Saturday, June 11, 2016

Creating A Crime Wave

That seems to be what Obama is doing when he releases 86,000 violent criminals to prey on honest people while, at the same time, doing everything he can to DISARM us in the face of the crime wave he is creating. Then he imports hundreds of thousands of “Syrian refugees,” including only ONE or TWO Christians so far, the rest Muslim males of fighting age—almost no women, children, or old people who can't fight. How many of them are Islamic terrorists using that to gain entry into the United States so as to kill Americans? He is working HARD to create a crime wave, while making NO special provisions to deal with it. Just those 86,000 illegal alien criminals he released have committed 200,000 violent crimes in the last couple of years. Meanwhile, Obama is suppressing reports of the carnage HE created, so we won't know about it. (World Net Daily)

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