” WRONG! FBI suspicions alone, should NOT be enough to keep somebody from buying a gun. In the case of the Orlando shooter, it was not just “suspicions,” and should at least put him on a “watch list” so that, when he bought several guns on the same day, it should be noticed, and they could at least find out why, and maybe intervene before 49 people get killed. They have the power to STOP him from USING those guns if they have a pretty good idea what he wants to do with them. In this case, he had actually been TALKING about his hatred for gays, even though he may have been gay, himself. Sounds as if he may have been mad at himself. (CNS News)

"Gays Need Guns"

That's the message being sent in California, where they are trying to pass a number of typically USELESS gun laws. The question is, “How can transgenders defend themselves without guns?” That's labeled as a “specious argument” by the anti-gun fools, though it is tragically true. If ANYBODY had his own gun, he's much more likely to be able to defend himself when faced by a criminal with his ILLEGAL gun—which is becoming more and more likely, every day. The anti-gun fools whine about honest, law-abiding people getting their guns easily, but say nothing about how easy it is to get a gun ILLEGALLY. But saying that arguing that people need to have their own guns to be able to defend themselves is NOT “a specious argument.” Saying that is the anti-gun fool's way of rejecting a logical argument, and feeling superior at the same time. (SF Weekly)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Systemic Brainwashing

Wayne State University in Detroit (a public college) has eliminated math as a required subject, replacing it with a “diversity” class. Such classes are a simple INDOCTRINATION of students to think the liberal way. It's BRAINWASHING, as simple as that. And students are REQUIRED to suffer it, in order to graduate. This is how the Soviets, in Russia, used to brainwash their students in the communist way, and I'd bet that “appreciation” for socialism (which is much the same thing) is part of the curriculum. Students who object are called names, and are subject to intimidation by the school hierarchy for their “negative views.” Never mind that the Constitution guarantees their right to dissent. This is how liberals make more liberals. Students go into their schools without stupid views and leave with all the stupid views the schools can pack into their heads. College is no longer a way to EDUCATE students. It is now a way to BRAINWASH them. And charge them a BUNDLE to do it. (Minutemen News)

"Christian Right" At Fault?

The ACLU blames the “Christian Right” for the Orlando shooter. Damn! Is there a cloud of “stupid dust” affecting people? The shooter is a Muslim, who loudly professed his allegiance to ISIS WHILE he was killing people. It is well known he was incensed over seeing two MEN kissing in Miami some time ago. And even though he may have been gay, himself, he had many times stated his HATRED of gays, ACLU blames the “Christian Right?” Some people RUSH to demonstrate their stupidity, and that's what ACLU has done with this statement. Liberals (which ACLU definitely is) commonly divert blame from themselves by twisting things to allow themselves to blame “right-wingers” for what is a problem essentially created by the LEFT. But this has nothing to do with that. It is ONE MAN, angry at HIMSELF for being gay, and transferring that anger onto others, who murdered 49 people and wounded 50 others. (MRC TV)

Hillary's An Imbecile!

In the midst of the investigation into the Orlando gay night club massacre, which was SOLVED by use of a “weapon of war,” specifically an armored vehicle they used to go through a wall into a restroom (probably women's) where he was hiding, holding a bunch of hostages. She talks about Trump “wanting to go back” to the past and then says something stupid like, “Weapons of war have no place on our streets” right after one was successfully used to end a mass shooting. I used to feel the same way about local police departments getting armored vehicles and other “weapons of war.” But, looking at it in the wider view, I have reversed my previous opinion, based on new information, as all intelligent people do. With Obama facilitating the Islamic terrorist “soldiers” infiltrating us by the thousands (at taxpayer expense), the smallest communities will need such weapons, in self defense. (Truth About Guns)

Monday, June 20, 2016

It Was A Real Lark

The Orlando shooter, whom I will not name, because he wanted to become famous, went into his massacre as a lark. He called 9/11 three times DURING his shooting spree and declared his allegiance to ISIS. He maintained a regular check on Facebook and Twitter to see what kind of coverage he was getting. And he texted his wife several times with one hand while killing people with the other. It's really too bad there are people like this fool running around in this country, killing people just for the fun of it. And no amount of “gun control” as we know it is going to stop it, or even slow it down. Such people always get their guns, legally or illegally. IT doesn't matter to them. They plan to commit many murders, so a piddling little law like a gun law means NOTHING to them. The World Trade Center killers didn't even USE guns. They used BOX CUTTERS and AIRPLANES! So should we ban box cutters? AIRPLANES? Other such killers use KNIVES. If they want to kill, they'll find a way. Guns are only one tool they use. (Just common sense)

"Hillary's An Imbecile"

In the midst of the investigation into the Orlando gay night club massacre, which was SOLVED by use of a “weapon of war,” specifically an armored vehicle they used to go through a wall into a restroom (probably women's) where he was hiding, holding a bunch of hostages. She talks about Trump “wanting to go back” and then says something stupid like, “Weapons of war have no place on our streets” right after one was successfully used to end a mass shooting. I used to feel the same way about local police departments getting armored vehicles and other “weapons of war.” But, looking at it in the wider view, I have reversed my previous opinion, based on new information, as all intelligent people do. With Obama facilitating the Islamic terrorist “soldiers” infiltrating us by the thousands (at taxpayer expense), the smallest communities will need such weapons, in self defense. (Truth About Guns)

"It's Just Not True!"

Obama says, “The notion that I, Hillary, or any other Democrat wants to take away your guns is just not true!” It isn't? Then why are you—all of you—working so hard to do just that? Do you really think intelligent people will believe that garbage just because you say it? Especially when we KNOW how much you love to LIE, knowing we know you're lying? The way for us to know what you're really doing is to NEVER listen to what you SAY, but keep track of what you DO. Your actions put the LIE to such statements, on your part. Just as when you say the economy is in great shape, when we KNOW it is NOT. With 96 million Americans are not only out of work, they have given up on ever finding a meaningful job again and have left the work force, allowing you to stop counting them, which is how you can claim such low unemployment numbers. When the national debt is now DOUBLE what it was when you took office. Give us a BREAK! (Daily Caller)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Child Rape "Normal"

That's in Muslim countries. To their credit, the Taliban doesn't think so—at least, on the surface. Afghan cops are the worst offenders, sometimes refusing to show up for work if they can't have a boy to screw. And it has been the death of many of them, since some elements use the boys to set them up to be murdered. Many Muslims, who hate homosexuals, don't consider screwing little boys homosexuality, as we do. And they call US “perverted.” This is a subject that has created much distension between different Muslim camps. One reason this is so popular is that women are almost invisible in the Muslim culture, which is their own fault for being so afraid someone will see their women and want them, they force them to go about wearing what can only be described as “tents.” And Muslim men are so starved for sex they'll screw anything. Knot holes, watch out! (MRC TV)

"Break the Law!"

That's what Obama is telling schools all over the nation when he instructs them to open women's bathrooms and changing rooms to both sexes. It is AGAINST THE LAW for a male of any age to enter a women's restroom or changing room and expose himself. Obama is ORDERING them to VIOLATE THE LAW. What makes him think he has the power to do that is beyond me. But he has gotten away with violating the Constitution so many times, I guess he thinks he can violate existing laws, as well. He has violated existing laws, too, himself. But this is probably the first time he has ever given ORDERS for people to violate the law—not just ignore it, as he regularly does with the Border Control people. Obama is the most lawbreaking president in memory. But this one is the worst, ever. (World Net Daily)

A "Truth Bomb"

Ted Nugent has just dropped a “truth bomb” on the anti-gun fools who think an unarmed community is a safe community. “People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the young, the strong, and the many, and that’s the exact opposite of a civilized society. A mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful living in a society where the state has granted him a force monopoly.” A “force monopoly.” I'm a 78-year-old man who can barely walk. I would have NO CHANCE against an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal if he accosted me. And thugs, who are basically cowards, look upon people like me as “easy targets, which makes it much more likely they WILL accost me than younger, able-bodied person. A gun in my hand would make all the difference, while maybe eliminating that thug from future actions against honest people. It makes us EQUAL. And, unlike what anti-gun fools insist, just because I'm armed, I won't be shooting anybody over something as unimportant as a fender-bender or just shooting myself. Responsible human beings don't do things like that. And there are already enough ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of fools to have that happen, since most of them are in the hands of those thugs and gang members, who will kill you for looking at them wrong. (Daily Caller)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dismantling the Military

That's what Obama is doing. Not only the current military, but also our veteran's medical care. That's according to former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney. And he should know, having been “on the inside.” Haney and his associates collected a “mountain” of information on terrorist networks, but Obama and his crowd have refused to acknowledge it. Information on a major Islamic terrorist system was summarily “shut down” by the State Department, under Hillary and Obama. Their excuse was that they didn't want to “offend” the Muslims, who are the easiest offended group there is.

Haney believes that if he had been allowed to continue his investigation, the information he and his fellow agents uncovered might have PREVENTED the Orlando massacre. And Obama dismantled the apparatus designed to protect us from further attacks by Islamic terrorists that was painstakingly created after 9/11. Meanwhile, Obama is heavily cutting the military budgets to the point where our military will soon be completely UNABLE to stop an attack on the United States, by anybody. One example is a helicopter squadron that has only TWO helicopters capable of flying, due to lack of parts to fix the others. And with almost NO aircraft, pilots aren't getting enough flying time to be able to maintain their flying status. This is an abomination. Haney says what Obama is systematically doing is “dereliction of duty.” (World Net Daily)

"In A Glass House"

Mitt Romney ought to look at his own record and then just SHUT UP. He was giving 16 former Republican candidates for president a hard time for “screwing up” and losing to Donald Trump. It's as if he didn't “screw up” and lose to Barack Obama and condemn us to four more years of Obama outrages. Where the hell does he get off criticizing Republican candidates for the same thing? It's like he has no memory of his own history. Romney is probably the worst LOSER in recent history, and he's criticizing others for the same thing. If he hadn't screwed up his campaign so badly, we wouldn't have been saddled with that incompetent fool that is now in the White House, for another four years. And it is in Obama's last four years, that (he has done the most damage to this country. Romney could have put a stop to Obama, but he didn't. So he should just go home and shut his pie hole. (Politico)

Laws Are Not For Us

That seems to be the general opinion among anti-gun fools. Example: Washington Post columnist Carl Rowan, said, :Anyone found in possession of a gun, except a bona-fide law officer should go to jail—period.” But when he found an unauthorized teenager swimming in his pool, what did he do? He ran out and shot him, with his gun. Did he go to jail for possessing a gun? Doubtful. He's a liberal, after all. Then there's Katie Couric's producer, who traveled to different states and bought guns, to bring back to New York, ostensibly to do a “documentary” designed to demonize guns. We don't know how many laws she violated, but nobody's pressing the issue, anyway. She's a liberal, right? They hate guns, but what do they suggest as a remedy? Take them out and SHOOT them! Senator (now Secretary of State) John Kerry talked about “assassinating George Bush?" Then there's the Democrat representative who said Rick Scott should be “put up against a wall and shot” instead of running for Governor of Florida because he was pro-gun? These people are so hypocritical the word hypocrite isn't harsh enough. And their rhetoric is VERY violent. That's what happens when people run out of arguments. They go immediately to insults and threats. (Gun Owners of America)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ignoring The Danger

That's what we seem to be doing about Islamic terrorism. Obama is “leading the parade.” He has recently ordered his people to DELETE information they have carefully accumulated about Muslim terrorists IN the United States (sometimes at the cost of lives)! And way too many judges have given MASSIVE judgments to Muslims, who are the most offended bunch ever. I think they go out LOOKING for something to be offended by, and for which they can sue, and swindle lots of money out of Christians. Meanwhile, people like the Orlando shooter legally buy guns, without any kind of investigation, even after having been “investigated” by the FBI for ELEVEN MONTHS in the past (the information gained was probably ordered scrubbed by Obama). What is it going to take for Americans (starting with Obama) to realize the deadly danger in which their ignorance puts us? When they, themselves, are KILLED due to their ignorance? (Just common sense.)

Why Islam Should Be Banned

Muslims insist that ANY criticism of Muslims is an “assault on religious liberty.” It is NOT. Any “religion” that preaches HATRED for members of other religions to the point where a mother would burn her own daughter to death for marrying the wrong man (probably not a Muslim) should be ENDED, and deleted from memory. The woman who did this is a “peaceful Muslim,” in that she burned her own daughter to death, not an American, or a citizen of another country. People who are so heavily INDOCTRINATED in a false religion that they murder their own CHILDREN to please the Imams are FOOLS, and their “religion” should be ENDED. It should not be allowed to infect the lives of others, who are too intelligent than to believe the crap they teach, but will be affected by the DEATH they preach. (Allen West)

Major Birmingham Gun Problem

England has some of the toughest gun laws in the world. Why then, does Birmingham have such a major problem with gun crime? Could it be that criminals and gang members are IGNORING those gun laws? How is that possible? Don't criminals and gang members obey laws? Thinking they do is one of the basic flaws in most current gun laws. There are many other flaws in the laws they're currently making that not only makes them USELESS in stopping gun crime, they actually PROMOTE it. Therefore, these laws get people KILLED. But you'll never get them to admit that. Less than a half hour after a recent killing at UCLA the anti-gun fools were fund-raising, using that crime to con more money out of gullible people. They don't really want to make laws that work. If they did, hopefully, the problem would go away and their lucrative jobs would be gone. And they don't want that. Whipping up anti-gun sentiment pays too well. (Birmingham Mail)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Incompetence In Government

We're all angry over the many outrages perpetrated on us by one Barack Hussein Obama, whom we (not me) elected TWICE in our ignorance, so he could work tirelessly to destroy this as a free market nation. He, and other fools like him, try to convince us that the free market (which they call “capitalism” as an insult) is NOT the reason why this is the destination of choice for ALL who want to improve their lives. That it is not the reason we have surpassed, in less than 300 years, anything other countries, which have been around for thousands of years, have accomplished. They think socialism is the only real system, even though socialism has FAILED, everywhere it has been tried, eventually. Or soon will. Some socialist governments survive for a time, until they run out of the money provided by the “producers” of society, or the money GIVEN them by other socialist nations that have some left (Example: Cuba). There are many examples of their incompetence, and this article lists only a few. But I'm sure you can spot others, once your eyes are opened. (iPatriot)

GOP Is Stupid!

And getting stupider. Any political party that is so dead set against it's own presumptive nominee that they would actively work to elect his opposing candidate in the OTHER party ought to be run out of town on a rail. They're more interested in retaining their power to DICTATE who we can vote for than what is good for this country. They KNOW Hillary is DEATH for this country and her election will only lead to disaster. But they don't care about that. They'd rather see the destruction of this country as a free nation than lose their power to appoint whomever they please, so we will be forced to vote for them. The Republican Party is FINISHED as a viable political party in this country. They will soon go the way of the Whigs. And that fate is richly deserved. (American Spectator)

"Friendly Fire"

Target Stores shareholders aren't too happy with the policy to allow men to enter women's restrooms and/or dressing rooms if they decide they're women today. They demanded an answer from their CEO as to why this was done. He kept repeating that “mantra” about “inclusivity” (not even a word) and “diversity,” completely ignoring the fact that transgenders are less than .01% of the populace, at large. The shareholders said that “He just doesn't seem to understand that he has offended the sensibilities of millions of Americans.” By so doing, he has cost Target billions of dollars in lost sales. I wouldn't give a dime for his job, soon. He thinks he is boss and his word is law. But he'll soon learn that the shareholders are more powerful than he ever was. And they're PISSED! Maybe there aren't too many transgenders among them, either. The CEO said this had not affected Target's financial performance in any way, ignoring the significant drop, worth $billions, in their stock price, dating from the day the new bathroom policy was announced. The shareholders said that “bordered on fiduciary negligence.” Harsh words, and I'd bet a prelude to demanding his resignation as CEO. (World Net Daily)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump: 70% Negatives

If that's true, why does Trump get tens of thousands of people at his rallies, consistently? Ten times what any Democrat has gotten at their rallies! I think we need to look more closely at the methodology of the the “polls.” I think they only questioned liberals (Democrats). I think they took their “surveys” in the lobby of the Democrat Headquarters. I think it's horse manure, put out by the “establishment,” designed to make their fantasies come true. It's the same thing when they talk about Hillary BEATING Trump in the polls. She has had, for most of her campaign, just ONE person opposing her, and that an ADMITTED socialist. While Trump started out with 16 opposing candidates, and he “swept through” them like a scythe through a wheat field. He is one of the most successful candidates in the history of presidential elections. How could he do that with 70% negatives? (Hot Air)

Ninth "Circus" Rules

The liberal “Ninth Circus” Court has ruled. The most reversed court in the land has ruled. They ruled in favor of California's requirement that applicants show “good and proper reason” to need to carry a gun in order to get a “carry permit.” And in so doing, said that Americans have NO right to carry a gun for self protection, or for anything else. This is a good example of what we'll get if Hillary gets elected and is able to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. “Rulings” that are patently AGAINST the Constitution, when their ONE job is to UPHOLD the Constitution. Liberals on the Supreme Court are famous for ruling AGAINST the Constitution, even though they are THERE to UPHOLD it

 They are dishonest, and commonly rule, NOT by what the Constitution SAYS, but by their prejudices and BIASES. It is through liberals on the court that liberals plan to eliminate the Constitution as an obstacle to their intentions, forever. Little by little they “nibble” at it with rulings like this. Their next move is to get the Second Amendment repealed. After that will be the First Amendment. When that happens, this will cease to be a free country, when the ability to criticize the government without fear of criminal prosecution is removed, They're already working on it (in California, where else?) with their attempts to criminalize criticism of global warming acolytes. The source listed here is a liberal site, so take what they write with several grains of salt. (Slate)

Dead In A Gun-Free Zone

Panera Bread Restaurants are ALL “gun-free zones.” so you ought to be safe there, right? These two cops were NOT. Somebody saw this guy “acting strangely” in a Maryland Panera Bread and called the cops. Two deputies arrived, and he promptly shot them to death before they even knew what was going on. How is this POSSIBLE? There aren't supposed to be any guns in Panera Bread restaurants. It's obvious this guy ignored their rules, as all those wishing to commit crimes do. People who plan on committing crimes do not obey laws or “rules” that say they can't bring their guns there. Gun-free zones are really stupid “answer” to gun violence. All they do is DISARM honest, law-abiding people, who aren't the problem, anyway. They do NOTHING to prevent criminals, who don't OBEY laws or rules, from bringing their guns, and that gets people killed. But the anti-gun fools will never learn that. I, and others keep telling them, but they never listen. They're too damned stupid. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Missing the Point

On purpose. That's Obama. He denies the very existence of Islamic terrorism, and gets mad when somebody mentions it. He asks what effect his mentioning it would have on the terrorists when he should be asking what his refusal to name the enemy really means. What is means is this: it reveals his BIAS against fighting the Islamic terrorists because he says he doesn't want to “”offend” our “Muslim friends” (if there are any). But everything he does helps the Islamic terrorists to advance their goals to destroy America, and every “un-believer” in it. From HELPING them by paying the way of thousands of Muslim “refugees” to infiltrate America, down to telling his henchmen to DIVERT all complaints directed at Muslim troublemakers, and ordering them to “scrub” all mention of Muslim outrages in their records. He has done everything he can to ASSIST them in their endeavors. Obama and Hillary both say Trump has shown his UNFITNESS to be president for having the temerity to ACCUSE Obama of what is becoming more and more evident every day, that he is ON THEIR SIDE! If they don't like me saying that, have at me! (Just common sense)

Couric Eliminates Lott

You've no doubt heard of John Lott, the world's foremost authority on the gun issue. Katie Couric asked him to come to New York for an interview, where she and 7 staffers tried valiantly to get him to say something they could twist to sound like what it wasn't. So, after FOUR HOURS of an”interview” that was supposed to last only an hour, she gave up and left. He tried to get some of his results brought out, but Couric said that most of it had been discredited in many ways. Only one little problem. It had NOT been discredited, in any way. Even some people who set out to discredit his research wound up supporting it. So what did Katie do with this four-hour interview? She left it completely OUT of her propaganda piece. She wasn't able to get words she could twist, like she did with others, so she just IGNORED the foremost authority on the “gun issue” in the country. This is what liberals do. They make “documentaries” in which they only honestly interview people they know will agree with them, and selectively edit interviews with people like Lott. But Lott was better at avoiding the pitfalls she set for him, so she just eliminated the interview and falsely called his research “discredited.” (America's First Freedom)

Laughable Election

I can't believe how STUPID we've become (not me)! We've boiled down this election to be one billionaire businessman used to dealing in billions of dollar deals vs. Two socialists, one ADMITTED and one who still denies it while she spouts socialist giveaways all over the place. A housewife who spent a long time protecting her husband from the results of his philandering, and FACILITATING it. A woman who was GIVEN a Senatorship and later, the job of Secretary of State by the Democrats, so she had something to do while Obama screwed up this country royally, both jobs which she botched badly. The only people who would vote for either of these fools just want a “free ride,” at somebody else's expense. And that's what they promise. Now that she's been GIVEN enough delegates to win the Democrat nomination, she really thinks she's done something. But she hasn't. Up to now, all she's had running against her was a previously unknown outside of his own state ADMITTED socialist, and she needed the party to give her delegates she didn't earn, while Bernie won primary after primary and, mysteriously wound up with fewer delegates. Now she will be running against REAL candidate, who will “mop the floor with her.” If he doesn't, we're DONE as a free country. (WHO TV)

Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Not About Gun Control!

The anti-gun fools have been quick to get their “presses rolling” on a new drive for “gun control” after this Muslim radical murdered half a hundred gays in a gay night club in Orlando, Florida. Obama admits it is “terrorism,” but, as usual, won't breathe the word, “Islamic.” But it's not about gun control. It's about TERRORISM control, which is, as usual, being ignored. With the rise in gay activism and it's recent successes, you can expect more attacks on gays, soon. They're acting like bullies and targeting people they KNOW will refuse to do business with them on religious principles, so they can sue them out of business. They have to expect some backlash. Muslims, who hate homosexuals, anyway, can be expected to react violently, as they are wont to do. Incompetent politicians (beginning with Obama) still think all you have to do is make a law, and potential lawbreakers will obey it, including radical Muslims, who don't give a CRAP about our laws. (iPatriot)

"It Would Take 75 Years!"

The State Department is now using a really original and outrageous excuse as to why they can't come up with all Hillary's e-mails: “It would take 75 years!” So now they want to stop providing them, altogether. Think about what would happen if you used an excuse like that on the IRS. “I've got so many receipts, it would take YEARS to get them all together, so you're just going to have to do without them.” You'd be in prison so fast, you'd be spinning. That means they won't be able to release all of her e-mails until 2091. Of course, the way things are going, there might not BE an America, as we know it by then. The simple answer is to go through as many as they can, and release as many as they can. But they never think of things like that. They're trying to protect Hillary long enough for her to be elected president, so she can order that investigation stopped. They're also saying, “Some of them ate too damaging to release.” Damaging to WHOM? Hillary? Other politicians? The State Department? I'm really getting tired of this “dog and pony show.” I'd like for it to be over, with Hillary getting what she deserves. (CNN)

France Is "Gun-Free"

So somebody fired at a tourist bus from a freeway overpass, injuring several. This guy was obviously not a very good shot, because he was only able to INJURE several people (including a child) with flying glass. So how did he get the gun he used? I say, :he” because such shooters are, so far, ALWAYS men. You liberals, don't get excited about that and get off subject. France is literally “gun-free.” So how did this shooter GET his gun? Anti-gun fools tell us that when guns are outlawed, there will BE no “violent crime.” So how did this happen in a country that is one big “gun-free zone?” Maybe they're LYING to us and assuming things not in evidence, as they always do. I haven't checked into it, but I'd bet the “gun crime” went up significantly after they, in effect, BANNED guns in France. (BBC)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is It Terrorism?

Or just hate? Or both? One crazy Muslim who was incensed because he once saw two men kissing on the street in Miami went into a gay night club and opened fire, killing (so far) 50 people and wounding (so far) another 50 until he was stopped, and KILLED by responding men with guns (cops). There was ONE cop there early, who engaged him in a gun fight, and stopped, or slowed down his shooting spree. Then a “hostage situation” developed, and the other cops waited 3 hours while people died from lack of medical care, before “going in” and rescuing another 30 people. Anti-gun fools are already working overtime to use this to raise more money and get more of their USELESS “gun laws” passed, none of which, so far, have done ANYTHING to stop gun violence and, in fact, INCREASED it by keeping law-abiding people unarmed so they can't defend themselves against people like this shooter. Word is (not proven at this time) that he had an AR-15, the favorite gun to be blamed by the anti-gun fools in any mass shooting. Also, word is, this guy had NO record, so would probably have no trouble buying a gun legally. It is not known (yet) if he got his guns legally, but that is of no moment. Guys like this never seem to have any trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY. Anti-gun fools confidently say that tighter laws on gun ownership will keep things like this from happening, But most such shootings happen in areas with the toughest gun laws. More later, as facts become available. All this is currently very preliminary, as the story is coming out. (L. A. Times)

Subject To "Reasonable Regulation"

Hillary says, “Okay, owning guns is a constitutional right.:But, like any other constitutional right, it is subject to reasonable regulation.” “Reasonable” regulation? Gimme a break! Liberals always call their attempts to circumvent, and make moot, the Second Amendment, “reasonable.” But they're anything BUT “reasonable.” But this statement told us a lot more than she intended. She revealed her plan to strip us of our constitutional right to be armed in self-defense, by making very UN-reasonable regulations that will make the guns we have, USELESS. Her “reasonable regulations” include such stupid things as “no gun zones,” gun locks, trigger locks, and even allowing people to CARRY their guns, but the guns must be UNLOADED! Tell me—what the hell good does an UNLOADED gun in your pocket do you when you encounter an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal in the process of committing a crime? He doesn't give a good damn about the “reasonable regulation” that any gun carried must be unloaded! He'll KILL you while you load your gun. Of course, the liberal-run Washington Post says what she says is “wavering” on gun control. And we're supposed to BELIEVE that crap! (Washington Post)

Muslims In White House

Muslim radicals are taking over the White House. This is not about religion, though they will claim it is. It's about RADICAL Muslims with clear ties to Muslim terrorist organizations being appointed, willy-nilly, to important, sensitive White House positions where they are privy to all the most sensitive information, by Barack Hussein Obama. It's very suspicious, considering the suspicions already attendant that Obama is actively HELPING the radical Muslims in their efforts to “take over” America and ultimately the world with their ancient and flawed, “religion.” This information can be used to seriously inhibit our ability to win the “war against terrorists” we are now waging, whether Obama will admit it, or not. I think his refusal to even NAME Islamic terrorism is all part of his scheme to submit to Islam. (Before It'sNews)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Excluding Muslims: Common Sense

Donald Trump is getting a lot of flack from liberals (who else?) for having the temerity to suggest “temporarily” banning the entry of “Muslim refugees” until they can be properly vetted.. But in Israel, where there is a SERIOUS problem with Palestinians (who are Muslim) because they come in, disguise themselves as Orthodox Jews, and kill people at random, are doing just that. Allowing Muslims that can't be vetted to move here is MADNESS! It can only result in the DEATHS of many Americans. It is NOT “religious persecution” because Islam has proven itself to be a PHONY RELIGION. It is not a real religion. It is a political system MASQUERADING as a religion to take advantage of the “perks” we give to religions. It is a WEAKNESS, which we must correct. And Trump is the man to do it. (Allen West)

Creating A Crime Wave

That seems to be what Obama is doing when he releases 86,000 violent criminals to prey on honest people while, at the same time, doing everything he can to DISARM us in the face of the crime wave he is creating. Then he imports hundreds of thousands of “Syrian refugees,” including only ONE or TWO Christians so far, the rest Muslim males of fighting age—almost no women, children, or old people who can't fight. How many of them are Islamic terrorists using that to gain entry into the United States so as to kill Americans? He is working HARD to create a crime wave, while making NO special provisions to deal with it. Just those 86,000 illegal alien criminals he released have committed 200,000 violent crimes in the last couple of years. Meanwhile, Obama is suppressing reports of the carnage HE created, so we won't know about it. (World Net Daily)

Obama Lies Again

I don't know why I made that the headline. It's not news when Obama lies. He lies just about every time he opens his mouth, and many times when he doesn't. Remember that “I've got my pen” crack? But actually, it's what he lied ABOUT that is at issue here. He has the GALL to say to gun owners, “I don't want to take away your guns!” Meanwhile, he and his cohorts are doing everything they can to take away your guns. This is one of the best examples of why you should never listen to what a politician SAYS. Watch what he DOES! And Obama does everything he can to do just the opposite of what he says he will do. He is the most deceiving president we've ever had. He set a new standard for lying in office, exceeding Bill Clinton's lying record by a lot. Just the other day he took credit for a “booming economy” that does not exist. I know it doesn't exist. You know it doesn't exist. HE knows it doesn't exist, but he still wants us to believe it does. He must really think the American voter is STUPID. And he may be right. They voted for him TWICE, didn't they? (PBS News Hour)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Whomping Up Their Press Releases

I just watched a live shot of a shooting that happened at Dallas Love Field in Texas and I'll guarantee you the anti-gun forces, without waiting for the facts, are “whomping up their press releases” and their appeals for more money from those gullible fools who agree with their absurd notion that making laws against LAW-ABIDING people having guns will stop gun violence. One guy was filming, and predictably, as soon as shots were heard, his aim with the camera went crazy so you couldn't see the important part of the shooting. He finally got it under control and what appeared to be a cop aiming his gun into the terminal could be seen. One person has been transported to the hospital. It was the attacker, who had no gun. Only a big rock, which he tried to use on the cop, who shot him. Look for the anti-gun fools to make hay out of this. He had apparently used big rocks to attack his woman, who was trying to get away from him. The only shots fired were fired by that cop. (RT Question More)

Clinton Scandal Dwarfs Trump's

She's braying about the “scandal” she attributes to Trump regarding “Trump University,” something that has not been proved, while ignoring her own similar scam that dwarfs the “Trump University scam.” And that's just one of the swindles she's guilty of, and that's not even counting her e-mail scandal. The swindlers paid Bill Clinton $1.6 million to be their chief touter, while the Clinton foundation gave $56 million to Laureate, Inc., one of the companies connected to the swindle. Bill abruptly resigned as “Honorary Chancellor” when that was revealed. They apparently paid Bill through a “shell company” where money deposited “passed through” to Bill. A company that escaped notice of the State Department while Hillary was Secretary of State. Such swindles are part and parcel of the Clinton Crime Machine, but nobody investigates th Clintons seriously while “working over” their opponents. If not for outfits like Judicial Watch, they wouldn't be investigated at all, even halfheartedly. (World Net Daily)

Anti-Gun Fool Illusion

Or should I call it a DELUSION? They are DELUDED if they think ANY of the “gun laws” they currently have in force will do ANYTHING to stop people like the UCLA shooter from getting a gun. This killer bought his gun legally in Minnesota. In so doing, he passed one of Obama's “strict background checks, since he didn't have a criminal record. So far, he's obeyed every law. Then he went and killed a woman whose name was on his “kill list,” and set out for Los Angeles on his kill spree. In so doing, he broke the laws of every state he passed through concerning carrying guns in their territory, including that of California. Then he took his gun onto a college campus, which was, of course, a “no-gun zone,” breaking another law. Arriving there, he murdered a professor, whose name was also on his kill list, then killed himself. What existing law could have stopped him? Maybe if that professor had been able to carry a gun, he could have been stopped before his last murder, maybe not. The point is, this guy obeyed, and disobeyed laws as it was convenient for him. He was not stopped in his evil intentions, by ANY law. Especially the “no gun policy” on college campuses. They're USELESS. (Gun Mart)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Put Obama In Prison!

That's where he belongs, not in the White House. Obama is destroying this country—ON PURPOSE! Many say he's just stupid, and has no idea what he's doing. I maintain that he's NOT stupid. He knows very well what he's doing, and the results he can expect. That's his plan. He wants to destroy this economy so he can blame “capitalism,” his derogatory word for the free market, and finish the move from a free market economy to socialism. And he's almost there. Everything he does is CALCULATED to harm this country. From releasing “:mad dog killers” to kill us to denying the very EXISTENCE of Islamic terrorism and thus doing a miserable job of “fighting” it. Then there are the THOUSANDS of AMERICAN rapists and murderers he is releasing from prison, claiming they are “only there on drug charges,” who have murdered HUNDREDS of people (in America) since their release.

Meanwhile, the “loyal opposition” in Congress does NOTHING to put a stop to his outrages. They even FINANCE them by passing his spending bills in Congress, which they control. And the Democrats certainly aren't going to do anything. He has committed many obvious CRIMES, one of the most obvious was in Benghazi, Libya (with Hillary) where four people, three heroes and one ambassador, were MURDERED, while his troops were ordered to “stand down.”. People talk about a presidential CANDIDATE being under a criminal investigation. How about a PRESIDENT who is a worse criminal than she ever managed to be! (iPatriot)

The Unansweraable Question

It's a question usually never asked of an anti-gun fool when they screech about making more and better gun laws every time somebody misuses a gun. The question is, “Specifically, what law would have stopped this killing?” This question is now being asked of the anti-gun fools as they clamor for more laws in the wake of the UCLA killing that started in Minnesota, where the killer (now dead) killed a woman whose name appeared on his “kill list.” It's a question they can't answer truthfully, because all the laws they passed in the past have failed to do so. But they persist in making their USELESS “gun laws,” and those laws continue to fail to do ANYTHING about “gun violence.” That's because they target the GUN, not the person HOLDING the gun. They make laws that people with evil intentions IGNORE as a minor irritant when they want to do murder or mass murder. (National Review)

Obama's Economic Fantasies

He's out there saying, “I already made America Great Again!” And he really believes it! Notwithstanding he DOUBLED the national debt, owes $20 TRILLION DOLLARS, Millions of able-bodied Americans are out of work and have been for so long they've given up ever finding a viable job again and have left the work force. Which allows him to count ONLY those left for his PHONY 5% unemployment figure. He says, “Without me, we wouldn't have gotten where we are.” And he's right. The dangerously bad economic situation we find ourselves in is HIS FAULT. He did it. But he doesn't count it as bad, which proves this economic illiterate should NEVER have been elected president, let alone twice. He takes credit for measures passed by REPUBLICANS in the Indiana legislature that have improved things in that state. Which is common. He always takes credit for what other people do, while continuing his incredibly STUPID policies everywhere else. (Patriot Post)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Racially Excluded

You'd think, in a Chicago gun buy-back “dog and pony show,” that guns owned by white people would be as welcome as guns from black people, wouldn't you? Not even! They systematically turned away EVERY gun offered by a white person while accepting similar guns brought in by black people. I wonder why? Maybe they realize that most white people who own guns don't use them to commit crimes, while black people do, more often than not. Or maybe they're just racists. The exclusions were accomplished by a “surly female” from the mayor's office, so you can probably assume, on goof evidence, that they were excluded by order of the mayor. Is he finally revealing his racism? One wonders. Democrats are the worst racists, historically, while they ACCUSE Republicans, who voted FOR the Equal Rights Amendment while Democrats actually tried to BLOCK it. Of course, they'll deny their racism, but the facts make liars of them, as so often happens. (Guns Save Lives)

It's Not Prejudice

It's common sense. Democrats want to impart prejudice into the very natural distress we feel as Obama imports (at out expense, of course) thousands of “Syrian refugees” without any kind of “vetting.” Among them are going to be many Islamic TERRORISTS, out to kill as many Americans as they can, and through “being offended” at what is natural to us, cause as many problems as they can. Since it is impossible to tell “peaceful” Muslims from the terrorists, we tend to look at ALL of them with suspicion. That's not prejudice, it's COMMON SENSE. But Bernie and Hillary try to convince people that the ONLY reason to view Muslims with suspicion is prejudice, which is very STUPID on their part. People who use that kind of tomfoolery to get votes should not even be CONSIDERED to become president, or for any other elective OR appointive office. (CNN)

Just Half An Hour

That's all it took for gun haters to start demanding more and tighter “gun laws” while trying to raise money on the recent shooting at a college that claimed the life of one professor, as well as the shooter. NO questions asked about whether or not the gun used was legally owned, because that doesn't matter to them. The fact is, it doesn't matter. If the shooter doesn't have a record of any kind, he can legally buy the gun. If he does have a record, he would ALREADY be prohibited from buying a gun legally. What is not said here is that ALL the laws against buying guns for certain people would do NOTHING to reduce gun violence. People who want to use guns for violence will still get their guns, in a back alley, somewhere. What laws are made should be to make it tougher on illegal gun sellers, or more costly, while making it easier for honest, law-abiding people to own and carry guns for self-defense. There are already too many ILLEGAL guns on the streets, in the hands of fools in gangs, and other kinds of criminals. Guns in the hands of honest people would “even things out.” (Gun Mart)

"Knockout Game:" Lesson Learned

Marvell Weaver, a 17-year-old thug who thought the “knockout game” was a lot of fun, learned a hard lesson when he tried it on a concealed carrier. He walked up to a man at a bus stop and pushed his finger (pretending it was a gun) into his side, and got shot, since the guy had his own real gun, carried legally. He survived, but he will recuperate in prison for the next year. He said himself, that he “learned a hard lesson.” He had practiced the “knockout game” several times, whenever he was bored, which was a lot, without a problem (for him). But his luck ran out this time. With the sales of guns skyrocketing as Obama tries valiantly to stop it, practitioners of this game will run into more and more armed victims, and become victims themselves, as this kid did. Yes, he learned a “hard lesson,” and I hope it “takes.” For his own good. (Town Hall)

Monday, June 6, 2016

National ID Cards

Globalists in Europe are talking about requiring national ID cards in order to use social media. In other words, they want to take something that was absolutely free to use and make it something you must get a LICENSE to use. The power to license something is the power to CONTROL it. The power to say “no” or “yes,” at the whim of a bureaucrat or a politician. Where the hell do they GET these people, who want to take something FREE and make it something for which you must go :hat in hand” to somebody who should have no business being between you and something you want to do and be able to say, “yes or no,” and charge you MONEY to do it? There is always somebody out there who wants to limit your freedom to do as you wish, so long as it doesn't hurt somebody else. And who do they plan to HAVE this power? THEM, of course! And to make money from it. But the money is secondary. It's the POWER to tell you whether you can, or can't, at their whim. (Before It's News)

Killing Incentive

Becoming a member of the “Honor Society” has always been a goal of students in school, but students at the Plano, Texas Senior High School graduation (and in this society today, probably many others) were not allowed to wear the “stole” that included the emblem of the Honor Society. It's yet another example of society's ignorant effort to punish achievement and bring everybody to a lower standard. They say it's so those who didn't attain that honor wouldn't get their precious feelings hurt because they didn't work hard enough. It's an extension of the “no score sports” policy that is sweeping the nation. Can you imagine an auto race without a winner? How about a football game where no winner was declared? What the HELL would be the POINT of the players going out on the field, some of them to be seriously injured or even KILLED, and no winner? I would never get a "participation" trophy, because I would not participate in such a useless exercise.The whole purpose of these events it to find out who is the best, and the players, like those students, work HARD to be the winner. To eliminate it is to destroy achievement and eliminate the INCENTIVE to succeed. These policies can only reduce and, ultimately ELIMINATE excellence in this country, or anywhere else it is practiced. It's a LIBERAL practice, and liberals are PROVEN stupid! (The Blaze)

Ignorant Democrat Voters

It's no wonder we're all screwed up the way we are. About 50% of Democrat voters think Hillary should continue her run for president, even if she is indicted. I don't know if there is a law against a CRIMINAL becoming president (a CONVICTED criminal, anyway), but there should be. Hillary has committed so many crimes in her spotted career, it's hard to keep track of them all. I think somebody under a criminal INVESTIGATION should be barred from running for ANY office during the course of the investigation, but that's just me. I'm honest. The only problem is that, right behind her is a crazy old man who believes, against all evidence, that SOCIALISM is the way to go, economically. As with Obama selecting “Ol' Joe” as vice-president, as insurance against assassination, our choice on the Democrat side is one disaster or another. Hillary won't be the first criminal elected to the presidency (if she gets elected), but maybe will be the first KNOWN criminal to be elected. (The Blaze)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Child Protectors" Overdo It

As usual. This happened in Sweden, but it could (and does) happen here. “Child Protectors” are the same, the world over. But it is kept quiet so we won't know about it. They stole this child because he was being home schooled. That, and ONLY that, was the reason, even if they recently added the fact that he has an unfilled cavity (ho0rrors!) and hadn't had a vaccination (really bad!), both “put-up accusations that could have been handled (if they're even true) without stealing the child and keeping him for what amounts to HALF his life up to now. They actually stopped an airplane from taking off to rip this child from his parents, and have now had SEVEN YEARS to “brainwash” him in their way of thinking. They didn't want him to be home schooled (which is legal in Sweden) because, without their brainwashing, they wouldn't be able to control him in later life. The “child protectors” took my son's two boys and kept them for THREE years, with no charges ever being filed against him. They scammed him out of money several times while they were in their “custody” and, even after they were returned, they charged him MORE money to “reimburse them” for the expense of their “incarceration.” We need to do something about this illegal and overbearing bunch. They SAY what they do is not criminal action, so the Constitution doesn't control their actions. But what they do constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment,” mostly of people (like my son) who are innocent of any wrongdoing. (World Net Daily)