Friday, June 10, 2016

Clinton Scandal Dwarfs Trump's

She's braying about the “scandal” she attributes to Trump regarding “Trump University,” something that has not been proved, while ignoring her own similar scam that dwarfs the “Trump University scam.” And that's just one of the swindles she's guilty of, and that's not even counting her e-mail scandal. The swindlers paid Bill Clinton $1.6 million to be their chief touter, while the Clinton foundation gave $56 million to Laureate, Inc., one of the companies connected to the swindle. Bill abruptly resigned as “Honorary Chancellor” when that was revealed. They apparently paid Bill through a “shell company” where money deposited “passed through” to Bill. A company that escaped notice of the State Department while Hillary was Secretary of State. Such swindles are part and parcel of the Clinton Crime Machine, but nobody investigates th Clintons seriously while “working over” their opponents. If not for outfits like Judicial Watch, they wouldn't be investigated at all, even halfheartedly. (World Net Daily)

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