Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is It Terrorism?

Or just hate? Or both? One crazy Muslim who was incensed because he once saw two men kissing on the street in Miami went into a gay night club and opened fire, killing (so far) 50 people and wounding (so far) another 50 until he was stopped, and KILLED by responding men with guns (cops). There was ONE cop there early, who engaged him in a gun fight, and stopped, or slowed down his shooting spree. Then a “hostage situation” developed, and the other cops waited 3 hours while people died from lack of medical care, before “going in” and rescuing another 30 people. Anti-gun fools are already working overtime to use this to raise more money and get more of their USELESS “gun laws” passed, none of which, so far, have done ANYTHING to stop gun violence and, in fact, INCREASED it by keeping law-abiding people unarmed so they can't defend themselves against people like this shooter. Word is (not proven at this time) that he had an AR-15, the favorite gun to be blamed by the anti-gun fools in any mass shooting. Also, word is, this guy had NO record, so would probably have no trouble buying a gun legally. It is not known (yet) if he got his guns legally, but that is of no moment. Guys like this never seem to have any trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY. Anti-gun fools confidently say that tighter laws on gun ownership will keep things like this from happening, But most such shootings happen in areas with the toughest gun laws. More later, as facts become available. All this is currently very preliminary, as the story is coming out. (L. A. Times)

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