Saturday, June 18, 2016

"In A Glass House"

Mitt Romney ought to look at his own record and then just SHUT UP. He was giving 16 former Republican candidates for president a hard time for “screwing up” and losing to Donald Trump. It's as if he didn't “screw up” and lose to Barack Obama and condemn us to four more years of Obama outrages. Where the hell does he get off criticizing Republican candidates for the same thing? It's like he has no memory of his own history. Romney is probably the worst LOSER in recent history, and he's criticizing others for the same thing. If he hadn't screwed up his campaign so badly, we wouldn't have been saddled with that incompetent fool that is now in the White House, for another four years. And it is in Obama's last four years, that (he has done the most damage to this country. Romney could have put a stop to Obama, but he didn't. So he should just go home and shut his pie hole. (Politico)

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