Monday, June 6, 2016

National ID Cards

Globalists in Europe are talking about requiring national ID cards in order to use social media. In other words, they want to take something that was absolutely free to use and make it something you must get a LICENSE to use. The power to license something is the power to CONTROL it. The power to say “no” or “yes,” at the whim of a bureaucrat or a politician. Where the hell do they GET these people, who want to take something FREE and make it something for which you must go :hat in hand” to somebody who should have no business being between you and something you want to do and be able to say, “yes or no,” and charge you MONEY to do it? There is always somebody out there who wants to limit your freedom to do as you wish, so long as it doesn't hurt somebody else. And who do they plan to HAVE this power? THEM, of course! And to make money from it. But the money is secondary. It's the POWER to tell you whether you can, or can't, at their whim. (Before It's News)

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