Friday, June 3, 2016

Obama Pays For Mexican Border

He slammed Trump for having the temerity to say Mexico is going to pay for his wall between the two countries, then he spends $75 million dollars to strengthen the southern border of MEXICO! This is the kind of “giving you the finger” thing Obama does on a regular basis. He KNOWS such things are going to spark opposition comment, but he does it anyway. At the same time he makes a speech where he takes credit for a “booming economy” that does not exist! He talks about the “lowering unemployment rate, while MILLIONS of Americans would dearly love to have a job, but have given up on looking, having lost faith in EVER finding another job. Meanwhile many go on unemployment and later of welfare, which is even MORE of a drain on the economy, about which Obama LIED. But then, we know he's a congenital LIAR, don't we? He's got plenty of money to secure MEXICO'S border, but NONE to secure OURS. (DailyCaller)

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