Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump: 70% Negatives

If that's true, why does Trump get tens of thousands of people at his rallies, consistently? Ten times what any Democrat has gotten at their rallies! I think we need to look more closely at the methodology of the the “polls.” I think they only questioned liberals (Democrats). I think they took their “surveys” in the lobby of the Democrat Headquarters. I think it's horse manure, put out by the “establishment,” designed to make their fantasies come true. It's the same thing when they talk about Hillary BEATING Trump in the polls. She has had, for most of her campaign, just ONE person opposing her, and that an ADMITTED socialist. While Trump started out with 16 opposing candidates, and he “swept through” them like a scythe through a wheat field. He is one of the most successful candidates in the history of presidential elections. How could he do that with 70% negatives? (Hot Air)

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