Friday, June 17, 2016

Ignoring The Danger

That's what we seem to be doing about Islamic terrorism. Obama is “leading the parade.” He has recently ordered his people to DELETE information they have carefully accumulated about Muslim terrorists IN the United States (sometimes at the cost of lives)! And way too many judges have given MASSIVE judgments to Muslims, who are the most offended bunch ever. I think they go out LOOKING for something to be offended by, and for which they can sue, and swindle lots of money out of Christians. Meanwhile, people like the Orlando shooter legally buy guns, without any kind of investigation, even after having been “investigated” by the FBI for ELEVEN MONTHS in the past (the information gained was probably ordered scrubbed by Obama). What is it going to take for Americans (starting with Obama) to realize the deadly danger in which their ignorance puts us? When they, themselves, are KILLED due to their ignorance? (Just common sense.)

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