Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Laughable Election

I can't believe how STUPID we've become (not me)! We've boiled down this election to be one billionaire businessman used to dealing in billions of dollar deals vs. Two socialists, one ADMITTED and one who still denies it while she spouts socialist giveaways all over the place. A housewife who spent a long time protecting her husband from the results of his philandering, and FACILITATING it. A woman who was GIVEN a Senatorship and later, the job of Secretary of State by the Democrats, so she had something to do while Obama screwed up this country royally, both jobs which she botched badly. The only people who would vote for either of these fools just want a “free ride,” at somebody else's expense. And that's what they promise. Now that she's been GIVEN enough delegates to win the Democrat nomination, she really thinks she's done something. But she hasn't. Up to now, all she's had running against her was a previously unknown outside of his own state ADMITTED socialist, and she needed the party to give her delegates she didn't earn, while Bernie won primary after primary and, mysteriously wound up with fewer delegates. Now she will be running against REAL candidate, who will “mop the floor with her.” If he doesn't, we're DONE as a free country. (WHO TV)

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