Monday, June 6, 2016

Killing Incentive

Becoming a member of the “Honor Society” has always been a goal of students in school, but students at the Plano, Texas Senior High School graduation (and in this society today, probably many others) were not allowed to wear the “stole” that included the emblem of the Honor Society. It's yet another example of society's ignorant effort to punish achievement and bring everybody to a lower standard. They say it's so those who didn't attain that honor wouldn't get their precious feelings hurt because they didn't work hard enough. It's an extension of the “no score sports” policy that is sweeping the nation. Can you imagine an auto race without a winner? How about a football game where no winner was declared? What the HELL would be the POINT of the players going out on the field, some of them to be seriously injured or even KILLED, and no winner? I would never get a "participation" trophy, because I would not participate in such a useless exercise.The whole purpose of these events it to find out who is the best, and the players, like those students, work HARD to be the winner. To eliminate it is to destroy achievement and eliminate the INCENTIVE to succeed. These policies can only reduce and, ultimately ELIMINATE excellence in this country, or anywhere else it is practiced. It's a LIBERAL practice, and liberals are PROVEN stupid! (The Blaze)

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