Monday, June 13, 2016

France Is "Gun-Free"

So somebody fired at a tourist bus from a freeway overpass, injuring several. This guy was obviously not a very good shot, because he was only able to INJURE several people (including a child) with flying glass. So how did he get the gun he used? I say, :he” because such shooters are, so far, ALWAYS men. You liberals, don't get excited about that and get off subject. France is literally “gun-free.” So how did this shooter GET his gun? Anti-gun fools tell us that when guns are outlawed, there will BE no “violent crime.” So how did this happen in a country that is one big “gun-free zone?” Maybe they're LYING to us and assuming things not in evidence, as they always do. I haven't checked into it, but I'd bet the “gun crime” went up significantly after they, in effect, BANNED guns in France. (BBC)

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