Thursday, June 9, 2016

Put Obama In Prison!

That's where he belongs, not in the White House. Obama is destroying this country—ON PURPOSE! Many say he's just stupid, and has no idea what he's doing. I maintain that he's NOT stupid. He knows very well what he's doing, and the results he can expect. That's his plan. He wants to destroy this economy so he can blame “capitalism,” his derogatory word for the free market, and finish the move from a free market economy to socialism. And he's almost there. Everything he does is CALCULATED to harm this country. From releasing “:mad dog killers” to kill us to denying the very EXISTENCE of Islamic terrorism and thus doing a miserable job of “fighting” it. Then there are the THOUSANDS of AMERICAN rapists and murderers he is releasing from prison, claiming they are “only there on drug charges,” who have murdered HUNDREDS of people (in America) since their release.

Meanwhile, the “loyal opposition” in Congress does NOTHING to put a stop to his outrages. They even FINANCE them by passing his spending bills in Congress, which they control. And the Democrats certainly aren't going to do anything. He has committed many obvious CRIMES, one of the most obvious was in Benghazi, Libya (with Hillary) where four people, three heroes and one ambassador, were MURDERED, while his troops were ordered to “stand down.”. People talk about a presidential CANDIDATE being under a criminal investigation. How about a PRESIDENT who is a worse criminal than she ever managed to be! (iPatriot)

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