Saturday, June 18, 2016

Laws Are Not For Us

That seems to be the general opinion among anti-gun fools. Example: Washington Post columnist Carl Rowan, said, :Anyone found in possession of a gun, except a bona-fide law officer should go to jail—period.” But when he found an unauthorized teenager swimming in his pool, what did he do? He ran out and shot him, with his gun. Did he go to jail for possessing a gun? Doubtful. He's a liberal, after all. Then there's Katie Couric's producer, who traveled to different states and bought guns, to bring back to New York, ostensibly to do a “documentary” designed to demonize guns. We don't know how many laws she violated, but nobody's pressing the issue, anyway. She's a liberal, right? They hate guns, but what do they suggest as a remedy? Take them out and SHOOT them! Senator (now Secretary of State) John Kerry talked about “assassinating George Bush?" Then there's the Democrat representative who said Rick Scott should be “put up against a wall and shot” instead of running for Governor of Florida because he was pro-gun? These people are so hypocritical the word hypocrite isn't harsh enough. And their rhetoric is VERY violent. That's what happens when people run out of arguments. They go immediately to insults and threats. (Gun Owners of America)

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