Saturday, June 4, 2016

They're Full of Dung

The media said he didn't really raise six million dollars for the vets, it was only 5.6 million, and still is running. Which means it will probably total MORE than 6 million before it's over. They said what money he did raise has not been distributed, and instead of hiding, he called a press conference and stood, with a bunch of vets behind him, and gave them a LIST of the organizations where the money went, and is still going, after asking them if they had their pads ready. It is this kind of thing that frightens them. The prospect of 4 years of this, maybe 8 years, with Trump proving them liars at every turn. Unlike mot politicians, he doesn't hide, or duck the questions. He comes right back and PROVES them liars. That scares them to death. (Washington Post)

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