Friday, June 3, 2016

Not Virgins, It's Raisins

I've always wondered how a “religion” could promise a Muslim who died while committing an act of Jihad, 72 “virgins,” with whom they could frolic and screw for all of eternity while they REMAIN virgins. Imagine their surprise when they get to Paradise and they're told, “No, they mistranslated” a word. What you get is 72 RAISINS!” I can imagine their response: “What? I killed many people and died a horrible, painful death, for THIS? I'm sure bin Laden, himself a Muslim “scholar,” knew this, but maintained the lie to keep his deluded followers willing to kill themselves to get this reward after death. And I'm sure all other Muslim leaders knew this, and kept it quiet so their “soldiers” would still be willing to kill themselves for their “divine mission.” Who would kill themselves for 72 RAISINS? They still insist their “religion” is a “peaceful” one, while everything they do seems to involve violence. And I'm not talking about just Islamic terrorists.

So-called “peaceful” Muslims screw little boys, “marry” girls as young as SIX, and I'll guarantee you they use violence to keep these innocent CHILDREN “in line.” They are KNOWN to keep these boys chained to a bed for future screwing. Girls too, I would guess. They think it's okay to BEAT their wives if they don't obey every edict of the men in their lives. ANY Muslim man can beat a woman for showing so much as an ANKLE in public. And if you “disrespect them,” they want to KILL you. Their answer to EVERY slight, real or imagined, is to KILL. This is not members of a “peaceful religion." Part of their doctrine is that it's okay to LIE to promote Islam. And they make sure the Korans we get to see are “sanitized” so they can CLAIM they're not violent. I'd like to be able to read Arabic so I could see it in its ORIGINAL form. (World Net Daily)

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