Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Couric Eliminates Lott

You've no doubt heard of John Lott, the world's foremost authority on the gun issue. Katie Couric asked him to come to New York for an interview, where she and 7 staffers tried valiantly to get him to say something they could twist to sound like what it wasn't. So, after FOUR HOURS of an”interview” that was supposed to last only an hour, she gave up and left. He tried to get some of his results brought out, but Couric said that most of it had been discredited in many ways. Only one little problem. It had NOT been discredited, in any way. Even some people who set out to discredit his research wound up supporting it. So what did Katie do with this four-hour interview? She left it completely OUT of her propaganda piece. She wasn't able to get words she could twist, like she did with others, so she just IGNORED the foremost authority on the “gun issue” in the country. This is what liberals do. They make “documentaries” in which they only honestly interview people they know will agree with them, and selectively edit interviews with people like Lott. But Lott was better at avoiding the pitfalls she set for him, so she just eliminated the interview and falsely called his research “discredited.” (America's First Freedom)

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