Thursday, June 9, 2016

Obama's Economic Fantasies

He's out there saying, “I already made America Great Again!” And he really believes it! Notwithstanding he DOUBLED the national debt, owes $20 TRILLION DOLLARS, Millions of able-bodied Americans are out of work and have been for so long they've given up ever finding a viable job again and have left the work force. Which allows him to count ONLY those left for his PHONY 5% unemployment figure. He says, “Without me, we wouldn't have gotten where we are.” And he's right. The dangerously bad economic situation we find ourselves in is HIS FAULT. He did it. But he doesn't count it as bad, which proves this economic illiterate should NEVER have been elected president, let alone twice. He takes credit for measures passed by REPUBLICANS in the Indiana legislature that have improved things in that state. Which is common. He always takes credit for what other people do, while continuing his incredibly STUPID policies everywhere else. (Patriot Post)

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