Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"More Than A Little Mad!"

According to The Blaze, this story will make me “a little mad.” He's wrong. It made me MORE than a little mad. It made me want to go to Egypt and do some damage to the fools who did it. What did they do? They dragged an elderly Christian woman from her home, stripped her naked, after dragging her out of her home, probably beating her, too. This family has been subjected to persecution by Muslims ever since a man was ACCUSED of having an affair with a Muslim woman. Before this atrocity, they burned the homes of several Christians because they couldn't get to the accused, who had left the country. So they did all they could to hurt his family. These are the actions of “peaceful” Muslims. The act was committed by HUNDREDS of Muslims, but only SIX were apprehended and, according to the Egyptian President, they will be held responsible. How responsible they will be held is in question, knowing how Muslim men are coddled when they commit sexual assaults on women. He also said, she should “not be mad” about the assault. Now, THAT makes me VERY angry. That a mob would do such things to the FAMILY of a man ACCUSED of simply having an affair (probably consensual) with a Muslim woman, and the elderly victim shouldn't be mad?. Even if the charges are true, that's no reason to punish his family, who are not guilty of ANYTHING. (The Blaze)

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