Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Missing the Point

On purpose. That's Obama. He denies the very existence of Islamic terrorism, and gets mad when somebody mentions it. He asks what effect his mentioning it would have on the terrorists when he should be asking what his refusal to name the enemy really means. What is means is this: it reveals his BIAS against fighting the Islamic terrorists because he says he doesn't want to “”offend” our “Muslim friends” (if there are any). But everything he does helps the Islamic terrorists to advance their goals to destroy America, and every “un-believer” in it. From HELPING them by paying the way of thousands of Muslim “refugees” to infiltrate America, down to telling his henchmen to DIVERT all complaints directed at Muslim troublemakers, and ordering them to “scrub” all mention of Muslim outrages in their records. He has done everything he can to ASSIST them in their endeavors. Obama and Hillary both say Trump has shown his UNFITNESS to be president for having the temerity to ACCUSE Obama of what is becoming more and more evident every day, that he is ON THEIR SIDE! If they don't like me saying that, have at me! (Just common sense)

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