Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dangerous Technology

I'd be afraid to use a “smart gun” to defend myself because the “bad guy” could easily disable it and make it useless. Current technology to disable a drone, could just as easily disable a “smart gun” by interfering with the signal between the gun and the bracelet or other device it listens to when you ask it to shoot. And don't think there aren't some criminals or other “bad guys” out there smart enough to do it. Or buy it done by others who are, so they could use their illegally-gotten guns without opposition from honest, law-abiding people. If I had a “smart gun,” I'd always be afraid the “bad guy” I'm facing had such technology, which would then be the death of me. If you're smart, no matter what people like Obama and Sen. Feinstein, or that brain dead ex-representative who got her brains scrambled by a bullet, pass into law, never buy a “smart gun.” If that means getting your gun illegally, so be it,. The “Drone Defender” doesn't just work on drones. It can disrupt cell phone signals, and other kinds of signals, too, and that includes the signal between a “smart gun” and it's master device. Which makes it very unreliable as a self-defense item. You'd be smart to stay far away from them. (WBAY)

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